You’ve played them in some of the most dramatic situations portrayed in video games, but who provided the voices to your favorite Call of Duty characters? The Voices of Call of Duty panel was a chance for fans to see (and listen) to voice actors from across the Call of Duty series.




The panel brought together actors from a vast range of media, with backgrounds in stage, television, and film in addition to video games. The audience learned about the process of producing voicing for the Call of Duty series, led by talent director and moderator of the panel Keith Arem.


One revelation brought up was the “intensity scale,” a numbered ranking assigned to each line to describe how loud and emotional the actor needed to be. “We’ve taken it down to 1-4 now,” said Arem, as the actors shared their mutual dislike for the loud lines.


“I like the 1 lines,” said William Fichtner, who will voice Sandman in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.




A fan favorite of the panel was Nolan North, a voice actor well-known for his wide range of work in the video game industry. “Shut your mouth, the doctor is talking now,” said North in Richtofen’s thick German accent.


Many of the actors shared that they don’t play many video games, although Michael Rooker was quick to point out his favorite. “Space Invaders!” shouted Rooker, after the crowd and panel failed to identify his beeping sounds.


“I’m totally useless at it,” said Billy Murray - voice of Capt. Price - in regards to his Call of Duty skills.


The final sentiment expressed by all the voice actors was the overwhelming fan support they’ve experienced for the Call of Duty series.


When Murray told a driver he was working on Call of Duty, the driver called and had her son come down just to meet him. As a “thank you,” she upgraded his car to a 4x4 at a discounted price.


“There are perks that go with it.”


Maybe Billy knows more about Call of Duty than he thinks.