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photo.jpegFaZe's Austin "Slasher" Liddicoat, Bryan "Apathy" Zhelyazkov, Patrick "Aches" Price, and Doug "Censor" Martin pose with their trophy.

It was a thrilling weekend for competitive Call of Duty as the MLG Columbus Open 25k kick-started the season for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Out of a field of more than 140 teams, it was FaZe who would win the tournament and claim the $10,000 first prize.


FaZe had just about the worst start any team could have on Championship Sunday. With news that Patrick "Aches" Price had sustained a hand injury overnight that required stitches, there were questions as to whether the team could perform at its peak. Those concerns seemed validated as FaZe lost their opening series with Prophecy in a 3-0 sweep. But FaZe would go on an impressive Losers Bracket run that saw them eliminate Denial eSports, Team Kaliber, and eventually Prophecy.


In contrast, their Grand Finals opponent OpTic Gaming were having a perfect Sunday. OpTic Gaming didn't drop a single map on their Sunday march toward the Grand Finals, defeating both EnVyUs and Prophecy in 3-0 lopsided affairs.


The Grand Finals looked like it would be a continuation of OpTic's hot run, with the opening Solar/Hardpoint game swinging the way of the "Green Wall." But it was all FaZe from then on, as the team would win S&D/Detroit in the 11th round and take Uplink/Bio Lab in an 8-0 blowout. CTF/Retreat proved to be a much tighter game however, moving into stopwatch overtime after a 3-3 deadlock. OpTic Gaming managed a flag cap in four minutes, but FaZe's Aches would sneak away with a flag in less than two minutes to take both the game and the series.


Because FaZe came from the Losers Bracket, the Grand Finals shifted to a new Best of 5 series. FaZe would strike first on Hardpoint/Detroit, with Doug "Censor" Martin going big in the defense of the final Hardpoint. That led to S&D/Bio Lab, where Aches would win an 11th round 1v1 against OpTic's Matt "Formal" Piper to clinch the victory. Staring at a potential 3-0 sweep, OpTic Gaming would produce second half heroics on both CTF/Ascend and Uplink/Comeback to tie the series 2-2. In the deciding S&D/Recovery, an all-around team effort from FaZe would net them a 6-4 win and seal their championship at MLG Columbus!


Here are the final placings from the MLG Columbus Open 25K:

1st: FaZe ($10,000)

2nd: OpTic Gaming ($6,000)

3rd: Prophecy ($4,000)

4th: Team Kaliber ($2,000)

5th (tied): Denial eSports/EnVyUs ($1,000)

7th (tied): Team JusTus/OpTic Nation ($500)


Four Teams Qualify for MLG Pro League Season 1


Not to be forgotten was the side story in the Losers Bracket, where teams were not only trying to stay alive in the tournament, but also claim the three remaining spots in Season 1 of the MLG Pro League for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


Team Kaliber would be the only contending team to survive Losers Round 4 and qualify for the league outright. With their 3-1 series win over Strictly Business, tK will rejoin the league after falling outside of the top eight in Call of Duty: Ghosts Season 3.


That meant the four remaining teams had to compete in play-in matches to decide the two remaining league spots. Automatic Reload clinched their place in the league after taking down amateur squad Dream Team eSports in a 3-1 series. Then it was Aware Gaming who came from a 0-2 deficit to defeat Strictly Business.


Rounding out the newly qualified teams is Prophecy, who had qualified on Saturday due to their performance in the Winners Bracket.



Congratulations again to FaZe on winning the first major tournament in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare!


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IMG_5344.JPGAction continued on Saturday from the MLG Columbus Open 25k, as some of the best teams in the world resumed competition in the first major tournament for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


After the conclusion of Pool Play, the top two teams from each pool advanced to the Championship Winners Bracket, while the remaining teams populated the Championship Losers Bracket.


Here were the final pool standings (Championship Winners Bracket qualifiers in bold):


Pool A:

#9. Prophecy (3-1)

#1. OpTic Gaming (3-1)

#8. Team Kaliber (3-1)

OQ. Noble eSports (1-3)

#16. STDx ESPORT (0-4)


In a three-way tie that was decided by head-to-head map winning percentage, Prophecy (57%) and OpTic Gaming (56%) took top honors in Pool A. It was a tough break for Team Kaliber (38%), whose 3-0 sweep at the hands of Prophecy cost them a spot in the Championship Winners Bracket.


