• PS3 Clan eXpLiciT Gaming

    Team name: eXpLiciT Gaming Leader: zFlashy Active members: 5 Competitive: Yes Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TeameXpLiciTGamingx?feature=mhum Recruiting: Yes, Must have mic. 2.00 KDR Your in no tryouts lowe...
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  • 4H Ω Behold The 4 Horsemen «WiiU & X1 & PS4 & 360 & PS3 & Wii» Est. 2008

      Club Name: The 4 Horsemen Club Tag: 4H     About The Club     We at 4H, have a committed ourselves to a higher standard of excellence. We pride ourselves on choking the life out of a gam...
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  • Looking for Clan - Sponsorship

    This is mohawkman5, founder of DarkSpaceProductions on YouTube.com. We're currently looking for a Call of Duty clan to sponsor. If you're interested, here's some info:   1. It can be any Call of Duty title. AN...
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  • Blitzkrieg Clan Recruiting

    Blitzkrieg is not just a clan but a family. We play mostly FPS, specializing in Black Ops.. Kill/Death ratios are not important as they do not show a player's true skill. Unlike many clans, we have a very active forum...
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  • FoD* Clan Recruiting

    Foundations Of Destruction Clan is an established PS3 and Xbox 360 clan for ages 12+. We were founded in February of 2010. We play many games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Halo Reach, Call Of Duty Black Ops, ...
    LOLD bourne
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  • [Xbox 360] New Zombies Only Clan Recruiting ZSG

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the Call of Duty Black Ops Fourms, My Name is Mr.Cr33p3r Kill3r or you can call me Dylan,        Im Here today to tell you guys about a New Zombies Mode Only Cla...
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  • Want to join a clan....

    hello, i want a clan for xbox 360. i dont play alot and just got xbox live put back on so im not going to be at my best. if you need a clan member thats there to have  fun and be there for his clan members com...
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  • need a clan

    I need a clan. Im good with a thompson and a garand and have some experiance with sniper rifles. Oh i play on the ps3 and do core teamdeath match, and a little war and veteran. i also play a lot of hardcore search and...
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  • starting a clan  for black ops ECHO ELITE

    All members must be 15 years old or older ECHO ELITE is primarily an Xbox 360 clan! If you don't own a 360 chances are we're not for you. Membership in ECHO ELITE is a priveledge, and our reputation in the gaming ...
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  • Looking for a new clan (PS3)

    Name is Max and I'm looking for a new clan to join. I had been recruited in several other clans like xTc*.... ex co-leader of H8ME and OWNU... and even co-founder of xFaTaL but pretty all my friends stop gaming or mov...
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  • Join TDS Clan PS4 & PS3

    hello my clan are level 15 on ghosts and are recruiting new members for clan wars , this clan war just gone we won in gold division by 200 points if you want to join send me a friend request on ps3 or ps4 my psn is me...
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  • looking for ps3 clan

    hey, guys. i'm 9th prestige and am looking for a good clan to join. my specialties are S&D, demo, domination, and headquarters but i'm a pretty well rounded player so i can play other types too. have a mic, 17 yea...
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    I'm looking to join a VERY good clan, with experience and teamwork. Have to be active and speak english most of the time. Stuff about me. Prestige 3, level 16(going for 10) Win/Loss ratio is .80(never drop bel...
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  • Quickscope & Trickshot Clan (XBOX 360)

    iSTH (i Stay Trigger Happy) We will be playing - Black Ops - Modern Warfare 2 - Modern Warfare 3 This clan is mainly for Quickscoping and Trickshotting! We will do other things too like using Assault and oth...
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  • (Twd*) -$-The walking dead-$- Recruiting

    Hello guys we are The Walking Dead Clan We are reguler people playing black ops in PS3 platform and enjoy it there we are trying to build up TwD* clan so we can have more fun and better gameplay and do more gamebat...
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  • wii no one left behind clan recruiting all

    become part of the no one left behind clan just say your name level and friend code and ill privately message you my friend code so reply to become a member of this clan
    Joe 4
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  • Hola amigos bueno empezemos....(clan de xbox360) Black ops

    Bueno solo es para informales alos latinos o gente de habla hispana que estamos buscando un clan macht contra gente de la misma habla hispana y bueno nuestro clan se llama NOVA,para contactar conmigo en xbox es romu57...
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  • 187 recruiting

    I have just started this clan and I am now recruiting. For those who don't know what 187 means, it means murder. I'll take anyone over rank 30 message me if you want to join.       ...
    Juan El killa
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  • clan

    looking for a clan to tryout for. I record with an elgato... must be mw2 and clan must have channel. msg toogoof.
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