• konto wieder herstellen?

    Also ich bin lvl 55 gewesen und mein Bruder hat bei mir gespielt er wollte auf Prestige gehen und hat aus versehen  auf Neustart gedrückt un jetzt bin ich wieder lvl 1 , könnte ich den ganzen Fortschrit...
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  • Steam Call of Duty WAW

    Just purchased COD WAW from Steam , been trying to Host a Co-op Campaign and or Zombie My friends say they cannot see my Server Name when looking at Find Game ? When I invite as a Friend only One Friend can Join the ...
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  • Nuketown 24/7

    Many people, including myself, enjoy the Nuketown 24/7 playlist when it is featured. If so many people like it, why don't they make it permanent? I'm not complaining or anything, but any company would be wise to con...
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  • Can't join party with friend and we both changed NAT settings to open.

    I can't join my friends party and he can't join mine. We've both spent hours with tech support changing our router settings and setting our NAT as open. Game settings are set to open party with multiple players. We tr...
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  • invisible cheaters black ops 1

    im sick of playing a game that the creators cant protect from cheaters, they've lost so many players due to this and your about to lose many more, the creators of black ops are as pathetic as the hackers ruining this ...
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  • Nextgen

    the waw and cut weapons in campaign and zombies should be added to multiplayer and all zombie maps
    created by PSNzombies
  • Black Ops 1 / Ps3 / Clip

    Hello Where can i find (site or YouTube's channel) the clip than i posted on the net? Thanks to everyone
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  • belgen?

    zijn er nog die mee een clan willen versterken? maak een acc met iOwN_ en voeg mij toe     iOwN_VeTeRaNZz
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  • How to make me Open nat?

    I don't like being Moderate type. What are the port to open?
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  • Black ops dying fast for ps3 users

    I think I might have one patch left in me.....maybe I have forwarded ports, dmz, most friends are too, can't connect. Can't connect can't connect. Then the console racism starts, another company whoring themselv...
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  • Black Ops 3 - Theater mode not working

    Hello   Is anybody else having problems loading recent games into theater mode? When I click 'Select Film' and then choose a recent match it just says 'Loading' for ages.
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  • Kill Ratio should preveil

    Kill ratio should be used to decide ranking (individual games and weekly ranking).. wouldnt that stop the t. i. cheats?
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  • BO3

    The game is very good but the Problems with the Server and the Connection Looks like its made from rookies and not from activision. Sorry, iam very dissappointed.
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  • Treyarch + 1.06 = I'm Done With This Game.

    Has anyone notice that the 1.06 patch didn't help at all? In fact, it made things even worse. I was playing High Roller game types today and at first I was getting a consistant 4-bar  and I was doing alright then...
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  • 15 prestiges?

    I'm just confused...I've seen several posts out that say that there are 15 levels of prestige.  Is this true? and also, what is the max level in this game? thanks
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  • Can't join a single match >:(

    I've had a really bad dilemma ever since I got this game. I am not able to join any matches of any type when I go online! I end up just sitting here for hours on end, watching as it cycles through "Found 50 matches. G...
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  • COD Black Ops 2 Suggestion Box

    I have a couple of suggestions for the development department, how about you guys/girls?  Here is a few I thought would be a good addition to any future COD games. 1) Additions to Face Paint. ex Ski Mask for t...
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    hey everyone, post in here if black ops says you have a strict nat type even tho you dont; e.g nat type 2. i have tweeted vahn many times and been ignored. i have contacted activision support only to get 'have...
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  • Anyone feals cheated after buying BO´s 3 for PS3?

    I am really dissapointed with this game, nearly the same price and halve of the game: no campaign or cooperative, or even split-screen that was the best part of these games. I was a fan of Black Ops and with this game...
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  • Playstation 3 multiplayer

    Two days playing multiplayer and 18 times I must shut down my ps system becouse the game is freezing I can not do anything???What is going on are you gonna fixed or not,who is gonna pay my ps I shut him doen so many t...
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