Pool B:

#2. Team JusTus (4-0)

#10. OpTic Nation (3-1)

#15. Automatic Reload (2-2)

#7. Rise Nation (1-3)

OQ. Team Orbit (0-4)

The Pool B standings from Day 1 stood at the end of Day 2, as Team JusTus and OpTic Nation won out to qualify for the Championship Winners Bracket. Rise Nation managed to take a series against Open Bracket Qualifier Team Orbit, but would still fall behind 15th seed Automatic Reload in the final standings.


Pool C:

#3. Denial eSports (4-0)

#6. FaZe (3-1)

#11. Stunner Gaming (2-2)

#14. CLS eSports (1-3)

OQ. Team Vitality (0-4)


No surprises in Pool C, with Denial eSports and FaZe holding onto their respective 1st and 2nd spots. French-based Team Vitality was the Pool C qualifier from the Open Bracket, but would fail to take a series in Pool Play.


Pool D:

#12. Strictly Business (3-1)

#4. EnVyUs (3-1)

#5. Aware Gaming (3-1)

OQ. dT eSports (1-3)

#13. Carnage (0-4)


Another three-way tie developed in Pool D, with Strictly Business (56%) and EnVyUs (50%) taking the Championship Winners Bracket spots over Aware Gaming (44%).



Championship Winners Bracket


It was a tale of game 5's in the Championship Winners Quarterfinals, as all four series would go to the match limit.


Prophecy were the first through, defeating a much-hyped OpTic Nation squad. After exchanging game wins, Prophecy would win the deciding Search & Destroy in a 6-0 sweep. The series win was particularly significant for the newly formed team, as Prophecy was also able to clinch one of the four open spots in Season 1 of the MLG Pro League.


Mirroring their Day 1 performance against Strictly Business, EnVyUs would come back from a 0-2 map count to take their series against Denial eSports. New addition James "Clayster" Eubanks was the standout player in the final S&D match, and he'll be counted on again as EnVyUs continues on into Championship Sunday.


FaZe pulled out a 3-2 series win against a tough Strictly Business team. The victory is sure to have been a weight off the back of FaZe's Bryan "Apathy" Zhelyazkov, who at one point went a combined 0-17 K/D between Riot/S&D and Retreat/CTF.


OpTic Gaming had some devastating losses in their series against JusTus: opening with a 250-82 loss on Detroit/Hardpoint and later blowing a 5-0 halftime lead in Comeback/Uplink. But this team of experienced players showed amazing resolve in the deciding S&D game, winning 6-3 to move on in the Winners Bracket.



Championship Sunday action in the Winners Bracket opens with a pair of rivalry matchups. Prophecy's Chris "Parasite" Duarte will take on his former team FaZe. And the always entertaining EnVyUs/OpTic Gaming matchup will be heightened this time around, with EnVyUs' James "Clayster" Eubanks and OpTic Gaming's Matt "Formal" Piper now on opposite sides of the main stage.


Meanwhile there will be added pressure in the Losers Bracket, as many of the remaining teams fight for the three remaining spots in Season 1 of the MLG Pro League. For teams like Automatic Reload, Aware Gaming, Dream Team eSports, Strictly Business, and Team Kaliber, Sunday's results will not only determine this weekend's tournament, but also their competition plans for the coming months.


Which team will come out on top and claim the MLG Columbus Open 25k? Championship Sunday action begins at 10am EST on MLG.tv.


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The first Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare LAN tournament kicked off Friday from Columbus, Ohio. All eyes were on Pool Play on this first day, as some of the best teams in the world began competing for a place in the Championship Winners Bracket.


Here's how the pools stand after Day 1's action:

Pool A:

#8. Team Kaliber (2-0)

#1. OpTic Gaming (1-1)

#9. Prophecy (1-1)

#16. STDx ESPORT (0-2)

Open Bracket Contender A (TBD)


Team Kaliber jumped out to an early lead in Pool A after an impressive 3-2 series win against OpTic Gaming. Top seed OpTic Gaming avoided a potentially disastrous Day 1 with a 3-1 victory against Prophecy.


Pool B:

#2. Team JusTus (2-0)

#10. OpTic Nation (1-1)

#15. Automatic Reload (1-1)

#7. Rise Nation (0-2)

Open Bracket Contender B (TBD)


Team JusTus lived up to their 2nd seed placing with a 2-0 start, highlighted by a sweep against OpTic Nation. Perhaps the most disappointing team on Day 1 was 7th seed Rise Nation, who will need to win out on Saturday for any chance at the Championship Winners Bracket.


