• Looking for players in Thailand and SE Asia

    Hi all, I'm sick and tired of PUGs in zombies so thought I'd post a thread to see if I could find some Thailand and SE based players who love to play zombies.  The new map is awwwwesome but messing about with peo...
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  • Waiting to get Jugg is really dumb!

    Whats with all the people on Kino who want to wait to get Jugg as long as possible?  I have only had this game a couple weeks but it seems there is a group of people who think they are good and have epic strategi...
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  • Saiyancog question

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  • Zombies wont activate on call of duty xbox one

    Help help
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  • looking for ps4 players to do shadows of evil easter egg

    just looking for people who play zombies and know what they're doing in shadows of evil since its so hard to find decent players on public search
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  • what is this error?

    http://8pic.ir/images/l7ol7ev1fs3wm7elha9e.jpg please help me!!!
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  • wii split screen ::.

    wii should get split screen on zombies and multiplayer ::.
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  • need good zombie players on ps3 (easter egg)

    if anyone is good enough to not die at round 30 and knows the easter egg.
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  • Kino Der Toten : Boss?

    So, My friend was telling me about this giant zombie thing that attacked him and his friends on kino der toten. I'm not 100% sure about this rumor; but it makes sense. When you turn on the power, with one of the c...
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  • What does your CotD zombie team look like?

    Well I generally play zombies with the same 4 or 5 people, so over a few CotD matches, we formed up our own strategy, in which each person needs a specific role. If you wanted to know the strategy, well here it is:...
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  • Which is the best Wonder-Weapon?

    Vote over it. My personal favorites in a list is... 1) Wunderwaffe just an amazing gun 2) Scavenger 3) Thunder Gun 4) Ray Gun 5) Frost bite (Or whatever its called...) Share your opinions.
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  • On the Topic of Wonder Weapons

    This thread is for the discussion of Wonder Weapons found in the Call of Duty Zombies gamemode. In this thread, feel free too: Discuss the Wonder Weapons Ridicule the Wonder Weapons Give Ideas for New Wonder We...
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  • How would I transfer the soundtrack to Iphone?

    I wnt to transfer some of the songs from the soundtrack to my Iphone, but I have no idea how. Does anyone know?
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  • mule kick limit old maps

    am not complaining about them being added in the old maps i like they added something else on the old maps there is just 1 thing that annoys me why have the perk limit? whats the point of the perk limit? i really don&...
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  • Post Your Perk Ideas Here!

    Post any ideas you have for new perks in Zombies in this thread. Here's the format you should use: Name: Color: Icon: Type of Drink: Taste: Effect: Here's an example, which is also an actual perk idea I'v...
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  • is 18 rounds

    Is 18 rounds solo on Kino der Toten good?
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  • Perk Creator

    List your perk ideas something origanal and that sounds like something 3arc would put in zombies have fun oh and here are some ideas i have heard of and i think should be in there LightaWeight Cost: 1000 Radiati...
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  • highest round ever?

    highest round on zombie? Kino - 39 "five" - 17
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  • People who play splitscreen/have no mic drive me crazy.

    Most of my time playing zombies is half spent on actually finding a group that can actually talk.  90% of the time, there's someone without a microphone, or people using splitscreen.  That's why I think it w...
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  • Unwritten Rules for Zombies

    I have been playing zombies recently and I cant help but notice the massive influx of noobs. They have no knowledge of the unwritten rules us veterans follow. So we must educate them. For example 1.Stay at your own...
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