• FiSH Slap Gaming is Recruiting (Black Ops III)

    EU based adult FiSH Slap Gaming Community with annex 21+ FiSH Clan is recruiting for . We are looking for Ladies and Gentlemen. We don't care about your k/d ratio, we are playing for the fun of it. All we ask is activ...
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  • [TRA!][ASIA][PS3] TheRedArmy clan recruiting [NEW]

    Greetings all I am proud to announce that we would be restarting TheRedArmy- squad, which was abruptly ended. We aim to create a Legion of quality players, as well as players who yearn to communicate and play with o...
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  • Looking For A Clan To Join !!!!!!!! Anyone ?????? Xbox 360

    Contact me on Xbox live my GT:GameName420
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  • PS3 US Clan DeadlyGamingSyndicate [DGS]/[xEGx]

    Eradicated gaming was founded back in 2012 along with DGS, Deadly gaming syndicated for the xbox 360. both clans had a successful run during the launch of halo 4 and COD Black ops 2. DGS At the time was a large commun...
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  • Looking to mass recruit

    Hello . The newly formed NRG Gaming Network are looking to mass recruit on all Call of Duty games on all consoles. Message me on Skype: Lewis Gemzii or on Xbox: AdvancedNinjaZX. We are looking to make a fun team for C...
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  • I need clan , necesito clan chile

    necesito clan de chile
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  • looking to start multi CoD game clan (PS3)!

    If there is anyone looking to join a clan on PS3 my psn is HatredRemains. I play MW2, MW3, Black Ops and Black Ops 2 as well as Ghosts. Clan is just being started and looking for anyone who would be interested in bein...
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  • Old Idiots CLAN (OI) recruiting/regrutacija CROATIA

    Sva pitanja vezana u regrutaciju mozete pitati putem STEAMA dodavsi admina horda_furia     All questions related to recruitment can be paid through STEAM adding horda_furia     ODGOVARAMO SAMO P...
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  • Looking for a ps4 clan

    I'm looking for a relatively good/decent clan with cool people to get along with. I'm competitive but I also just like to play and enjoy the game. I'm pretty easy to get along with. I have a mic in great condition. I ...
    created by bphilly13
  • Order of Aggression is now formed!

    The CoD clan Order of Aggression is now formed and up and going currently a handful of members but still recruiting, if anyone has an interest in joining the clan contact HatredRemains on PSN for info.
    created by HatredRemains
  • Looking for a CoD: Ghosts Clan [PS3]

    Hello, I am looking to join a CoD: Ghosts PS3 Clan!   My PSN is "Star13Killer"... I have a mic, and I play daily. I am mature, and enjoy playing TDM, Infected, and Gun Game at times.
    created by Star15Killer
  • Level 16 PS4 and PS3 Clan Looking For New Members

    3C1R 3C1R is recruiting members for the PS3 and the PS4. We are level 16 and we have a 1.26 clan K/D. We are looking for competitive/fun players to join.  Your K/D doesn't matter. You just need to be willing ...
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  • Anyone want to start a clan or has one to join? :) xb360

    Basically I wanted to join a clan but I've had little luck as I wanted it to be multi-cod instead of just AW or just Ghosts or just Black Ops 2. I own all call of duties except Bo3 cause it really sucks on the 360 hah...
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  • new xbox one clan

    looking for members to join my new clan that is willing to do clan wars and are vary active i dont care about k/d as long as you play clan wars and help out the clan thats all im asking msg me on xbox my gt is kentonk...
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    Salve a Tutti! Siamo il CLAN ITALIA , cerchiamo nuovi membri per il nostro clan Preferiamo players con un po di esperienza, ma se non è cosi, non preoccupatevi, la farete insieme a noi, siamo un gruppo di vecc...
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  • Xbox only clan recruiting Feeders, Trickshotters, and Editors!

    Rise To Honor (R2H) is recruiting Snipers/Feeders, Trickshotters, Knife Feeders, Graphic/Web designers, and Editors! We are a Multi Cod Team (Cod 4-Bo3) We will have a xbox one team. But no one has ghosts on xbox one ...
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  • Starting a Clan

    Looking to start a clan with some people, Mainly Competitive , on Ghosts and as well on Black Ops 2 , Will move to Advanced Warfare and BO3 in the future if we become big enough. In need a highly Skilled Player for a ...
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  • I am looking for a clan on ps3

    I play COD Ghosts, MW3 and Advance Warfare, I play very regularly on Ghosts and have a decent score and KD. I am looking to join or start a clan on COD Ghosts, If anyone is interested in either helping me create a new...
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  • Guys I need a clan in ps3 or ps4 hit me up ASAP!

    We need a clan whos competative and nice add my IGN: HousePolicy TY!@@
    created by HousePolicy
  • Improve my English

    Morning everyone,   I'm here to find a clan, who uses skype, because i dont have a mic one my ps3. My internet is fine, my kill ratio is 1.75, and i have a lote of time to play, anyway, if someone is interested ...
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