Pool C:

#3. Denial eSports (2-0)

#6. FaZe (1-1)

#11. Stunner Gaming (1-1)

#14. CLS eSports (0-2)

Open Bracket Contender C (TBD)


After winning their initial matches against the pool's lowered seeded teams, Denial eSports and FaZe faced off for early bragging rights atop Pool C. Denial would claim the victory with an impressive 3-0 sweep.


Pool D:

#5. Aware Gaming (2-0)

#4. EnVyUs (1-1)

#12. Strictly Business (1-1)

#13. Carnage (0-2)

Open Bracket Contender D (TBD)


With wins against EnVyUs and Carnage, 5th seed Aware Gaming have the early advantage in Pool D. Strictly Business had an opportunity to join Aware with a 2-0 record, but sB let EnVyUs come back from a two map deficit in their head-to-head matchup.



The tournament enters a new phase of the competition on Saturday. Four teams from the Open Bracket will fill out the pools, and we'll find out which two teams from each pool earn a place in the Championship Winners Bracket. Three rounds of the Championship Losers Bracket will also play out, bringing elimination opportunities for some of the tournament's top seeded teams.


Watch the MLG Columbus Open 25k all day beginning at 10am EST on MLG.tv. Keep up with the tournament and all of the latest Call of Duty competitive news by following @eSportsCOD. Check back here at www.callofduty.com/eSports as well for daily coverage of the action.


Get ready for a new year in competitive Call of Duty as the first major event for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare plays out this weekend from Columbus, Ohio. The MLG Columbus Open 25k will be an early test to see how the world's best teams fair with the new title. But there's more than just bragging rights on the line; at stake is a $25,000 prize pool, a 25,000 Pro Points top prize, and four spots in Season 1 of the MLG Pro League for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's all-new movement system will be front and center this weekend, with a fast and vertical style of play that changes nearly every aspect of the game. We'll see how the various game modes play out, from the new addition of Uplink, returning favorites Capture the Flag and Hardpoint, to the high pressure rounds of Search & Destroy. And as covered in our roster update post, this will be the first time we see all of the new look teams competing on LAN.

After three weeks of online competition, 16 teams have earned entry into pool play based on Pro Points. These teams have a huge advantage heading into this weekend, as they compete for Championship Bracket spots and await the remaining qualifiers from the 128-team open bracket.


Here is how the four pools have drawn out:



Which team will come out of the gates strong and claim the MLG Columbus Open 25k? Catch all of the action live on MLG.tv beginning today at 6pm EST!


We're just days away from the first major tournament for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: the MLG Columbus Open 25k. To get you caught up on the roster moves in recent weeks, here is an update of the top 10 teams based on Pro Points (new players listed in bold):

(#1) OpTic Gaming:

Matt "Nadeshot" Haag

Seth "Scumpi" Abner

Ian "Crimsix" Porter

Matt "Formal" Piper

When you can add two of the best players in the game, you've had a great offseason. The addition of Ian "Crimsix" Porter and Matt "Formal" Piper makes OpTic Gaming the clear team to beat at Columbus.


(#2) Team JusTus:

Nick "Classic" DiCostanzo

Ian "Enable" Wyatt

Steve "Mochila" Canle

Josiah "Slacked" Berry

From the ashes of two defunct organizations (Curse and Most Wanted), Team JusTus have assembled a squad of four proven players. They've looked good in their short time together, winning a 2k tournament and entering Columbus with the 2nd seed based on Pro Points.


(#3) EnVyUs:

Jordan "Jkap" Kaplan

Joseph "Merk" Deluca

Anthony "Nameless" Wheeler

James "Clayster" Eubanks

Initially rumored in some major roster shakeups, EnVyUs ended up making only one move during the transfer period: an informal trade with OpTic Gaming that saw Matt "Formal" Piper leave in exchange for James "Clayster" Eubanks. Clayster was a key player in the successful runs of compLexity and OpTic Gaming, look for him to bring his signature hype to this EnVyUs squad.


(#4) Denial eSports:

Chris "Replays" Crowder

Renato "Saints" Forza

Tom "ZooMaa" Paparratto

Dillon "Attach" Price

Already renown for their slaying ability, Denial eSports built on their strengths by picking up Dillon "Attach" Price from Rise Nation. Having proven themselves as a top team in the final months of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Denial seem primed to carry their success over to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


(#5) Aware Gaming:

Lamarsh "Accuracy" Abedi

Nike "Happy" Suda

Ryan "Lawless" Lawless

Troy "Sender" Michaels

Comprised of three players from the former Excellence Gaming squad, Aware Gaming completed their roster by adding Troy "Sender" Michaels from Noble eSports. With a strong 2nd place performance in the recent 10k tournament, Aware Gaming is primed to contend for one of the four spots in Season 1.


