The first round of the $1 Million Tournament is underway, as some of the best Call of Duty players in the world get their hands on Modern Warfare 3.


Teams are taking full advantage of their 20 minute prep times, when players can look at the new weapons and killstreaks, set up their custom classes, and jump into private matches to get a feel for the maps. Once this time is over though, teams can only rely on the skills that brought them here in order to come out victorious.


The most interesting games so far have been on the new game mode, Kill Confirmed. We’ve seen several instances where a player will take out two enemies, only to get killed before picking up the dog tags and scoring the kills. In post-game interviews, teams have stressed how important it is to stick together as a team and communicate when dog tags get dropped.


Stay tuned to the Live Blog for bracket updates and more impressions of the $1 Million Tournament here at Call of Duty XP!