The third Clan War is here, taking us to the heart of Federation territory in Caracas, Venezuela. This Clan War takes place from Wednesday, December 18th at 12PM PST through Monday, December 23rd at 12PM PST.


With the Caracas event comes the opportunity to unlock two new pieces of content. Top performing Clans can look forward to:




Folklore Nomore, unlocked via the Rainswept Achievement

Finish in the top 3 of the Caracas Clan War


For Clans that placed 1st in Gold Division or higher for the previous two Clan Wars, Caracas will be your first chance to unlock another piece of the Body Count armor:




Body Count Reaper, unlocked via the Unstoppable Achievement

Win 3 Clan Wars in Gold Division or higher


Of course there are plenty of other Achievements for your Clan to complete over the next five days. For a full list of Clan Wars Achievements, navigate to the Clan Wars feature section in the Call of Duty® app. Tap the upper left menu icon and then tap Achievements for the full rundown.


If you haven’t already, be sure to download the free Call of Duty® app so you can follow your Clan’s performance throughout the Caracas event, and please reach out to @InfinityWard or @Beachheadstudio with further questions and feedback.


New to Call of Duty® Clan Wars?


Your Clan’s goal is to acquire as many Capture Points (CP) as possible throughout the Clan War. CP are awarded when you capture any of the 10 nodes on the Clan Wars map. Your Clan’s CP will never decrease throughout the Clan War (i.e. Your Clan keeps all its CP until completion of the Clan War).


Each node on the Clan Wars map is tied to a different Multiplayer game mode in Call of Duty®: Ghosts. Every time a Clan Member wins a match relevant to one of the nodes, that player earns a point for their Clan toward the capture of that node. Whether you’re playing alone or with other Clan Members, each player’s wins will tack on another point toward the corresponding node.


For more information, including details on Divisions, Achievements and more, follow the News & Events section in the app.


Good luck and we’ll see you online!