(#6) FaZe:

Bryan "Apathy" Zhelyazkov

Doug "Censor" Martin

Patrick "Aches" Price

Austin "Slasher" Liddicoat

Despite a championship win at UMG Nashville in October, it was clear that FaZe would not stick together for the long term. In place of Damon "Karma" Barlow and Chris "Parasite" Duarte, the team made two pickups: former Evil Geniuses captain Patrick "Aches" Price and Noble eSports standout Austin "Slasher" Liddicoat.


(#7) Rise Nation:

Jonathan "Pacman" Tucker

Jamal "Whea7s" Lee

Martin "Chino" Chino

Steven "Diabolic" Rivero

Rise Nation lost two solid players during the transfer period: Dillon "Attach" Price (Denial eSports) and Daniel "Loony" Loza (Team Kaliber). They have their Season 1 spot secured though, and will look to continue their success with additions Martin "Chino" Chino and Steven "Diabolic" Rivero.


(#8) Team Kaliber:

Brandon "Sharp" Rodgers

Jevon "Goonjar" Gooljar

Dylan "Theory" McGee

Daniel "Loony" Loza

It's been a tough 2014 for Team Kaliber, as the former contending squad struggled to find their footing with Call of Duty: Ghosts. They'll try to start strong on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with newcomer Daniel "Loony" Loza.


(#9) Prophecy:

Damod "FEARS" Abney

Tyree "Legal" Glover

Chris "Parasite" Duarte

Ricky "Ricky" Stacy

The previously Europe-based organization Prophecy has been reborn in North America for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Their debut roster certainly carries potential, with notable players Chris "Parasite" Duarte (formerly FaZe) and Ricky "Ricky" Stacy (formerly OpTic Nation).


(#10) OpTic Nation:

Marcus "MBoZe" Blanks

Damon "Karma" Barlow

Jordan "Proofy" Cannon

Tyler "TeePee" Polchow

While OpTic Nation have been a consistent top finisher, this transfer period has shown that they want to contend for a championship. Three worthy players join captain Marcus "MBoZe" Blanks: Jordan "Proofy" Cannon from sister team OpTic Gaming, and Damon "Karma" Barlow and Tyler "TeePee" Polchow from Evil Geniuses.




Which team will come out of the gates strong and claim MLG Columbus? Catch all of the action live on MLG.tv beginning at Friday, November 28 at 6pm EST!

1.jpgEnVyUs and team managing director Mike "Hastro" Rufail pose with their Season 3 Champion trophy. (MLG/Ryan Mayle)

The top-seeded team in Season 3 lived up to their standing this weekend, as EnVyUs prevailed in the MLG Pro League Season 3 Playoffs to claim the $30,000 top prize. While three of the team's players have won MLG events with other teams, this is the first MLG LAN championship for the storied EnVyUs organization.


Their day began in the Winners Bracket final, where they faced off against an underdog Noble.Vanquish squad. Noble.Vanquish hung in there and even netted an S&D win, but EnVyUs was the better team in this matchup. EnVyUs would take the series 3-1 to advance to the Grand Finals.



Noble.Vanquish were not done however, as they faced off against Most Wanted in the Losers Bracket finals. No one could have predicted this #7 vs #8 matchup, and both teams showed the scrappy determination that had taken them this far in the tournament. In the end, it was Noble.Vanquish who would prevail in an 11th round victory in Octane/S&D.



So the Grand Finals featured a rematch between EnVyUs and Noble.Vanquish. If there was any concern about EnVyUs coming in cold, the "Boys in Blue" would put those fears to rest with a big 165-144 win on Sovereign/Domination. Noble.Vanquish would once again give EnVyUs problems in S&D by jumping out to a 3-0 round lead, but EnVyUs would make the comeback in a 6-4 result. It was all but academic in Warhawk/Blitz, as EnVyUs dominated in a 8-0 game to complete the sweep and take the championship.



