It was a thrilling Sunday at the Call of Duty® United States Championships, as the eight remaining teams competed for positioning in the 2014 Call of Duty® Championship, presented by Xbox. In the end, 9th seeded Strictly Business would top them all to take the “United States Champions” title and the top seed in the $1 Million Dollar tournament!

Here are the highlight stories from day 2:


Strictly Business completes run to the top: After a flawless day 1, Strictly Business would face several challenges that nearly knocked them out of contention early. In a round 3 matchup against Team EnVyUs, sB dropped their first two maps of the tournament to go down 2-1. But they would pull out two victories to take the series, including an impressive 6-0 sweep on the final Search & Destroy.



This placed them into the Winner’s Bracket final, where they met up against #2 seeded Team Kaliber. sB would once again drop two maps, this time in a 0-2 series deficit. But chipping away one game at a time, Strictly Business would eventually complete another comeback, this time with a 6-1 Search & Destroy win.



In a fitting grand finals match, Strictly Business would see a rematch with top-ranked compLexity. Because of their day 1 sweep, sB took a 3-0 continuation lead into the best of 11 series. sB looked like it would run away with the title, taking two straight maps to go up 5-0. But compLexity would put up a valiant fight, winning two games of their own to bring the series to 5-2. compLexity looked like they would continue their momentum by going up 4-1 on Search & Destroy. But sB would end the comeback story here, tying the game 4-4 before eventually winning in the 11th round.



They may have been the #9 team in this weekend’s tournament, but Strictly Business’ wins over three of the top four teams have now earned them the #1 seed at 2014 Call of Duty® Championship, presented by Xbox.

compLexity regains form: After an early fall to the Loser’s Bracket on day 1, compLexity would put together a near-tournament winning performance on Sunday. The number one ranked team started out strong by taking 3-1 decisions against both OpTic Gaming and Rise.


This would set up an epic matchup against FaZe. Going down 0-2, compLexity would storm back with three straight wins to the series. The comeback was highlighted by a Domination game in which compLexity put up 104 points on the first side.



In the Loser’s Bracket finals, #1 and #2 would meet as compLexity faced off against Team Kaliber. tK jumped out to a 1-0 lead off of an impressive Domination win. But compLexity would answer back with three straight wins yet again to take the series.



Although compLexity would eventually fall to Strictly Business in the grand finals, the #2 seed that they secured will be a great position for this team to make some noise in Los Angeles.

Team Kaliber does enough for 3rd: After beginning the day with a 3-0 sweep of Rise, Team Kaliber looked to be well on their way towards a top-2 finish. But consecutive losses in both the Winner’s Bracket final and Loser’s Bracket final would result in a #3 seed.


Despite a disappointing day 2, this team has got to be excited about the contributions of their newest pickup, Formal. He was the story in a Search & Destroy game against Strictly Business, where the slayer amassed 10 kills in a row.


Here are the final placings from the Call of Duty® United States Championships:

#1 – Strictly Business

#2 – compLexity

#3 – Team Kaliber

#4 – FaZe

#5/#6 – Team EnVyUs/Rise

#7/#8 – OpTic Gaming/XFinity Gaming


Congratulations to all eight United States teams that qualified for the 2014 Call of Duty® Championship, presented by Xbox! They will join 24 other teams from around the world in Los Angeles on March 28-30, as the global competition begins for a $1 Million Dollar prize pool and the title of “World Champions.”


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