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Q. What is Call of Duty™ Online?

A. Call of Duty™ Online is a new free to play micro transaction game in development by Activision Publishing for release in China by Tencent. Activision is developing all of the content for the game.  Tencent will be responsible for publishing, marketing, distribution and all operations related to running the game on their online platform.



Q. What kind of game is Call of Duty Online?

A. Call of Duty Online is a free to play micro transaction first person action game. Call of Duty Online will showcase the traditional features and play-modes of Call of Duty® with localized, unique content tailored to the needs and interest of gamers in China. 



Q. Who is developing Call of Duty Online?

A. The talented development team at Activision Shanghai is working closely with Raven Software to develop Call of Duty Online for release in China.



Q. When will Call of Duty Online be released?

A. A launch date for release in China has not been announced yet.