It's only natural that there might be a few last-minute practical questions about something the size and scale of Call of Duty XP 2011. If you're headed to the event, here's some logistical stuff to keep in mind:


Restroom facilities at the event are both permanent plumbing and portable toilets. Take your pick!


Wi-fi will be provided, so if you want to tell all your friends on Facebook and Twitter what you're up to in real time...well, you'll be able to do exactly that. And we encourage it.


A number of events -- notably Scrapyard paintball, the Jeep driving experience, and the zipline -- are outdoors, so wear some sunscreen. It's sunny Los Angeles, after all.


Registration begins at the event site at 9:30 am on Friday. The first major event is the MW3 multiplayer briefing in the main theater at 11 am.


Hope that helps. We can't wait to see you -- and the look on your face when you see Call of Duty XP!