Here are the final placings from the Season 3 Playoffs:

1st: EnVyUs ($30,000)

2nd: Noble.Vanquish ($15,000)

3rd: Most Wanted ($10,000)

4th: OpTic Gaming ($6,000)

5th (tied): Denial eSports/OpTic Nation ($4,000)

7th (tied): FaZe/Rise Nation ($3,000)


Congratulations again to EnVyUs on their first MLG LAN win! Keep up with all of the latest Call of Duty competitive news by following @eSportsCOD.

YWQB9rvFFi1PB3BBtWlVZI7mxIxcuklEm2-dkW09tNM,o9kyf5ky9ui50WbdDGse91LG5eq5GSJBG1eMubGeXVY.jpgJordan "JKap" Kaplan (right) and EnVyUs lead a pack of four teams into Championship Sunday. (MLG/Ryan Mayle)


It was another exciting day of action at the MLG Pro League Season 3 Playoffs, as the eight competing teams continued on in the $75,000 tournament. By day's end, four teams would make their exit from the competition.


Here are the top stories from Saturday:


Noble.Vanquish and Most Wanted Continue Cinderella Run

The #7 and #8 seeded teams have proved that they belong in this tournament, as both Noble.Vanquish and Most Wanted punched their ticket to Championship Sunday.


Noble.Vanquish advanced to the Winners Bracket final with a stunning win over Denial eSports. After dropping the initial Domination, Noble.Vanquish reeled off three straight wins to take the series.


Most Wanted meanwhile made a Losers Bracket run through the last two champions. After taking out the UMG Nashville winners FaZe in a 3-1 series, Most Wanted swept the UMG Dallas winners Denial eSports 3-0.



OpTic Gaming Get Revenge

OpTic Gaming kept their championship hopes alive on Saturday and managed to slay some demons from tournaments past along the way.


First up was Rise Nation, who beat OpTic Gaming twice at UMG Dallas. OpTic Gaming would show no weakness today however, sweeping the #2 seeded team 3-0 to eliminate them from the competition.


Then came their sister team OpTic Nation, who eliminated OpTic Gaming at UMG Dallas in a 3-0 sweep. The tables were turned this time around though, as OpTic Gaming would deliver a 3-0 sweep of their own to knock OpTic Nation out of the Season 3 Playoffs.



EnVyUs Steady into Winners Final

In a tournament that has seen upset after upset, the one team performing as expected has been the top seeded EnVyUs squad. With their sweep of OpTic Nation on Saturday, they find themselves one series win away from the Grand Finals. Standing in their way? The ultimate underdogs, Noble.Vanquish.


Four teams remain in the tournament: EnVyUs, OpTic Gaming, Noble.Vanquish, and Most Wanted. Which one will come out on top to claim the $30,000 top prize? Catch Championship Sunday of the Season 3 Playoffs live at MLG.tv at 12pm EDT!


Keep up with the Season 3 Playoffs and all of the latest Call of Duty competitive news by following @eSportsCOD. Check back here at www.callofduty.com/eSports as well for daily coverage of the action.


The MLG Pro League Season 3 Playoffs kicked off Friday from the MLG.tv Arena in Columbus, Ohio. The top eight teams from Season 3 began competition for a $75,000 prize pool, with a $30,000 top prize on the line.


All eight teams were in action on this first day, with opening matches deciding which four teams would move forward in the Winners Bracket and which four would fall to the Losers Bracket:


#4 OpTic Nation def. #5 FaZe (3-2)

In a matchup that brought together all four members of the 2013 World Champion Fariko Impact squad, OpTic Nation (with Adam "Killa" Sloss and Marcus "MiRx" Carter) faced off against FaZe (with Chris "Duarte" Parasite and Damon "Karma" Barlow).


The two teams traded wins in the series, with OpTic Nation taking both Dominations while FaZe claimed the S&D and Blitz. That led to a deciding Sovereign/S&D, where FaZe jumped out a commanding 5-2 lead. But OpTic Nation would not waver, winning four straight rounds to complete a stunning comeback on the UMG Nashville champions.


#1 EnVyUs def. #8 Most Wanted (3-1)

The #1 vs. #8 matchup proved to be a contest early on. EnVyUs took a tight Sovereign/Domination game, only to have Most Wanted bounce back with a win on Freight/S&D. A 13-all tie on Freight/Blitz led to a replay, with EnVyUs ultimately prevailing. The "Boys in Blue" would then close it out with a strong 194-121 performance on Octane/Domination.


#7 Noble.Vanquish def. #2 Rise Nation (3-1)

In the surprise result of the night, Noble.Vanquish pulled off a 3-1 win against the two-seeded Rise Nation squad. Noble.Vanquish was in command throughout the series, and would have had a sweep if not for an 11th round Sovereign/S&D win by Rise.


