• I dont usually do this, but I'm just so angry.

    I really just need to rant. It is not my lack of skill in the game. It's not bad internet connection. It's the damn game. I know I shouldn't get so pissed off at it, but it's really hard to have fun when you can li...
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  • This guy is hacking, just one of many others

    Hi, I'm here to report this guy. Honestly I don't even know if that is the right place but I'm sure we are all nice gamers and we know how annoying is to loose time in a lobby with a cheater. I'm just sick about 12...
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    EVERYONE some people are using lag switches. Ive been in a high roller and been lag switched there is nothing you can do but leave the game as you are going to lose anyway and thats 10000 gone, i'm nearly prestige 14 ...
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  • Update

    i played the game the other day and noticed some weapons in singleplayer not in multiplayer and zombie maps to add to the modes   Multiplayer   Sten MP40 KS-23 M1897 Trench gun RDG-33 grenade Panzersc...
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  • How long will ps3 servers stay up?

    I've been a fan of the first black ops ever since it released. I've started playing online again this year and I was wondering how long Activision would keep the servers up for ps3? I've  been searching for any i...
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  • anyone else NOT a fan of zombies?

    just wondering if anyone else here is not a fan of zombies? i've never really liked the zombies.. don't know why because i am a fan of zombie games. (left for dead series and dead rising 1+2). anyone else here n...
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    someone has gone onto my Xbox account and reset my stats on call of duty black ops 3 is there a way I can get my levels back
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  • Remastered on nextgen

    if this was to be remastered the cut content could be added with the KS-23 and waw weapons including the M9A1 bazooka from campaign and zombies in multiplayer and all zombies maps do you
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  • Solution to "3 Teamkills and kicked" in HC problem

    Whilst I agree that people who deliberately kill 3 team-mates should be kicked from the game, I do not agree with accidental kills counting towards the 3 teamkills limit. I can't count the number of times one of my te...
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  • black ops 3

    is pure pish do not buy crap junk  its the worset game iv ever played  bullshit from start to finish would like my money back as the game is **** **** **** **** **** o did i say **** hardcore is more like ...
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  • status for updates help!

    I was playing zombies having much fun, but when I try to play online the next day it says the server is not available at this time.callofduty.com/blackops/status for updates. I looked it up they say its packet loss bu...
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  • Nuketown code still is not working, anyone else same problem?

    Is anyone still having a problem with the nuketown code not working?   I am quite fed up with it still not working!
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  • Online rankings...

    How do i find my information from games i've played online here? I thought that when you created your profile that it automatically shows your rank and stats???
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  • Black Ops 1 Zombie Easter Eggs

    Need 3 players with mics and are decent. i would prefer to do the Shangri-La Easter Egg but any will do Gamertag: Resteefs
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  • Looking for 3 people to do the zombies easter eggs.

    Need people who are decent at the game, have the map packs, have a mic.
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  • activision ajuda não suporta mas tanto invisivel

    alguem por favor ajuda ja não aguento mas jogar black ops o melhor jogo da franquia.repleto de hackers o ultimo agora é o tal do invisivel e chato ter um palhaço invisivel na sala jogando mortal te...
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  • Israeli Defense Forces in a CoD Series

    Okay, so I know posting this may get some serious hate replies and stuff (because yes I am jewish...and I'm proud of it, thank you very much), but here's the deal: Last years Modern Warfare 2 included 3 items that ...
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  • Major Problem With Hackers

    Hi Activision,   I wish to inform you of a very serious problem with Hackers/Boosters in Call Of Duty: Black Ops on PS3. I have also found some information on how they may be doing the hacks on Call Of Duty Bla...
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  • Help, can't run Black Ops

    I start the game, and it says Error: EXE CANNOT FIND ZONE. What do I do?
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