Those of you following the news that broke worldwide this morning about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's new multiplayer mode will want to know how tournament play breaks down.


Contestants will wag war across five epic Modern Warfare 3 maps: UNDERGROUND, DOME, RESISTANCE, VILLAGE and ARKADEN. UNDERGROUND will host Team Deathmatch and DOME will host Capture the Flag. Squads will bomb ARKADEN in Search and Destroy and battle for Domination points on RESISTANCE, while VILLAGE will debut one of the hotly anticipated title's new modes, Kill Confirmed.


Each single-elimination round is a tense best-of-five across all multiplayer modes—first team to win three will advance. Friendly Fire, Perks and Killstreaks? All good. There are no restrictions on weapons, load-outs and perks, other than what natively applies at level 30 in Modern Warfare 3, and all gamers will be playing with controllers and headphones supplied to them here at Call of Duty XP. Nothing personal or customized is permitted.


Four slots in the $1 Million Tournament will be filled right here at the show! Look for them to move over to the official tournament bracket this evening.