Time to break out those heavy parkas, soldiers, we’re heading to Antarctica. The next Clan War for Call of Duty®: Ghosts moves south to freezing temperatures and intense competition. The Antarctica Clan War begins on Wednesday, January 29th at 12PM PST/8PM GMT lasting through Monday, February 3rd at 12PM PST/8PM GMT.


Clans that place in the top 3 of their group will unlock our next location-exclusive in-game patch:




The Legend Lives, unlocked via the White Out Achievement

Finish in the top 3 of the Antarctica Clan War.


If your Clan is feeling especially ambitious, you can also go for the Eye for an Eye patch. Divide and conquer, then reap the rewards of four multiplayer game modes providing bonus Multiplayer XP.




Eye for an Eye, unlocked via the Committed Achievement

Hold 4 nodes simultaneously.


Design Update: Holding Captured Nodes


Our designers are continuing to polish the scoring system and have implemented the following changes to the Antarctica Clan War:


1) When a node is captured, its Capture Point (CP) value will go down by 2.

2) Every 2 hours after its initial capture, the node’s CP value grows by 1 and awards an additional 1 CP to the holding Clan.

3) The minimum CP value per node is 3, and the maximum is twice the initial CP value.


Example 1: Clan A captures the Research Station, worth 20 CP. They immediately receive 20 CP, and the value of the Research Station falls to 18. A battle ensues and they successfully hold off the other Clans for 2 hours; they gain 1 more CP and the Research Station’s value grows to 19.


Example 2: Clan B captures the Dam, which was originally worth 10 CP, but has fallen to 3 CP. They gain 3 CP immediately, but the node is already at its lowest level and doesn’t change. They hold it for a day and a half (36 hours, or 18 two-hour periods). The node is now worth 20 CP (its max), and they gain 18 CP during that period for holding the node.


Reminder to Diamond Division Clans


Remember, if your Clan leader has opted in to the Diamond Division (, you will not be eligible to compete in Antarctica. If your Clan is eligible to compete in Diamond, having placed 1st in at least 2 Platinum Division wars, and you still want to compete in Antarctica, wait to opt in until after the 3rd.


For more information, check the free Call of Duty® app and please reach out to @InfinityWard or @beachheadstudio with further questions and feedback.


Good luck and we’ll see you online!