• How to get Giants map?

    I Just downloaded the season pass for cod bo3 today and i cant  the Giants map!! I looked everywhere and I cant seem to find it!
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  • call of duty refuses to start

    hi i have call of duty 2 (2005). I installed it but when i click on the starter nothing happend. I have windows 10. I have installed direct x 9 and steam but on steam nothing happend too. I put the compatibility to...
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  • Error DirectX

    Sorry i have a problem, last week my pc went on restoration because of some problems such as virus and graphic card, and when i got it back and i started Cod there was this message : DirectX error; Unable to find a su...
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  • So when a game gets "too old" you just insert a bunch of bugs?

    Nice trend Activision. Release a new game then just insert a bunch of bugs into the online multiplayer rendering it useless.   NEVER AGAIN will I buy one of your products, EVER.
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  • New faze clan for playstation 3 recruiting!

    The Next generation of faze clan for ps3 is recruiting good quickscoping players anyone who can quickscope with a sniper rifle or even do trickshots and knows how to use a sniper rifle really good go to call of duty e...
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  • [Removed] AIMBOT HACKER [Removed]

    I Recorded Thiago is a hacker aimbot
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  • Meine ganzen Waffen sind weg!!!! (COD ADVANCED WARFARE)

    Hallo, Heute gab es ja mal wieder Verbindungs Probleme und als es nach paar Stunden  wieder behoben wurde und ich spielen wollte hab ich gesehen das extrem viele meiner Waffen darunter auch einige Elite Waffen e...
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  • A Pettition For A Port Of Call Of Duty Classic To The PS Vita

    You Can Sign Here Petition A Call Of Duty Classic Port To The PS Vita
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  • Recruiting.

    wMIN   Started this clan a few weeks ago. Black Ops and Black Ops 2 only. Still new to this site so I dunno exactly how all of this works, but I did register my clan in that Elite thing an am accepting applica...
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  • Call of Duty Elite for Black Ops 2

    I just paid my $50 to join Call of Duty Elite barely 30 days ago and now I got an email from them that I would not get DLC for BlackOps 2 with out paying $50 more. This is a rip off.   Call of Duty Elite said o...
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  • test

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  • What happened to War games?

    I feel today like we are playing games just to see the creativity of the producer's minds. I am tired of all the futuristic games for war. When is history going to return to games rather than the unseen and probably n...
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  • Call of Duty: World War I

    I really enjoyed all call of duty series from world war II and also modern warfare series. But I think there is enough games of this type. I suggest that Activision should make a FPS from WW I era. I hope its not only...
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  • Brysi

    Hello my name is Odyssey HallowPoint and I am a member of the Brysi team, a pro cod player active Youtuber and Cod lover I am a vet on every Call of Duty and am super excited to be apart of Sledgehammergames new COD....
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  • ho to do clan wars

    ho to do clan wars
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  • Best Call of Duty

    What's your favorite?
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  • Is buying Seasons Pass for COD: Ghosts worth it?

         I pre-orderd COD: Ghosts, but didn't by the Hardened Edition (Accident). What do you think of buying the Seasons Pass for COD: Ghosts? Will it actually be worth it?
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  • Waypoint

    I think Call Of Duty should have something similiar to Halo Waypoint that tracks all Call Of Duty games played as far as campaign modes and multi-player status. And also rewards players with avatar items and acheiveme...
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  • reset zombie stats ?

    can anyone help me reset my zombie stats ? in multiplayer is an option does this reset  zombies to ?
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  • United Offensive and Call of Duty glitch.

    When I launch United Offensive half of the main menu is from Call of Duty and half from it is from United Offensive and because of it I can't play United Offensive.   Any one know a fix?
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