Following our extensive coverage of Devastation’s new Extinction level, Episode 2: Mayday, including the new Alien Armory and Chaos Mode, it’s time to look at the new multiplayer maps. We’ll start with Unearthed. A dormant Cryptid hive dominates the playing field, with signs of alien activity abound.


Re-imagined and Redefined


Inspired by Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 3’s popular Dome multiplayer map, Unearthed challenges teams with a tight layout consisting of three major landmarks: the Hive in the south, the Bunker to the west, and the Research Facility in the north. Vehicles and medical equipment litter the open space between, cutting sight lines and forcing players to constantly check their angles.


While sharing geometric similarities with Dome, Unearthed introduces a completely new aesthetic along with some unique twists to the formula:


Field Order: Seekers


We’re not alone out here. After completing a Field Order in Unearthed, there’s a chance you’ll be rewarded with a care package drop housing 3 bloodthirsty Seekers. The Seekers follow you through the map, giving chase to enemy players and detonating at their heels. Let’s just say it’s not a pretty sight for the other side.


You’ll know you’ve acquired the Seekers upon receiving the KEM icon from a Field Order care package. With the marker in hand, check your surroundings and fall back to your teammates. Call in the goods once you’ve got some room to breathe, otherwise you risk placing your Cryptid allies right into enemy hands.


There’s Something Up There


Between the Hive and Research Facility, a lone crane holds something up and out of reach. See if you can find a way to lower the box down — recent reports mention some kind of secret weapon held up in there. If you notice the lowered crane during a match, try activating its arm using the box’s control panel. Hang on for the ride and rain destruction from above.


Prep Your Loadouts


A good Unearthed match can lead to a huge boost of XP, but you have to be prepared. While learning the map’s sight lines and shortcuts is vital, it’s equally important to possess a strong array of loadouts for different situations.


If your team is leading, pick an aggressive loadout. Use the Muzzle Brake or Rapid Fire attachment, and combine the Hardline and Quickdraw perks. Craft a loadout with Lethal and Tactical Grenades to flush out enemies hiding indoors, an especially important tactic during objective-based modes.


If you start to fall behind, or wish to play more conservatively, go stealthy with the Silencer attachment, use Ballistic Vests in the Support Strike Package, and stay hidden with the Off the Grid perk. Take it slow, target enemy players too busy running and gunning to watch their corners, and get back in the fight.


Whether you’re playing aggressively or defensively, Devastation’s Ripper SMG/assault rifle hybrid is a great choice for Unearthed, offering close quarters power while fighting in the Hive, Bunker, and Research Facility, as well as providing range when pushing toward or defending from any of these locations.


Blast Through Operations


For the completionists out there, Unearthed is a perfect map for the Generate New Loadout feature. Set your Operations preference (tracked or near completion) and wreck havoc. Remember to reset your loadout every few matches to ensure that you’re always working toward new goals.




Unearthed is available in Devastation, the second downloadable content pack for Call of Duty®: Ghosts. Along with Unearthed comes multiplayer maps Ruins, Behemoth, and Collision, as well as Episode 2: Mayday, the next chapter in the Extinction saga. Also included is the Ripper, a new hybrid SMG/assault rifle that adapts to many situations.


Devastation is now available for purchase on Xbox LIVE, followed by the PC and PlayStation Network on May 8th, 2014.