Set up outside the Official Call of Duty: Ghosts E3 Theater, we had the chance to hear first-hand from fans on the all new gameplay! We sat down with Chris (middle), who tells us what he's most fired up about.


Q: What aspects of the new gameplay footage are you most excited about?

A: The details! All the little elements like the fish and water that are just so lifelike. It creates a really immersive experience.


Check out the footage Chris is talking about here.


Q: So you're looking forward to the next-generation graphics?

A: I've been waiting for this for a while. Everything that has been coming out has been kind of limited, and unable to excel where it needs to go, and this is the start of something new.


Q: Are you excited about Riley? (the Dog from Call of Duty: Ghosts)


A: The dog is exciting. It's a new kind of aspect you haven't seen before. It's not just - aim, and shoot at all the guys you can. It definitely adds more to the story and gameplay.


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