• The Exploding RC Car Killstreak should go

    Although I think it's okay to use the 3-kill streak RC car for reconnaissance only, but not if it kills. Traditionally, 3-Kill Streaks are non-deadly. In COD4, WAW, and MW2 getting three kills would net you a UAV, but...
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  • Recruiting for my Guild 'The Black Angels'

    Good day Everyone!  I am recruiting for my Guild 'The Black Angels'. What I am wondering, is there anyone who would like to join? I am the Founder and I started my Guild last year in november and we are a communi...
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  • easter eggs

    Will help anyone with easter eggs needs mic
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  • Hey, whatever happened to theater mode on callofduty.com?

    Hey guys, I want to view my older cod bo vids but I no longer have a copy of the game. Is there a way to view them off the site?
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    Hey! My name's Aaron and I am an experienced zombie player. I'm also a huge easter egg hunter for BO and BO II and willing to help players for the xbox 360 do easter eggs either for the achievements or just for fun. I...
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops - Prestige mode Missing

    So I havn't played the game in a while (around 6 months) and so I played it again and wanted to go to prestige mode. But in my player card I can't find prestige mode at all I've been level 50 now for over a year, an...
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  • Activision / Treyarch Support

    Ok This is out of control guys..   Ive seen first hand that I can log into my son's account and play, but mine because of "migrating host" crap.. Needless to say I'm very upset that when trying to call I get a c...
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  • Shangri-La and Moon Easter Egg

    I am looking for 3 more people to help me with the easter eggs on XBOX 360. My gamertag is Lunchline94
  • Phone problem

    Am I the only one where Black Ops Zombies showes a grey screen?
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  • honesty here has no value by:ALK Kimmo

    always played honestly all my movie on call of duty black ops 1 are honestly playing my impeccable leaderboard always played according to the code of conduct activision one day I walked into a room with hacks , I was ...
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  • Treyarch, a plea.

    Dear Activision, Treyarch, or whomever it concerns,        It should be of no surprise Call of Duty games are bought for the multiplayer experience for the most part. So much time and money ...
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  • LF clan

    Im looking for a new or growing clan to join
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  • TDM players ranked in the top 1000

    I'm looking for people to play with on Xbox 360 that are within the top 1000 rankings on TDM for black ops. I'm normally ranked within the top 200 and have gotten as high as rank 1. I have 15 players already in the to...
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  • Best off hand weapon

    What is the best off hand weapon
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  • I need help

    I bought all the BO zombie maps and when I installed them I did not get Call of the dead Shangri la and Ascension
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  • reset status ?

    I'm Prestige 3 in BO1 Steam, I logged more in the game and my status has been reset and returned to level 1 game? Somebody help me.
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    Best class set-up for the SMG MP5K in Black Ops.   ATTACHMENTS: AGOG Sight, Rapid Fire SECONDARY: CZ75 Dual Wield   LETHAL: Semtex TACTICAL: Flashbangs EQUIPMENT: Claymore   PERK 1: Lightweight P...
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  • Status zerado !

    Eu sou prestige 3 no BO1 Steam , mais ele reseto tudo e não quer mais voltar ? Alguém me ajuda ?
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  • Call of Duty Black ops

    How do i reset intel on CoD black ops? ive deleted my save files and tried different xboxs and it still says i have all intel and no achievement and i want to reset it so i can go back through the campaign and collect...
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  • ...i just want to figure out how to redeem my zombies soundtrack for the first blackops!

    Help me. Lmfao. I just decided to play zombies today, use to love it, then started playing multiplayer.. And kinda just didn't even bother with zombies. But I want the sound track because the song to some of the zombi...
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