• Girl Gamer Seeking New Friends <3

    Hey fellow gamers, I started playing COD Black Ops II about two weeks ago, and as some of you can understand... I quickly became addicted! Up to this point Ive just been playing by myself or with the one or two frie...
    created by GreenEyes411995
  • kill streaks and death streaks

    wat is u guyses longest kill and death streak? mine is 28 kills 36 deaths
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  • Ideas for the next COD

    It seems a new title is pumped out every year and IMO I like the Modern Warfare theme (MW - MW2 - B-Ops), but what would you like to see in the next title ? Here are a couple quick thoughts: 1. More interaction ...
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  • GRaS: It's Inspirational!

    If God had wanted us to play football in the sky, He'd have put GRaS up there. and You could cover the whole earth with asphalt, but sooner or later green GRaS would break through. and An Irishman is never...
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  • This Thread Is A Failure

    i was going to post something everyone could relate to, but i forgot what the topic was going to be. instead of hitting back to get back to the forum like i should have, i thought, what the hell, see what happens.
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  • stupid thing

    can't post Schitte at work cause it won't let us log in
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  • Pesky Foreigners

    Pesky Foreigners: First off let me commend and express my admiration for the Aussies.....for my brief membership of this wonderful and great American made fori I find the Aussies to be pretty straight forward and b...
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  • beyond retarded

    what we had to go through just to be able to post is just fuhking retarded.   we want the old forum back!
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  • Annual GRaS Thanksgiving

    the thanksgiving celebrations started off well, until reaper and picture were driven back by what was supposed to be dinner     at least EviL was cooking a "turkey"  
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  • Favorite Beer: Minus the search function

    Mine is Sam Adams Black Lager what do you drink when looking for a tasty beverage
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  • The Twilight Zone II

    we come upon a scene, a view of a bank of computers in a room.  a tangle of wires is seen coming out of this, and they stop short of a port in the wall with internet written above this.  a screen is on one o...
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  • Call of Duty: Ghosts GUN IMAGES (COD Ghost Weapon Guns Screenshots M4)

    What do you guys think??    
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  • Need some help please

    I've made a new live account to play black ops because of the idiotic ban wave but i'ts gonna be like a week before i can it gold. Does anyone have any extra 48 hour free trial codes they could spare. I would greatly ...
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  • This Thread Is A Failure V.3.1

    i had an awesome idea for a topic, and as soon as i clicked Post New Topic, it faded out of my mind tell us something that we don't know shut the hell up EviL am i going to have to choke an EviL? ... ma...
    EviL  EsKiMo
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  • Lego Call of Duty - Animation

    Here we will put videos from youtube       Funny
    created by Guzik5500
  • This site closing 6/2/09

    Insiders report this site will drop dead just like the old Carlie site at midnight on 5/31/09.  Start packing. Edit:  New info- revised date is 6/2/09
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  • Sniper montage

    I put some sniper kills i have got recently in one vid and here it is tell your opinion Heres a link to my youtube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/thekjpsn?feature=mhee
    created by thekjpsn
  • /\/\/<><>EviL EsKiMo's Glorious Thread<><>\/\/\

    Oh, oo-o-oh, come on, ooh, yeah Well I tried to tell you so (yes, I did) But I guess you didn't know, as I said the story goes Grass, now I got the flow 'Cos I knew it from the start Grass, when you broke my legs...
    EviL   EsKiMo
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  • This Thread Is A Failure V.5.0

    we had an idea for a thread that would have blown peoples minds! but EviL got hit in the head by EviL, and promptly forgot what he was going to post due to the anger he felt towards EviL's uncouth behavior man t...
    EviL      EsKiMo
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  • Who is Snakedoctor57 and why is he always mean to me?

    Since no one has answered any of my questions and instead everybody decided to argue I have now changed the titile of the thread to better suit the comments of this thread Edit: I have changed the title because it ...
    Becon of Death
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