• reset lvl black ops

    how can i reset my lvl in black ops. I have 15 prestige and 50 lvl. I want to rank up again from zero
  • Error al iniciar Call of duty Black Ops STEAM

    Bueno, les cuento mi problema:   Tengo el CoD Black Ops para STEAM y al momento de ejecutarlo, mi recuadro de steam se pone de color verde ( se pone asi cuando juego a algun juego en STEAM ) y pasa 1 segundo, y ...
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  • Black ops screen won't show on duel monitors (PC)

    I've recently added a second monitor to my PC, and ever since then, when I run black ops multiplayer, the game window doesn't show. It's like it's displaying on some 3rd monitor I don't even have (I'm on Windows 10 BT...
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  • Is quick scopes ever going to comeback?

    Normally on a few of the bigger maps i.e. jungle i tend to snipe but however i was speaking to my friend about this and we were saying why was quick scoping taken out of call duty? We dont understand why, as even thou...
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  • The most logical PRO-Quickscoping thread thus far.

    *QUICK EDIT: I know JD may or may not read this, but I can almost guarantee you that he will not respond to this thread. As a result, my belief that the Treyarch developers aren't actually taking into account what the...
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  • come faccio mettere

    come faccio vedere video registrato theater
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  • Weapon Paintjobs NOT CAMOS

    There have been ALOT af threads posted on this forum about camouflage ideas. One idea I have suggested numerous times hasn't really caught many peoples attention so here it is, with its own thread. What if, in addi...
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  • Setting the Record Straight About Sniping

    Sniping is a mixture of hardscoping, quickscoping, and using your sidearm depending on the situation.  That's it, all of it, it doesn't make you a noob if you quickscope or a noob if you hardscope, or if you even...
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  • How To: No campers, and no team killers

    As far as FFA goes I really hope Treyarch keeps the camera option that allows you to flip through and see where everyone is at in order to prevent campers. I thoroughly enjoyed targeting the children who sat in a corn...
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  • Salve a tutti, mi chiedevo se si cos black ops per pc è possibile giocare alle custon map?

    Salve a tutti, mi chiedevo se su cod black ops per pc è possibile giocare alle custon map e mettere le mod?
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  • Black Ops Beta???

    Does anyone know if there is or will be a BETA for black ops nad how to get it??
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  • CLAN

    If anyone who is currently part of a clan looking for a new member jo join, let me know! My gamertag is CUPOFJOE1996 I play for the objective and love to win! So if this sounds like a match for you, let me know by se...
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  • i am unlucky?

    few days ago I bought cod bo, the version with Rezurrection, when I opened the case the code was not there, I went to return it to me who sold him to exchange it for one that I had, but nothing ... .I am unlucky?
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  • My Black Ops freezes in campaign?

    When i try to play campaign mode in black ops it freezes WHY DOES IT DO THIS! Does anyone know how to fix my game so it wont freeze when i try to play campaign
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  • The Exploding RC Car Killstreak should go

    Although I think it's okay to use the 3-kill streak RC car for reconnaissance only, but not if it kills. Traditionally, 3-Kill Streaks are non-deadly. In COD4, WAW, and MW2 getting three kills would net you a UAV, but...
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  • Recruiting for my Guild 'The Black Angels'

    Good day Everyone!  I am recruiting for my Guild 'The Black Angels'. What I am wondering, is there anyone who would like to join? I am the Founder and I started my Guild last year in november and we are a communi...
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  • easter eggs

    Will help anyone with easter eggs needs mic
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  • Hey, whatever happened to theater mode on callofduty.com?

    Hey guys, I want to view my older cod bo vids but I no longer have a copy of the game. Is there a way to view them off the site?
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    Hey! My name's Aaron and I am an experienced zombie player. I'm also a huge easter egg hunter for BO and BO II and willing to help players for the xbox 360 do easter eggs either for the achievements or just for fun. I...
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops - Prestige mode Missing

    So I havn't played the game in a while (around 6 months) and so I played it again and wanted to go to prestige mode. But in my player card I can't find prestige mode at all I've been level 50 now for over a year, an...
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