Hopefully you caught the opening presentation that kicked off Call of Duty XP 2011 on the live video stream, where Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling and Sledgehammer Games’ co-founder Michael Condrey revealed lots of new info about Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. If not, here’s some of the key highlights and facts about MW3 MP:


Strike Packages
Probably the most significant change is to the Killstreak system. Michael noted that the MW2 Killstreak system really rewarded Team Deathmatch experts over other types of players and game modes. “For a 40-kill/5-death guy, it was a lot of fun,” he said, acknowledging that it could be discouraging for newcomers. To balance that out, MW3 will introduce Strike Packages, a completely overhauled Killstreak system thatcaters to your favorite way to play.


  • If you’re a traditional close-combat expert, the Assault Strike Package gives you the kind of killstreaks you already know and love. These are the rewards that will keep you dealing out direct damage.


  • For the player who prefers supporting their team by capturing flags or Domination points, the new Support Strike Package will give them perks that help the whole team – like Ballistic Vests that anyteammates can pick up, or sneaky explosive decoy airdrop packages. Better still, your streak does not reset when you die; the 14 kills that it takes toearn the Stealth Bomber, for instance, can be earned over multiple lives in thegame.


  • The Specialist Strike Package is a Perk lover’sdream. After two kills, you earn an additional fourth perk which is immediately activated; you get a fifth perk at four kills and a fifth perk at six kills.

Removed Perks
Additionally, Robert noted a few MW2 perks and killstreaks that will not be returning for MW3: No game-ending nuke, no Commando, no Last Stand, no One Man Army, and no shotguns as secondary weapons. Controversial, perhaps – but their absence should make MW3 feel very different from its predecessors.

Kill Confirmed
Kill Confirmed is a new deathmatch game type exclusive to MW3. Once you take down an enemy, they drop a pair of dogtags. Only once you collect those dogtags does your team actually get credit for the kill – the opposition can also beat you do them and deny the kill. Since they’re highly visible, both teams will be racing for the same spot at the same time, which changes deathmatch strategy dramatically.


Weapon Proficiencies
Every Call of Duty player has a favorite weapon; in Modern Warfare 3,they’ll be able to improve that weapon as they see fit with Weapon Proficiencies. Just as you level up as a soldier, your abilities with specific weapons increases the more you use them, and you can customize them as you seefit. Want to reduce recoil, or use two attachments? Just earn that right and focus your play on those specific upgrades.

User-Generated GameModes
Lots of Call of Duty players enjoy private matches online with friends with homebrew rule variants. MW3 makes it easy to create and share those DIY game modes with a huge variety of variables for private matches. Once you’ve got your custom game figured out, you can share it with friends and post it online.


All of these new features are in the five-map preview version of MW3 here at XP 2011, and fans are getting to try them out as you read this. Look for hands-on impressions from both the media and your friends here at XP very soon.