Championship Sunday arrived at the 2014 Call of Duty® Championship, presented by Xbox, as six remaining teams fought for a chance at glory. In the end, compLexity would defeat EnVyUs to win the $400,000 top prize and the title of Call of Duty World Champions!


compLexity began the day with an intense Upper Bracket finals matchup against rivals OpTic Gaming. After compLexity won the first Domination, OpTic would take the next two games to grab a 2-1 series lead. It seemed like OpTic would clinch the series after going up 18 points on the initial side of the second Domination, but compLexity was able to turn it around on the second side to tie the series. The momentum would carry over to the deciding Search & Destroy match, as compLexity would sweep the map 6-0, win the series 3-2, and advance to the Grand Finals.



EnVyUs meanwhile was completing an amazing run through the Lower Bracket. Playing in one elimination match after another since Saturday, EnVyUs was able to win out over a talented list of teams that included Team Kaliber, Epsilon eSports, VexX Revenge, Trident T1dotters, Strictly Business, and OpTic Gaming. They entered the Grand Finals on a 12-map winning streak.


So the Grand Finals were set: compLexity vs. EnVyUs. compLexity set the tone immediately, pulling away in a hard-fought Domination match on Strikezone. compLexity’s slaying power was simply too much for EnVyUs, as they were able to win the crucial battles at the B flag.


That brought the series to Search & Destroy on Freight. EnVyUs would open up a 4-2 round lead on the strong play of Anthony “Nameless” Wheeler. But compLexity’s teamwork would carry them through, allowing the team to turn the game around and take the map in a 6-5 overtime win.


Facing elimination, the pressure was on EnVyUs to show up on the third game: Blitz on Warhawk. compLexity was able to grab an early lead with a balanced map game. That was all the experienced team needed, as some smart defensive and counter-offensive plays would seal compLexity both the map and the Championship!


Here are the final results from the 2014 Call of Duty® Championship, presented by Xbox:

1st: compLexity - $400,000

2nd: EnVyUs - $200,000

3rd: OpTic Gaming - $120,000

4th: Strictly Business - $100,000

5th: Trident T1dotters - $70,000

6th: FaZe - $50,000

7th: Rise Nation - $35,000

8th: VexX Revenge - $25,000


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