• Monolithe Elite Strike Force clan recruiting.

    Hello everyone i am DanteSOS 666, that is my xbox gamertag, my controller is touchy so there iss a third 6 it was supposed to be 66. Anyways, do u wish to be the best and be in a clan that makes u the best? Well youve...
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  • [UF] Clan Recruitment

    [UF] United forces. Xbox live Clan We are a black ops 2 clan,we play together kill together and die together. We will play any gamemode and there are no rules besides to respect ALL members. We will allow trickshotin...
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  • Looking for recruits

    Hi im looking for recruits for my clan SIR=Sniper Is Required my XBL GT:Xtraction or SIR Canada My Kik=Biocideum Skype=kenson3421 insta-gram:Kenson_Leffler .hope to join forces and see you at battle camp. Remember SIR!
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  • WaFi I Clan for Steam/PC

    Are you looking for a Black Ops 2 clan on PC? If you are then check out WaFi I Water Fire. We are not alot right now, but go on steam and search for "Water Fire".   P.s We also play some other games...
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  • Looking for a good PC clan.

    I am a 16 year old with a very deep voice so it will not be annoying to talk to me and I am new to PC Black Ops but I played Xbox for several years so I am highly experienced. I am good with most weapons weather it be...
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  • NLMB Clan Recruitment Xbox 360

    Me and my friend are starting a clan on Black Ops 1 called NLMB. We play mostly TDM but sometimes S&D, Domination and CTF. KDR must be above 2.0 and your WLR must be at least a 0.70 We play everyday so you part...
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  • IgC Clan Tryouts

    I Am hosting tryouts for IgC newbies or pros accepting all   GT: Itzz xJackx
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  • Cod Clans

    Can i enter a tryout for bo1 clan?
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  • any good active clan i can join (i can quick scope not the best)

    i need a good clan to join in cod black ops 2 that goes in companionship and has practice i can quick scope not very good Xbox gamer tag  scorpion2002
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  • Team Deathmatch/Search and Destroy clan recruitment

    Ok Peeps. I am looking to recruit some clan members from here. Bottom line i dont care how bad you play that means more practice if you were worried that i would turn you down just cuz u cant play good haha your mist...
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  • Looking for a ps3 Black ops 2 clan!!

    hey guys ive been wanting to join a clan, if youd let me try out just message me on here or add me on ps3 my psn is XxShiroTenshixX
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  • New feeding/trickshot clan searching for members

    Hi we are Falcon Rising.   We are a feeding/trickshot clan and we are looking for new members. If you want to join just message us and we can talk. our email is falconrising16@gmail.com and twitter is @Falcon_...
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  • New clan!!!

    Starting a new clan/pubteam for Xbox 360 ravage gaming (rG) must have over 1.5 kd must be on everyday and have a mic try outs will be how you play in game message inigma or fossul if interested
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  • New clan

    Starting a new clan/pubteam for Xbox 360 ravage gaming (rG) must have over 1.7 kd must be on everyday and have a mic try outs will be how you play in game message inigma or fossul if interested
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  • I need a clan

    I need a clan for black ops ps3 my psn is Killer_OG_17
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  • Starting a Black Ops clan, recruitments needed! Xbox 360

    The clan will mostly be about having fun and playing a game we all enjoy. If you are interested in joining, please send a message to my Xbox live, its the same as my user name (yes im aware its spelled wrong).  ...
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  • how to make a clan

    so im looking to start my on clan nothing to huge right now but dont know how to set it up .. more or less just need a walk threw .
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  • I Need Clan

    I am a very good PS3 Player. PSN SloTheaTspancaK.
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  • I am looking for a good quickscoping clan {PS3}

    I have been looking for a good Quickscoping clan for a while now and I want to get in one pronto so if anyone has one please add me my ign is BO2slautie so ya friend me and tell me like when tryouts are and stuff so y...
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  • does anyone have a feeding quickscoping or trickshotting clan i could join

    im a feeder quickscoper I can trickshot alittle bit not super good but im ok . 
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