Plug your ears, soldiers – this missile site's about to get real noisy. It may be tempting to go straight for the silos, but our focus is on the bombsites. Pay close attention to the following strategies on navigating this tricky battlefield, or you could find yourself waiting in line for the next round.





Silo's long sightlines make for intense long-range engagements at the start of each round, but as action shifts towards planting and defusing at the bombsites, close-range battles around pipes and barrels will require sharp reflexes with quick killing weapons.

On offense, the most important path to watch is straight up the middle through the C row, a popular route for defenders trying to rush your spawn. A single enemy that breaks into the D column can stop your team's entire attack in a hurry. Prevent this by posting someone at the second story window in D3 to take down these pesky opponents, and also to provide a bird's eye view on the enemy's early plan of attack.


Site A

Planting the bomb at Site A forces defenders into a relatively open area of the map. One great spot for watching the bombsite is the forklift at C2. With great cover from the middle path, defenders may just walk right into your crosshairs on the direct route to the bomb.

On defense, prioritize locking down C2 from the far side of the map. This will force the enemy to take a more open and indirect path, giving your team time to set up a solid defense. While climbing the tower may seem like a strategic play, its exposed base makes it less than favorable. You're simply better off on the ground, weaving between obstacles to get a jump on the enemy.


Site B

Site B rests right between two windows with a clear view below. Players with long-range weapons will find their skills best utilized at these two spots, with each downed enemy signaling another step towards victory. Keep exposure to a minimum, as the opposing team will often look to these spots first.

Attacking Site B is a difficult task, with the adjacent underground tunnel posing as a potential death trap for bomb plants. Throw tactical grenades at this position to root out enemies, and have at least one or two players clear this tunnel as a priority. If you can keep a lookout at the window long enough to see the bomb planted, enemy defenders will be at your mercy when trying to defuse.

On defense, the most important position to hold is the underground tunnel directly adjacent to the bombsite. To travel there, navigate to the silo at B3. A slight detour up the silo's staircase additionally offers a nice vantage point to defend against a potential rush at Site A.

Once you arrive at Site B, you simply need to wait for the attacking team to make their way down the hill. This area provides multiple positions against the enemy, from the corner directly next to the bombsite, all the way into the tunnel. Occupy a different position each round and the enemy will never know where you're lying in wait.



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