#6 Denial eSports def. #3 OpTic Gaming (3-2)

The marquee matchup of the night featured Denial eSports and OpTic Gaming. Denial came out hot with a win on Strikezone/Domination, only to have OpTic Gaming respond with consecutive victories on Sovereign/S&D and Warhawk/Blitz. Denial would even up the series with a 184-114 win on Freight/Domination, pushing to a deciding Warhawk/S&D game. Led by a 11-4 performance from Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto, Denial eSports would prevail in a 6-2 victory to take the series.



The action continues on Saturday, as we see the field of eight teams cut into four. Can Noble.Vanquish continue their improbable run? Is this a bounce-back tournament for EnVyUs? And which team will get knocked out of the tournament early in the crucial #2 Rise Nation vs. #3 OpTic Gaming matchup? Catch all of the action live on MLG.tv beginning at 12pm EDT!


Keep up with the Season 3 Playoffs and all of the latest Call of Duty competitive news by following @eSportsCOD. Check back here at www.callofduty.com/eSports as well for daily coverage of the action.

The final season of competitive Call of Duty: Ghosts closes out in spectacular fashion this weekend as the Season 3 Playoffs take place from Columbus, Ohio. Eight teams will compete in a double-elimination tournament for a $75,000 prize pool and the $30,000 top prize.


Season 3 has been an intense competition from beginning to end, with qualification and seeding positions coming down to the final day of action. Check out this video from MLG for a quick recap:



The Season 3 Playoffs will mark the debut of the all new MLG.tv Columbus Arena, a state of the art venue featuring bleacher seating, soundproof booths, and more. Spectator passes are already sold out, but you can catch all of the action live online from MLG.tv starting on October 24 at 6pm EDT.


Chris Puckett, Ryan "Fwiz" Wyatt, Ben "Benson" Bowe, and Chris "Maven" Forest will call the action, while Evil Geniuses pro players Tyler "TeePee" Polchow and Ian "Crimsix" Porter will be on hand to provide analysis.


Check out the eight seeded teams that will be competing this weekend along with a roster feature video:

#1 Team EnVyUs

#2 Rise Nation

#3 OpTic Gaming

#4 OpTic Nation

#5 FaZe

#6 Denial eSports

#7 Noble.Vanquish

#8 Most Wanted




Keep up with the Season 3 Playoffs and all of the latest Call of Duty competitive news by following @eSportsCOD. Check back here at www.callofduty.com/eSports as well for daily coverage of the action.

20141012_223122.jpgFaZe pose after their title-clinching victory. From left to right: Damon "Karma" Barlow, Doug "Censor" Martin, Chris "Parasite" Duarte, and Bryan "Apathy" Zhelyazkov.


A two-time World Champion can make all the difference. With the addition of Damon "Karma" Barlow to the roster, FaZe was able to top all others this weekend to take the $15,000 top prize and the UMG Nashville championship!


Championship Sunday didn't start well for FaZe however, as the team would fall immediately in a tough 3-1 loss to Most Wanted. Instead of being one match away from the Grand Finals, FaZe now had to go through three rounds in the Losers Bracket.


Their first matchup was against EnVyUs. After giving up the opening Domination, FaZe took three straight to eliminate the Boys in Blue.


Next came Rise Nation, who had just come off of a gritty 3-2 win against OpTic Gaming. The series included one of the wildest Blitz games of the year, which saw two replays due to ties. After blowing a big lead in the first replay, FaZe would leave no doubt in a commanding 13-6 victory. They would take the series against Rise in a 3-0 sweep.


Waiting for FaZe in the Loser's Bracket Finals was none other than Most Wanted, who had just lost previously in the Winner's Bracket Final. Everything seemed to work this time around for the FaZe squad though, as they would take three convincing wins in a row to knock out Most Wanted and advance to the Grand Finals.


Riding a nine-game winning streak heading into the Grand Finals, FaZe now found themselves in a fierce matchup against the UMG Dallas champions Denial eSports.


Denial would take both Dominations, but FaZe matched it with victories in S&D and Blitz. That led to a Search & Destroy match that ultimately went to a final 11th round. For the Winner's Bracket team Denial, it was an opportunity to clinch the UMG Nashville Championship. For the Loser's Bracket team FaZe, it was their last hope at pushing the series into another Best of 5. Sure enough, FaZe would prevail and send it to a final series.


