We've got an exciting weekend of events leading up to Tuesday's release of the Invasion DLC Pack. First, we've gone live with a public playlist for Reinforce, a new game mode previously released in private match play. Then to maximize your Multiplayer earnings, we've opened up Double XP Weekend so that everyone can bring in twice the XP!


If you haven't tried it yet, Reinforce is a round-based game mode that takes elements from Domination and Search and Rescue. There are three objective markers for teams to capture and respawns are disabled. If a team captures a point, they are "reinforced" and all dead teammates are allowed back into the round.


There are several ways to win a round:

- Wipe out the entire enemy team.

- Control two objective points when the time limit runs out.

- Capture all three flags for an instant victory.

- The first team to win four rounds wins the match.


We're looking forward to the early strategies to come out of Reinforce and hope everyone enjoys Double XP Weekend. We'll see you online!


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