Jamaal-Charles.jpgAll-stars and championships by day; high K/Ds and lobby leaderboards by night. Check out this RantSports article to find out which 20 professional athletes are big fans of Call of Duty:

From Call of Duty tournaments to ridiculous amounts of time spent playing at home, these professional athletes seemed to be hooked like so many other folks are all around the world. At least for the following 20 athletes, though, they’re pretty much way better than you will ever be at putting opponents in their place out on the virtual battlefield.

So the next time a teammate saves your life, make sure to give them a friendly "thank you." It may just be one of your favorite athletes fighting by your side.


Source: http://www.rantsports.com/clubhouse/2014/02/03/20-pro-athletes-who-could-own-you -at-call-of-duty/