• wir, der NITRiX  Clan aka NTRX  suchen noch Members.

    Hey Leute, wir, der NITRiX  Clan aka NTRX  suchen noch member.   Zu uns: 1.Anführer: Ich bin der Michi 14 Jahre alt Mein Acc name NTRX_Aim  2.Anführer: Ich bin der Flo bin 15 Jahre alt Me...
    created by xEXENTRICx
  • SuPra Clan!!

    I am starting a sniper clan called SuPra, and i'm  looking for clan members. It is a new clan that i just started, i've played MWR but i mainly play black ops but i'm getting back into MWR. If you are interested ...
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  • Looking for a clan

    Im looking for a clan if any one is recruiting the add my psn: LionxKillz and send me a message
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  • GoDz

    Need a clan join GoDz today (not owner) my friend is the owner, so join today
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  • Looking for a girl clan to join

    Hi Girls I'm from the UK and im looking for some girls to play with, so it would be cool if i can join a girl clan. i have loads of friends that i can play with, and some of them are girls but tbh i would like to ...
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  • Looking for a good clan? Join ReKT now!

    If you are looking for an epic clan, you should join our epic clan ReKT! Add me on Xbox if you want to know more about it: Z Hydrox Z.              ...
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  • looking for a clan?? Join the Elite Guns (EG)

    active members are always on answering questions about the game and or the clan if your intrested you can pm me or jtr11 or post oon here
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  • Snipers Check this out, THIS IS NOT A CLAN ADVERTISEMENT!!!!

    True Snipers is not a clan that most describe as a clan. It is a group of people random or in a different clan that have '' at the end of there name showing that they are an elite snipa. to become a True Sniper you ha...
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  • ??

    kann mir jemand mal einen link schicken von der elite seite wo man den clan erstellen kann ??
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  • i would like to join a clan for ps3 so if i could join just get back to me thanks

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  • CLAN EDITOR NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!

    Clan FaDe needs an editor for montages, trickshot clips, Feed clips  (EDITORS NEEDED) MSG ME ON XBOX GT:FaDe Intensity (We need people who are good at trickshotting and feeding also)
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  • Per chiunque mi volesse contattare, cercate il mio clan TREMORS 2 :D

    per chi mi volesse contattare cercate il mio clan chiamato TREMORS 2.. ne sarei molto felice.. saluti a tutti
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  • Cercasi clan a cui posso partecipare..?

    ciao a tutti vorrei sapere qualche nome di clan ( per COD ghost ps3 ) italiano a cui possa partecipare..   Grazie a tutti per l'attenzione..
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  • Clan Thunder! Kweagle made me edit this!

    Welcome! hello, if you are reading this, you are probably interested in clan thunder. that, or your one of my haters and you are prolly gonna say that my clan is fail. what is clan thunder? clan thunder is a clan...
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  • HKS Snipe only server COD 4 PC

    Come join the HKS snipe only server and have some fun!  we are usually on around 5 or 6 PM EST.   IP:     Website: hks-hukkers.net/index.php
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  • How do you change your clan name?

    I don't like the name of my clan. I started the clan, and I'm the commander/leader. How do I change the Clan's name?
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  • NWS (Noobs will Suffer)Now Recruting!!!

    Welcome to NWS (noobs will suffer) clan page. To join: 1:All levels allowed 2:I will observe you in a public match(Tryouts only on saturdays)(Results on sunday) Rules: 1:NO noobtubeing(unless provoked by en...
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  • rafael

    como hago un clan o podrian unirme a uno -? MX}
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  • Gunslingers ~  The Modern Warfare 3 Clan for Adults

    Gunslingers <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.gunslingergaming.com">http://www.gunslingergaming.com</a><!-- m --> INTRODUCTION Are you interested in socializing with Reflex ...
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  • Hardcore camping clan for hcore Tdm! Join

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