In preparation for the Call of Duty® Clan Wars Diamond Division, we’ve adjusted our upcoming schedule. See below for dates on upcoming Clan Wars, including the very first Diamond Division Clan War.


Diamond Division


Friday, February 21st through Sunday, February 23rd


Diamond Division wars occur in four-hour periods over three days. When opting in, your Clan leader will have the option to choose from three different time zones indicating when your Clan’s four-hour window begins throughout the weekend.


If your Clan has placed 1st in at least 2 Platinum Division wars, your Clan leader can opt in today via the Clan Wars feature in-app or through the web at Note that opting into Diamond Division means your Clan will ONLY compete in Diamond Division moving forward, unless your Clan leader chooses to opt out and return to the lower divisions.


Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Divisions


Wednesday, February 19th through Monday, February 24th


In order to run both types of Clan Wars concurrently, we’re pushing the next Bronze – Platinum Clan War back one week. From that point, those Clan Wars will resume every other week, running from Wednesday through Monday with Diamond Division wars running on the weekends.


Stay tuned for more information leading up to the next set of Clan Wars and keep up on the latest news with the free Call of Duty app and by following @InfinityWard and @beachheadstudio.