• New faze clan for playstation 3 recruiting!

    The Next generation of faze clan for ps3 is recruiting good quickscoping players anyone who can quickscope with a sniper rifle or even do trickshots and knows how to use a sniper rifle really good go to call of duty e...
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  • A Pettition For A Port Of Call Of Duty Classic To The PS Vita

    You Can Sign Here Petition A Call Of Duty Classic Port To The PS Vita
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  • Recruiting.

    wMIN   Started this clan a few weeks ago. Black Ops and Black Ops 2 only. Still new to this site so I dunno exactly how all of this works, but I did register my clan in that Elite thing an am accepting applica...
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  • Call of Duty Elite for Black Ops 2

    I just paid my $50 to join Call of Duty Elite barely 30 days ago and now I got an email from them that I would not get DLC for BlackOps 2 with out paying $50 more. This is a rip off.   Call of Duty Elite said o...
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  • test

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  • What happened to War games?

    I feel today like we are playing games just to see the creativity of the producer's minds. I am tired of all the futuristic games for war. When is history going to return to games rather than the unseen and probably n...
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  • Call of Duty: World War I

    I really enjoyed all call of duty series from world war II and also modern warfare series. But I think there is enough games of this type. I suggest that Activision should make a FPS from WW I era. I hope its not only...
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  • Brysi

    Hello my name is Odyssey HallowPoint and I am a member of the Brysi team, a pro cod player active Youtuber and Cod lover I am a vet on every Call of Duty and am super excited to be apart of Sledgehammergames new COD....
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  • ho to do clan wars

    ho to do clan wars
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  • Best Call of Duty

    What's your favorite?
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  • Is buying Seasons Pass for COD: Ghosts worth it?

         I pre-orderd COD: Ghosts, but didn't by the Hardened Edition (Accident). What do you think of buying the Seasons Pass for COD: Ghosts? Will it actually be worth it?
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  • Waypoint

    I think Call Of Duty should have something similiar to Halo Waypoint that tracks all Call Of Duty games played as far as campaign modes and multi-player status. And also rewards players with avatar items and acheiveme...
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  • reset zombie stats ?

    can anyone help me reset my zombie stats ? in multiplayer is an option does this reset  zombies to ?
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  • United Offensive and Call of Duty glitch.

    When I launch United Offensive half of the main menu is from Call of Duty and half from it is from United Offensive and because of it I can't play United Offensive.   Any one know a fix?
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  • How do you transfer Call of Duty game saves from XBOX 360 to a PC version

    I have been playing the XBOX 360 versions of several Call of Duty games, and built up a lot of progress. Recently bought a high performance gaming PC and purchased the PC version of Black Ops II and others on Steam. I...
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    Salut à tous!!! Juste un petit message pour vous signaler un glitch sur GHOSTS à la map "whiteout" sous le paquebot échoué (ont peut rentrer dans le décor et faire des kills, bien sur vos ...
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    Hello,   PS3: today I was randomly deranked from not doing anything wrong! What happened was that my friend came over and he tried to log in on his account by black ops 2 multiplayer, it worked but after i wante...
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  • I have an idea for Zombies...

    What if you were to make Black Ops 3 or maybe make some DLC for Black Ops 2, to where you have this weapon called The Nullifier. What it does is basically it has one shot. But it will revive a zombie to becoming human...
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  • i have an idea for multiplayer

    treyarch should at a feature for snipers, essentially a quick "set-up" scenario where snipers can tactfully situate themselves into the environment to add a better and an awesome covert/camouflage element to the game....
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  • xbox 360 call of duty ghosts clan "the omegas" recruiting

    Hi im the leader of the clan the omegas a new clan looking for loyal members im currently looking for a second in command and some squad leaders for the team. I plan on having the omegas be a good clan that looks to h...
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