Of the 32 four-player teams competing in the Modern Warfare 3 $1 million tournament, four were left open to be filled at Call of Duty XP. Those four slots have now been decided, opening up the prize money to 16 attendees that survived an intense Black Ops gauntlet. They've proved their skill and endurance through several matches, and came out on top. Congratulations, and good luck at getting In the Money!



Twisted Method

Outfitted in official pro team jerseys and veterans of several MLG tournaments.

Twisted Method.jpg



All hailing from California, with MLG Modern Warfare 2 Champion Brim-Lapin as one of their teammates.



Skilled in Kombat

This is their first competition, breaking into the competitive scene with one hell of a tournament.

Skilled in Kombat.jpg



A group of friends that joined together and trained for the $1 million tournament. Looks like it worked out well for them.



In just a short amount of time, these four teams will join in on the main competition, fighting to advance to the second round in heated Modern Warfare 3 matches.


Twisted Method will take on UN

MoB will take on Skilled in Kombat


And the winners are: MoB and Twisted Method. Good luck to you both!