• i feel sorry for.....

    any persons out there that have been banned but truly did not know what they might have done and have never been presented evidence by tryarch or activision for the reason of their bans. its funny how people pay actua...
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  • HELPPP!!!

    Hey ive been playing kino and ascension on ps3 but for some reason its stopped logging my new rank on the leader boards?? its not doing it on any other maps, whether im in private or public i rank up as normal but...
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  • Stop Complaining!

    Has anyone noticed that the two new hardcore playlists have 'No Second Chance' written at the bottom. Or are you all blinded with hate that once something is fixed you complain at another problem?
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  • Is it possible to get another copy of Black Ops if I lost the disk but still have proof of purchase?

    I had lost my copy of Back Ops for the Xbox 360 but I still have the box the game came in. Is it possible that I can get a new copy of the game? Please help!
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  • Problema para jogar online

    Boa tarde , nao estou conseguindo jogar online no multiplayer... Sempre ocorre um problema: que eu tenho que visitar o site www.callofduty.co
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  • Call of Duty Black Ops Online Play

    Will there be online play.
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  • So erm, What has this patch fixed again?

    So supposedly i've read that this patch (1.04), fixes multi player problems and what not, makes snipers more accurate etc.... Since i've downloaded this patch, I've played successfully 1 game out of about 15, it still...
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  • Sledgehammer games to take over CoD??

    Hi guys I've been researching on "CoD 8" and by results it turns out that IW was fired bigtime.For some this is good and for others its bad.Anyway,a company called "SledgeHammer games" is to replace Infinity Ward.BTW ...
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  • WTF Treyarch Unlimited Sprint You Havent Learned from IW

    After looking at the official cod blog on Marathon Pro, it says unlimited sprint. wtf is wrong with treyarch, so I can just have a smg and start running and like an idiot reminiscent of mw2 commando noobs ...  th...
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  • If Quickscoping is an exploit.....then why don't you use it?

    I read all these quickscope haters calling it an exploit and saying it is unbalanced and anyone can do it and it takes no skill bla bla bla. My response to you is why don't you do it then? In CoD it's always been a...
    Vanilla Ice is Gangsta
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  • Black Ops Playercard Generator.  And what's your playercard?

    This may be old news, but for those who did not know, there is a website that's dedicated towards creating your player card within your browser.  It's used to show off your player card to other forums, such as ma...
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  • Black Ops Chat room

    right here guys http://tinychat.com/callofdutyblackopschat
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  • How do you customize your emblem?

    I still don't know how to customize my emblem do I have to be a higher level or prestige or somethin?
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  • Crossbow or Balistic Knife

    Which one u prefer : ) , maybe u can help me to choose Balistic FTW
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  • THEATER DOESN'T WORK ON Callofduty.com/blackops !!!! HELP ME!

    The THEATER tab on callofduty.com/blackops does not work! It has been down for me for many months! all I see is: ELITE Status DashboardWe’re honored with your ELITE demand as we’re experiencing peak traff...
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  • Whats your best team deathmatch score?

    My highest was 44-15 and my lowest...well we dont need to talk about that.
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  • Hackers on Black Ops

    I was playing a game of Capture the Flag, when 2 people were using hacks. I'm pretty sure they are using hacks, due to the fact that they kept spawn killing people. They were calling in nukes and attack dogs, but it d...
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  • A few questions about Closer Analysis trophy

    I have all the trophies except complete campaign on veteran and closer analysis. my problem is that i used the cheat code you enter into the computer at the main menu (3arc Intel) which is not allowing me to get the i...
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  • loading error help ASAP

    when i start up black ops it doesnt do anything just makes the loading sound and sits on a black screen. now i left it to load for 20 or so minutes and when i came back it was still doing it so i decided to take it ou...
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  • Closer Analysis Trophy

    I have been able to get the Closer Analysis trophy on PS3 even though I used the 3arc intel code on computer. Here is how you get it, and it is really easy to do. When you enter the code it is supposed to unlock all t...
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