In what amounted to a massive rout, three teams went 3-0 in the opener to advance to the second heat in the $1 Million Tournament. IcoNs recorded the first kill at Call of Duty XP as they sent Will Work For Sponsors home with nothing more than swag bags. Team NOX took down DZS in three, and in the first featured match, Frenchmen MythiX obliterated the notorious 4RUM crew, closing out the match with a commanding 62 to 36 Kills Confirmed. The only team to linger longer than three rounds was Vundabar, who scored a win on SK Gaming before being knocked out 3-1. No teams have yet battled to a complete best of five, meaning Modern Warfare 3's Search and Destroy mode has yet to debut in the tournament.


So, teams advancing:




SK Gaming



Look for them to gut it out in the sweet 16—a win in that round guarantees they're in the money. Meanwhile, get ready for the legendary team Quantic, aka Leverage, Quantic Leverage, Optic (keep that name in mind for later, friends), to face off against Obey in the next featured round one match, starting soon.