The outcomes flipped this time around, with FaZe taking the Dominations only to give up the S&D and Blitz games to Denial. But FaZe would run away in the deciding S&D game, winning the game 6-2 and taking the series 3-2. With the finals victory, FaZe sealed the first tournament win for the longtime Call of Duty-based organization!


Here are the final placings from UMG Nashville:

1st: FaZe ($15,000)

2nd: Denial eSports ($5,000)

3rd: Most Wanted ($3,000)

4th: Rise Nation ($2,000)


Congratulations again to FaZe, as well as to all of the teams that placed this weekend!


Looking forward to more high-level competitive Call of Duty? You won't have to wait long. The MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts Pro League Season 3 Playoffs takes place in just two weeks on October 24-26. Eight teamsincluding all four of the top-finishers teams from UMG Nashvillewill compete in Columbus, Ohio for a share of the $75,000 prize pot!


Keep up with the latest Call of Duty competitive news by following @eSportsCOD.

20141010_150328.jpgIt was an action-packed Day 2 at UMG Nashville, as the 20 remaining teams competed for a spot in Championship Sunday. With the conclusion of Pool Play, some teams gained a huge advantage for Sunday, some fought hard through the Losers Bracket, while others fell out of the tournament altogether.


Here are the highlight stories from Day 2:


Four Teams Qualify For Championship Winners Bracket

Denial eSports, FaZe, Most Wanted, and Rise Nation topped the four pools to earn a prized spot in the Championship Winners Bracket. Not only does that guarantee a top-6 placement, but it allows them to drop a series on Sunday and still stay alive down in the Losers Bracket.

The Winners Bracket semifinal matchups will see FaZe facing off against Most Wanted, while Denial eSports takes on Rise Nation.

OpTic Nation and Evil Geniuses Make Early Exits

It was a disappointing Day 2 for two top teams, as both OpTic Nation and Evil Geniuses were eliminated from the tournament.


It just wasn't there for OpTic Nation in this tournament, a team that placed 3rd at UMG Dallas. After going 0-3 in Pool Play, OpTic Nation limped into the Losers Bracket and barely avoided a 2-0 series comeback from Carnage. They would see their end in the second round though, falling in a 3-0 sweep to Aware Gaming NA.

The downward spiral continues meanwhile for Evil Geniuses. The issues have added up in recent months for the 2014 World Champions, and this tournament was surely a test to see if winning could cure all ills. That would not be the case on Saturday however, as the team would get eliminated after a 3-1 loss to EnVyUs.


Three Open Bracket Teams Into Championship Sunday

Out of the 128-team Open Bracket, three teams have made it through to Championship Sunday at UMG Nashville. Aware Gaming NA, eXcellence Gaming, and Stunner Gaming will all have an opportunity to write their own underdog story. With single-elimination matchups from here on out, there can be no mistakes.



How will the hot teams in the Winners Bracket fare in their head-to-head matchups? Can fan favorites EnVyUs and OpTic Gaming complete a run through the Losers Bracket? Which team will top all others to win UMG Nashville? Make sure to catch all of the Championship Sunday live on MLG.tv/UMG!


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umg_nashville.jpgUMG Nashville kicked off on Friday, as teams from across the country began competition for a $25,000 prize pool.


The action started in Pool Play, where the top 12 teams based on MLG Pro Points began competition. The team that finishes 1st in each of the four pools will automatically qualify for the Championship Winners bracket and guaranteed themselves a top-6 placing.


Here are some of the big stories from Day 1:


OpTic Teams struggle out of the gates

The OpTic teams began their UMG Nashville runs on a sour note, both dropping their initial matches on Friday.


OpTic Nation fell 3-2 in a back-and-forth matchup with Most Wanted. Despite being up 2-1 in the series, OpTic Nation would lose big in the final Domination and Search & Destroy games.


OpTic Gaming meanwhile ran into a Rise Nation squad desperate to make up for a earlier loss to Evil Geniuses. OpTic Gaming came out hot with a 33-point lead on the first side of Domination, but Rise would make a huge comeback to take the initial game. It was all Rise for the rest of the series, highlighted by a 10-0 first side on Blitz. OpTic Gaming would fall to Rise Nation 3-0.


Most Wanted: Underdog Team of UMG Nashville?

While still very early, Most Wanted's performance on Friday night has definitely made them a team to watch for in this tournament. With wins in their first two matchups against Team Curse and OpTic Nation, they now sit atop the Alpha pool with only one match to go. If they can defeat Open Bracket qualifier eXcellence Gaming, they will lock in the top position in the pool and earn a spot in the Championship Winners bracket.


