It is a busy week as Call of Duty® Clan Wars kicks into high gear.


Not only do we have Clan War: The Springs starting today, but on Friday February 21st Clan Wars Diamond Division gets underway in Cairo.


How can you tell which Clan War you're taking part in?


If your Clan Leader did not opt in to Diamond Division you'll be competing in The Springs Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum divisions. This is a great chance for you to pick up another win towards unlocking your Body Count gear in-game, and work towards those two elusive Platinum Division wins that allow you to join the ranks of Clans in the Diamond Division.


Once you reach Diamond Division you can start earning exclusive War Cry gear so that every time you're in-game everyone can see that you're part of the Clan War exclusive!


If your Clan has opted into Diamond Division you will no longer take part in the Bronze - Platinum Clan Wars, instead you'll only be involved in the shorter sprints that make up this ultimate contest. If you're still trying to complete your Body Count set, your wins in Diamond Division will count towards your required total, and your Clan will automatically receive all the Bronze - Platinum patches. This is not to mention the fact that this is the only place you can win the in-game War Cry gear.


If this isn't for you, no problem. Your Clan leader can opt out of Diamond Division at any time and you'll be returned to the Bronze - Platinum Clan Wars.


Clan War: The Springs runs from February 19th 12:00PM PST / 8:00PM GMT through February 24th 11:59am PST / 7:59PM GMT


Clan War Diamond Division: Cairo runs from February 21st through February 23rd


Good luck, and for more information, check out the free Call of Duty® app and please reach out to @InfinityWard or @Beachheadstudio with further questions and feedback.