KAT_5935.jpgShowing off the next-generation of Call of Duty is only half of our story here at E3. The other half is the response from our fans, and we've received some amazing feedback within the past two days. Here's what you the fans have been saying about Call of Duty: Ghosts on Twitter:


#CODGhosts at E3 is the best thing here!!

— ⊚ℒℴℛƊ⊚ (@oL0RDo) June 11, 2013

#codghosts looks amazing can't wait #e3

— Joe Garcia (@joewgarcia) June 11, 2013

Got to see a closed door demo of #CODghosts. Now I'm excited.

— Reza Lackey (@rezalackey) June 12, 2013

COD Ghosts look sooo good e3 this year was the best

— KrAzYz (@LG_KraZy) June 12, 2013

#CODGhosts looks epic... #E3 has been filled with suprises :D

— Devin Feilen (@DevinFeilen) June 12, 2013

Just had a behind closed doors look at Call of Duty: Ghosts for next gen consoles courtesy of my friends at Activision. Looks fantastic!

— JCON (@jarrettconaway) June 12, 2013

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