Intent on escaping capture, you break free of your restraints to search for a way out. Stumbling through the dimly lit interrogation room, you discover a functional computer terminal. Without a clue to guide you, you enter the first command that comes to mind.




Dead Ops Arcade. You and up to three other soldiers fight in pursuit of the Cosmic Silverback, tracking him through a gauntlet of arenas filled with traps, treasure, and waves of flesh-hungry zombies. Unless you want to end up as chow before hitting round 10, we suggest you read over some essentials to get you started.


First, your basic assault rifle holds an unlimited number of rounds, and you don't have to worry about reloading. Open fire and don't let up. Get that down and you're off to a good start.


Then there's your status indicator --



Soldier Icon - These are your remaining lives. One hit and you're down, so don't take them for granted. And don't stop paying attention after losing them all!  If you're playing with other people, you have a chance at stealing one of their lives in order to get back in the game.  Be advised, a life-stealing cool down period occurs after doing this. If you die while the cool down is still active, or if none of your teammates have additional lives to spare, a revive bar will begin to drain. If your remaining teammate(s) are still alive when it completely depletes, you'll come back from the dead (but not as a zombie, don't worry). You can also respawn when your teammates move into the next area…if they make it.


Bomb - Bombs clear the surrounding area. This is an invaluable asset when you don't want to compromise your position and zombies are closing in from every angle.


Speed Boost - Dash forward, knocking down everything in your path. Cornered by a horde of zombies?  This is a great tool for escaping from a bad position and relocating to a safer area. Keep in mind that you dash in the direction you're facing, which isn't necessarily the direction you're moving. Be careful not to set yourself up for defeat by dashing into a trap or another group of zombies.

Score - Pick up treasure and kill zombies to raise your score, simple as that. There are two types of treasure - Normal (coins, gold bars, silver bars, etc…) and Rare (gems). Rare gems move your score multiplier more than the normal treasure. The multiplier boost you receive is directly related with the size of the gem. The larger the gem, the more your multiplier bar fills. And as tempting as it can be, never run for treasure if it's going to get you or your team killed.


Score Multiplier - The bar below your stats fills whenever you pick up treasure. Fill it up and your score multiplier increases. You earn an extra life every 200,000 points. The higher the multiplier, the faster you'll rack up lives. Get killed and your multiplier is reset to x1.

Special Weapons - Weapon pick-ups come with a limited amount of ammunition that drains over time; but the more you use it, the faster it drains. The ammo meter below the score multiplier indicates just how much ammo is remaining before your special weapon resets to the standard assault rifle.


Always keep an eye on your soldier. With so much going on at any given point, it's normal to get disoriented, often resulting in a frustrating and avoidable death. Conserve your Bombs and Speed Boosts, but don't be stingy with their use, either. You'll pick up more along the way. If your team has good timing and communication, you can always request a bomb drop when things start getting ugly.


Avoid touching the traps! Watch the columns - when the green light is on, the trap is off; when the red light is on, the trap is active. While guiding zombies into the electrical columns results in their death, coming into contact with them yourself will also end yours.



Set up crossfire whenever possible and don't lose your cool. Each new area presents another level of challenge and you've got a long way to go before reaching the end. For now, just concentrate on staying alive. With a bit of practice, the Room of Fate will be a regular stop during your Dead Ops Arcade matches. And that's when things start to get really interesting.


How's your Dead Ops Arcade experience been so far? Still trying to figure out how to break free of the straps? Can't figure out who that damn monkey is? Head over to the forums and discuss your thoughts with the rest of the community.