• Need a Clan?  (PS3)

    You still looking for clan but can't find one to join or no one will let you Well you can join mine I have 90+ members so far and we are level 21 (Gold) we are named....   THEWALKINGDEADZ       &nb...
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  • I need a clan

    People i need a active clan in ps3   PSN: DiAzGamer91
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  • Orion Gaming [XB1&360]

    Orion Gaming is back and even better than before! What we have to offer: -Community events for all popular games. -Contests and raffles. -A solid group of members who are always down to play. -We feature the Orion s...
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  • Xbox 360 TOLO clan!

    Looking for recruits for TOLO clan! im a low level cuz only had game for a little while! Any level to join. If u wanna join message Lordpower2012
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  • Xbox 360/one Clan Recruiting Age 15+

    Rise To Honor (R2H) is recruiting Snipers, Trickshotters, Competitive, Graphic/Web designers, and Editors! We are a Multi Cod Team (Cod 4-AW) We will have a xbox one team. But no one has ghosts on xbox one in my clan ...
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    XGC is A friendly Gaming Community with over 50,000 Members WORLD WIDE on Many different Game platforms (xbox, PC, ECT.) .. We are Currently Looking for ACTIVE, Loyal, and Competitive Gamers for XBOX ONE.. Their is NO...
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  • Looking for a active clan for CoD Ghosts? [PS3]

    Hello there, im looking to join a active clan on the PS3's version of Call Of Duty Ghosts, i just got the game last Tuesday, and i've been trying to join a clan. Creating one is useless now since the Call Of Duty app ...
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  • XGC RECRUITING !!! 18+ Only

    Hey everyone! are you looking for a Mature and Active Clan to join for XBOX ONE Ghosts? Do you want to LEARN and get better at your Game? Are you TIRED of playing with Random gamers that don't communicate??  Than...
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  • New clan looking for you! PS3

    Hey,   We've started a new clan and are looking for active players! No requirements, apart from that you are an active player.   Here comes the best part... Our name is:   AWESOME HIPPOS!   (b...
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  • I am looking to join a PS3 Clan

    16 years old, i do not have a mic but i am on ghosts daily so i would be an active and loyal member.
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  • im looking for very active clan

    Im looking to join a very active clan. Hoping to join one with active good players.
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  • Clan Recruiting {DivinePose} [PS4]

    Please Join !! the clan name is DivinePose!   I am Recruiting to make a ACTIVE/NICE clan, please join!   Anyone can join, no levels limited to join!   Thanks for reading this for a moment..   ...
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  • eTs' clan

    Recluto para el clan: eTs' PS3 COD GHOST. Id: Wodle07, agreguenme los que les gustaria unirse, saludosss
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  • PS3 Clan GoDz

    Godz of Despair is recruiting now! We're a level 10 clan, about 3/4 to 11. Members keep leaving for weird reasons, and clan hopping. I'm getting tired of the disloyalty. We have 20 members right now and we need more. ...
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  • Looking for active clan [PS3]

    Hi I'm looking to join an active clan on Ghosts on PS3. Ideally I would like a skilled clan but I really just want regular play. I want a group of people i can join lobbies with and rip it up. I don't have a mic, but ...
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  • Looking For A Competitive PS4 Ghost team

    Ive been playing since black ops 2 and have come to ghosts recently If there is a team that needs an extra member thanks
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  • XB1 - Looking for Active Diamond Team

    Competitive player here. KDR ranges from 1.8-2+ depending on my mood and play style at the moment and or camos I'm acquiring.   I'm 26 USA Mic   I do good YouTube videos.   Drop a post here or add ...
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  • ¿Algún clan disponible?

    Hola amigos estoy buscando un clan de gente hispana (hable español) soy de Argentina no importa el clan solamente que haya miembros activos mi id Defalt dos mil dos no me anda el numero cero por eso lo pongo haci...
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  • Need a clan

    HI I am an Xbox 360 player and I am looking for a quick scoping/ sniper clan. I have been in clans before like just, pure and stamp but now I am looking for something new if you would be kind enough to hit me up or tr...
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  • Looking to join clan - xbox 360

    Looking to join a clan to finish out rewards on Ghosts before moving onto COD-AW.   My gamertag is Carnagval.     thx
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