You aggravated the hive, and now the whole colony’s after you. Welcome to the all-new Call of Duty®: Ghosts Extinction Chaos Mode. In Chaos Mode, 1-4 players must defend themselves again a never-ending alien onslaught.


Fill a combo meter by damaging Cryptids, collecting weapons or upgrades, and using your abilities. As your combo builds, so does your power, with an expanding set of Perks unlocking as the multiplier reaches new heights. And just when you think all hope is lost, the occasional bonus drop might just give you the edge to push back the swarm and continue building that combo.


Combo Perks


Sit idly by and you won’t last long; stay in the fight and reap the rewards. As the combo meter reaches certain multiplier milestones, the following Perks will stack up in your favor against the Cryptids’ never-ending attack.


Perk (Combo Multiplier)


Fast Hands (10)

Increased Melee Damage (20)

Better Traps (30)

Gas Mask (40)

Sleight of Hand (50)

Stopping Power I (60)

Steady Aim (70)

Stalker (80)

Revive Protection (90)

Fast Health Regen (100)

Marathon (110)

More Cash (120)

Stopping Power II (130)

Agility (140)

Extra Health (150)

Feral Vision (160)


Bonus Drops


In addition to Perks, periodically bonus packages will drop that can help get your team out of a jam, including:


Combo Freeze – Freeze the combo meter momentarily for all players

Skill Upgrade – All players gain a Skill Point

Grace Period – Add 30 seconds to the grace timer

Self Revive – Pick yourself back up (one time use only)


Bonus Score

Bonus Cash

Trophy System


Hypno Knife


Specialist – Unlimited ammo and Feral Vision for 15 seconds, plus extra bullet damage

Tank – Taunt nearby Cryptids, plus 15 seconds of invulnerability

Engineer – Lay a stasis field that Cryptids cannot enter for 15 seconds

Medic – Emit an aura of healing and instant revive for 15 seconds


Venom-X – Default Venom-X (Nightfall and Mayday only)

Venom-X Fire – Fire variant of the Venom-X (Mayday only)

Venom-X Lightning – Lightning variant of the Venom-X (Mayday only)


Tesla Trap – Shock incoming Cryptids (Mayday only)

Hypno Trap – Turn multiple Cryptids to your side (Mayday only)


Stun Ammo – Stun ammo for the whole team. Persists for all guns once obtained.

Incendiary Ammo – Incendiary ammo for the whole team. Persists for all guns once obtained.

Explosive Ammo – Explosive ammo for the whole team. Persists for all guns once obtained.

Armor Piercing Ammo – Armor Piercing ammo for the whole team. Persists for all guns once obtained.


Prepare for Chaos


The Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Chaos mode will be available for all systems* on April 22nd, 2014. Pick up the Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass for access to Chaos Mode on all Extinction maps over four downloadable content packs with one discounted price.


The aliens are ready, are you?


*Extinction Chaos Mode not available on the Wii U™ console.