• Call of Duty Login Servers Down

    Can anyone explain me why we experiencing some problems to play multiplayer Call of Duty Black Ops game, when you launch the game and press play normally it connects to "Steam Server" to retrieve "something", but prob...
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  • Call of Duty black ops server hosting

    Hey, i wanted to make my own Call of Duty black ops server and i was expecting to find some different hosts but so far i find that there is just a single one hosting provider TOP 1 - Call of Duty Black Ops Server Hos...
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  • How do u lower the ping?

    how would u lower the ping and how would u make the multiplayer load faster and not said something like "connection to host lost" cuz it keeps saying that after it load thx if u can help me
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  • Bugs created from 1.07 patch /General bugs and problems

    1.07 bugs: 01. If you crouch or prone while standing still, your crosshair will go big for a short moment. This is actually a large problem. This glitch still happens on the Xbox360 (I haven't tested it on PS3). ED...
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  • Availability of map packs

    Myself and about 12 other gamers are in the early stages of firing up some old COD gaming with our own Black Ops server. None of us have any of the extra map packs and I am having trouble locating them. Can someone te...
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  • I can't take this anymore..

    All i want is a refund. I now am willing to buy black ops for my Xbox. I can barley run the game with an above-average cpu that exceeds the specs required to play. It's ridiculous what they have done with black ops fo...
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  • Campaign Won't Save! Can a dev please answer to acknowledge!

    As the title says, my campaign won't save. I have read on a few other forums with people having the same problem. I am very disappointed. As much as I love multiplayer and zombies, I would like to be able to play the ...
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  • The ( error

    The ( error. Hello Treyarch and fellow CoD users. Since the last Steam downtime, about 5 days ago, I've been having the bug. This bug will make previously stated IP replace the...
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  • Ok, game is now definitely ruined...

    Before the patch fps sucked,and my classes were not saving at all... After last patch the game is stuttering like insane,classes still not wrorking, same 30 fps but MP also crashes frequently, something that haven't...
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  • How do i run black ops in windowed mode?

    i literally have no idea :/ please help.
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  • This game sucks for PC!

    **** you treyarch , you made the game to the pc looks like **** this game sucks balls and i will burn it! **** YOU , i wasted my money on your **** game.  Damn why didnt i bought this for ps3 PC sucks balls...
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  • Post ur PC stats here if ur not sure can u run it

    Post ur PC stats here i will help u guys
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  • Treyarch are really starting to tick me off now!

    ATTENTION TREYARCH! Just thought I would post a little reminder to you people incase you have forgotten, theres a little program floating around the world that you guys coded a few months back that you decided to c...
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  • Posting and you...

    Like most of us have realised, there's a lot of multi threads. I saw this video a while ago and it made me laugh and it did remember me how to act in forums. Hopefuly this will help some people to understand how forum...
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  • How do I complain to Treyarch/fix what happened?

    I swear down that there is absolutely nothing sinister going on- I do not cheat in absolutely any way whatsoever- so why has my rank suddenly gone from 2 prestige rank 33 to 0 prestige rank 1!?! I don't understand. Is...
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  • are there still players in bo1?

    just asking i got the game and it's installing just wanna know if there is still players...
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  • cl_maxpackets fix?

    A friend of mine told me that if I open the console and type in cl_maxpackets 100 that the game might run better for me, and it won't crash/freeze on me as often. Has anyone tried this? Does it work? I'm still fairly ...
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  • More dedicated servers for ASIA !!! DONT BE RACIST !

    I dont understand why there is only japan servers in asia. And the pings for those are even worst than servers in the USA. There are many singapore , taiwan, hong kong gamers who bought this game. Playing with 200...
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  • The black ops servers are not available at this time, please check back later or visit www.callofduty.com/blackops/status

    Well I played the game yesterday (zombies), but today it isnt working. I went by a friend in another city about 15 blocks away and his was working fine. Then I called my friend in florida and his was working fine. &#...
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  • [UNBAN REQUEST] I got banned for a dumb reason!

    I admit, I hacked in Team Fortress 2. BUT... That was on a private server with my friends. I have no idea how I managed to get banned for that. I played on Black Ops for about 2 or 3 months after the ban when someone ...
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