• Crossbow or Balistic Knife

    Which one u prefer : ) , maybe u can help me to choose Balistic FTW
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  • THEATER DOESN'T WORK ON Callofduty.com/blackops !!!! HELP ME!

    The THEATER tab on callofduty.com/blackops does not work! It has been down for me for many months! all I see is: ELITE Status DashboardWe’re honored with your ELITE demand as we’re experiencing peak traff...
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  • Whats your best team deathmatch score?

    My highest was 44-15 and my lowest...well we dont need to talk about that.
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  • Hackers on Black Ops

    I was playing a game of Capture the Flag, when 2 people were using hacks. I'm pretty sure they are using hacks, due to the fact that they kept spawn killing people. They were calling in nukes and attack dogs, but it d...
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  • A few questions about Closer Analysis trophy

    I have all the trophies except complete campaign on veteran and closer analysis. my problem is that i used the cheat code you enter into the computer at the main menu (3arc Intel) which is not allowing me to get the i...
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  • loading error help ASAP

    when i start up black ops it doesnt do anything just makes the loading sound and sits on a black screen. now i left it to load for 20 or so minutes and when i came back it was still doing it so i decided to take it ou...
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  • Closer Analysis Trophy

    I have been able to get the Closer Analysis trophy on PS3 even though I used the 3arc intel code on computer. Here is how you get it, and it is really easy to do. When you enter the code it is supposed to unlock all t...
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  • hardline pro

    Hi guys that is my second question on my ps3 and in COD black ops 1 I unlocked hardline pro but I don't know by which button i can change the care package ?
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  • Cod black ops

    I'm stuck. I've done something to change my profile on my multiplayer account and I'm not earning Xp points anymore therefore not moving on in levels. Can anyone tell me what I've done and how I can reverse?   T...
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  • need help please COD black ops multiple

    Hi guys ineed help I unlocked hardline pro in COD black ops 1 multiple on my ps3 but I don't know how to change care package please help.
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  • Anyone willing to gameshare map packs?

    Can someone please gameshare the black ops map packs with me. All my map packs recently got deleted and I can't get them back
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  • Join BHL for Fun/Competitive Gaming!

    CALLING ALL COD PLAYERS! For fun or competitive gaming, join http://bhlgaming.com/forums/index.php?app=referrals&reff=13885   Its a gaming community with lots of fun guys/girls! We play all sorts of games lik...
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  • zombie mode in cod:black ops?

    ive heard that cod:black ops will have a "zombie mode"  but i think its to good to be true   if it is true then i think it will be realy awesome because in world at war  nazi zombies was crazy good...
    K1LL3R M00S3
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  • Cod Black Ops 2 Clan: xDSx

    Join the black ops 2 clan xDSx, if interested, friend Bryantnelson888 on xbox 360
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  • Knife only challenge!

    So guys,I just thought why not make a challenge for you guys?Since alot are board with Blops,Challenge Yourself I challenge you to use this class: Any SMG no Attachment Ballistic Knife Lightweight/Pro Steady Aim/...
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  • Common Courtesy from Activision? Guess not.

    Has Activision posted ANY kind of message regarding hackers overruning their recent vers of Call of Duty? ANY?  I cannot find any.   A 90 yr old first time player of Call of Duty Black Ops or MW3 can spot ...
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  • Need a redeem code for bo2 xbox360

    Hello, recently the CD drive to my 360 has broken beyond repair. I wont be able to play cds anymore. I purchased a copy of bo2 plenty of times and spent over 50 dollars on the dlc. The only way for me to play bo2 is t...
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  • I've been banned for nothing for life thanks trey arch

    I've recently played black ops and to my surprise I'm banned for life all I can say is thanks treyarch for a wonderful job and plz un ban me now plz
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  • ban unfair call of duty black ops

    it's been almost two years since I've been banned from the servers of black ops , all because I had seen a stupid video in cinema, the video in question concerned a person hackers, and after a little time in the game ...
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    TO CALL OF DUTY:Sony and XBOX and  Activision used to give out console bans to hackers that got caught by reporting them or company workers who happened to join the HACKERS lobbies. . well what happened to that (...
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