Open Bracket Qualifiers

In what will be the last open tournament for Call of Duty: Ghosts, the Open Bracket on Friday was a final opportunity for players and teams from all backgrounds to prove themselves at the competitive level.


In the end, it was four familiar up-and-coming teams that made the grade: Aware Gaming NA, eXcellence Gaming, Stunner Gaming, and VexX Gaming. Earning the final spots in Pool Play, these four teams will now have to prove that they belong with the top 12 seeded teams in the tournament.



UMG Nashville picks back up on Saturday morning with continued Pool Play action. We'll learn which four teams qualify for the Championship Winners Bracket and which teams have to fight extra hard through the Losers Brackets. Make sure to catch all of the action live on MLG.tv/UMG!


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The final open tournament for Call of Duty: Ghosts is set to take place this weekend, as UMG Nashville begins from the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Some of the best Call of Duty teams in the world will compete for a share of $25,000 and 10,000 MLG Pro Points. Catch the action live all weekend at http://MLG.tv/UMG.


Can Denial eSports build off of their UMG Dallas championship and win back-to-back? Will teams like EnVyUs, Evil Geniuses, or OpTic Gaming recapture their success from earlier in the year? Or will another underdog team come out of the pack to claim the top prize? Find out as tournament action begins this Friday!


This is the tournament prize breakdown:

1st - $15,000

2nd - $5,000

3rd - $3,000

4th - $2,000


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With less than a month until the release of Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty eSports fans now have another date to add to their calendar. On November 28-30, Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare will make its eSports LAN debut with the MLG 25k Open Series Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Tournament in Columbus, Ohio. 140 teams will compete in this inaugural event for $25,000 in prizes, 25,000 MLG Pro Points, and four spots in Season 1 of the MLG Pro League.


While the money and Season 1 spots have their obvious benefits, the MLG Pro Point earnings are not to be overlooked. With Pro Points totals resetting at the release of Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare, every player and team will need to reestablish themselves as the top ranked competitors in the world.


Immediately following the tournament, the MLG Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Pro League will kickoff with Season 1 action. 12 professional teams will battle it out in daily matches streamed live on MLG.tv. This will be one of the most competitive seasons yet, with $75,000 in prizes and $96,000 in guaranteed payments to be decided.


Both of these competitions will serve as an early test for the players and teams. Who will learn and adapt quickest to the new weaponry, maps, and powers of the Exoskeleton? Can the big names maintain their place at the top, or will new faces emerge in the coming year?


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20140824_203256.jpgDenial eSports pose with their championship check. From left to right: Tommy "ZooMa" Paparatto, Renato "Saints" Forza, Jeremy "StuDyy" Astacio, Chris "Replays" Crowder

In one of the most unpredictable tournaments of the year, it was fitting that Denial eSports would top all others to win UMG Dallas 2014. They may not have been on many people's radar going into the weekend, but Denial certainly proved their abilities with the tournament win and the $10,000 top prize.

After beginning the day with a 3-0 sweep of Noble.Vanquish, Denial eSports entered the Winners Bracket final in what would be their first of two matchups against EnVyUs. EnVyUs had yet to drop a map in the tournament, and looked to continue that streak after an opening win on Strikezone/Domination. But Denial would shock everyone with three straight wins in a row, taking the series and sending EnVyUs to the Losers Bracket.


EnVyUs would bounce back strong with a 3-1 showing against OpTic Nation in the Losers Bracket final. Despite allowing OpTic Nation to come back on Octane/S&D, EnVyUs sealed a series victory with tightly contested wins in the following Blitz and Domination match.


That made the Grand Finals a rematch between Denial eSports and EnVyUs. The format was a pair of Best of 5's, with Denial eSports only needed to win the first Best of 5 to take the Finals; EnVyUs having to win two series because they came from the Losers Bracket.


Denial left little doubt though that they were the better team on this day, improving on their earlier performance against EnVyUs with a straight 3-0 sweep. They set the tone immediately with a 67-point win on Domination, and maintained control throughout the S&D and Blitz games.


Congratulations to Denial eSports and its players on their first LAN win!


Here are the final placings from UMG Dallas 2014:

1st: Denial eSports ($10,000)

2nd: EnVyUs ($4,000)

3rd: OpTic Nation ($3,000)

4th: OpTic Gaming ($2,000)

5th: Most Wanted ($1,000)


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