• recrutement clan fr xbox360

    bonjours je vien tout juste de cree un clan a call of duty ghost et jaimerais bien avoir des membre qui ont le gout de jouer en equipe en team deathmatch je vie au quebec donc jaimerais avoir des personne qui parle fr...
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  • Looking for a PS3 Ghosts clan.

    Hullo. I'm looking for an active clan for CoD Ghosts on PS3 (Obviously) My K/D sits around 1.45-1.55 (Depends on the day I'm having) I favor the MTAR and I like to rush, but I'm also a fairly good sniper. (Just go...
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  • LaLa Gang Recruiting [PS3] - (Level 13, Platinum Division)

    LaLa Gang is looking to add new members who are active. We are level 13, in the Platinum Division and only 8 members deep. Everyone in the clan is easy going and friendly with both girls and guys (no bullies). If you ...
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  • [360] searching pub clan

    HI im searchin a cod clan ,i have no mic but i play good games and kd: ghosts: 1.04 aw: 1.13 bo2: 1.45 mw3: 1.25 mw2:1.01 gt: sekainiitami12 ps no clan wars
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  • New and Improved COD Ghosts Clan for PS3

    Hello, and welcome. I am blak_toast and this clan is Well-groomed Strategy ( tag [W-gS] ). We are a new PS3 clan. We have three rules -   Kick ass Be classy (respect teammates and opponents) And have fun &nb...
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  • Join clan TiN NOW!

    We are a new clan that is just getting up and started. We need new recruits ASAP. We are currently in 1st for the current clan war and plan on winning many more and moving up to the diamond division! ask for acceptanc...
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  • Is there A PS3 Extinction Clan Out There?

    Like everyone out there im tired of people who never ready up, People who don't upgrade what they need to. You don't even need a mic just support the team in some freaking type of way.   I want to know is there ...
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  • Needing a clan to join

    looking to join a competitive clan that is active and is on often. I am good with AR but prefer to use snipers any clan got an opening? i have a mic and my internet is decent...
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  • Looking for Active Clan

    I Know the game has died off a little but I still enjoy playing and care about my stats. I am pretty much a domination only player and am looking for some good players than play the objective or can hold the spawn poi...
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  • Attention PS3/PS4 members! Clan Recruiting!

    My clan need we need 3 members for PS3 and 4 members for PS4. We're a newer clan trying to have fun while moving up through the ranks and get into diamond division.We want active players that can have fun and get some...
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  • New PS3 Clan: Q-ScOpeZ

    Read Whole Post!   Hey Guys Lookin For Some Peeps To Join Mah COD Ghosts/BO2 Clan Post Below Or Add Me To Join @ VWKID2003   Rules Of The Clan Are The Following:   No Trolling Other Clan Members &nb...
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  • looking for ps3 clan

    hello im looking for a fun/clan war ps3 it has to be bigger then 10 peeps or 10 realy active peeps (so i can play with a clan member when im on) i have a kd of around 1 (cuz i go knife only 50% of the time i play ) so...
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  • Looking for clan/comp team

    GT: xLusiD, currently have a K/D of 1.21 but I'm only lvl 35 so it's constantly growing. I'm an aggressive rusher, but if I feel the need to conserve I will. Some complications right now, and I won't have gold in a we...
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    Hi im looking for ps3 clan im 21y/o i got headphones+ mic i play 6days and 13 hours my K/D ratio is 1.361 my nickname is wielik1 cheers
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  • [360][USA] Ghosts Clan TSZG open recruitment

    Cod Ghosts clan TSZG is openly recruiting new members.
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  • Join The Fight Today! - Clan Esperon!

    Looking to start up a clan just for fun!   It's not a job we're not looking to be hard on you if you do badly in a few games or so, we all have our rough days etc.   We would like you to be at least 15 and...
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  • Looking to join a PS3 Cod Ghosts and or AW Clan.

    Hey whats up! I am Nick, i am 18 years old with a big dream of being a kick ass gamer! In cod Ghosts i currently have a 1.460 K/D and in Aw I have a 1.02 K/D. I am a pretty active player, I work from 7 till 3:30 monda...
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  • Need members for clan [Xbox360][Ghosts][FH&G]

    Message me GT: Letholdus9625 for try outs for clan. Need members. Must have mic and skills.
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  • Looking for players to join my clan!

    Yo guys/gals I recently made a clan and I am looking for people to join!   Anyone can join I don't mind if you have negative stats just looking for cool people to form a small community and all enjoy playing gho...
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  • [Xbox 360]COD GHOSTS clan,need members too.

    Anyone interested in a clan for cod ghosts?We'll here I am.Join me on my clan for cod ghosts.Play a ton on xbox 380,so if you wanna,you can join me too.   Clan:PAC.NOS Here is my GamerTag,so msg me if you wana...
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