• looking for a clan

    hi prestige 2, K/D 0.68. In Australia.
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  • Need a Clan?  (PS3)

    You still looking for clan but can't find one to join or no one will let you Well you can join mine I have 90+ members so far and we are level 21 (Gold) we are named....   THEWALKINGDEADZ       &nb...
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  • [360] Husband and wife looking for a team to play with

    My wife and I have been playing games together for the past ten years.  We were strictly socom players from 2002-2010 then Zipper ruined the series.  We have played games here and there and our clan is takin...
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  • LaLa Gang Recruiting [PS3] - (Level 13, Platinum Division)

    LaLa Gang is looking to add new members who are active. We are level 13, in the Platinum Division and only 8 members deep. Everyone in the clan is easy going and friendly with both girls and guys (no bullies). If you ...
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  • necesito clan

    Hola chic@s busco un clan activo a ser posible español para que podamos entender y que sea activo,mi nik del juego es bette933,gracias
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  • Looking for PS3 clan

    Hey,   So I'm looking for a new clan to team up with. I've recently been having issues with my last clan (such lack of communication with members) so I've left. I'm looking for a clan that respects members and ...
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  • DBRx is now recruiting good players! [XBOX360] LEVEL 25

    DBRx is now recruiting good SnD and SnR players!     Are you sick of losing games when you carry your team? Or sick of no team work? Then join don't be raging! For xbox360.     We have RED clan t...
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    im 24, male, British, daily gamer, have mic. PS3   im looking for a clan where i can chill out and play cod and have a laugh. but also have some times of serious gaming. i also game every day it would be ide...
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  • [QCPR] Québec Prestige Recrute!

      QUÉBEC PRESTIGE RECRUTE         Chers québécois et québécoises,   Si vous êtes à la recherche d'un clan québécois, Québec Pr...
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  • looking for members to join clan xbox 360

    looking for members to join clan @
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  • Looking for Ghost Clan-PS4

    I'm looking for a new clan. My old clan dismembered. I have K/D 1.45. Mostly play TD.
  • [PS3] Looking for a clan [Active][1.10K/D][4th Prestige]

    Hey guys I have a PS3 and am looking for a call of duty ghosts clan to join. I am active, play at least 4 hours a day. I have a mic, and here are my stats:   Prestige: 4   Kills: 10,761 Deaths: 9,867 Hig...
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    El clan es de origen Colombiano, como el 99% de sus integrantes, mas ser colombiano no es un requisito absoluto. Es un grupo integro y disciplinado, lleno de diversión y trabajo en equipo. Se busca reclutar jug...
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  • Looking for a clan

    I have a 2 K.D and I can't carry the team anymore so looking for some players that can help me out and get serious PSN Name ~ Smithallday10 add me
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  • Looking For a Clan

    Hey all, experienced CoD: Ghosts player here, looking for a good clan.  Any decent clans recruiting?  Working with a 1.365 k/d right now, started this account with the bad habit of getting up between games a...
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  • Looking for a fun clan to join (pS3)

    hey all , only been playing for a while but would like to join a clan, getting tiered of playing on my own....Im fairly active and online nearly every night, dont have a mic yet but will in a few days... PSN : Aussi_R...
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  • Looking For a Clan-Ps4

    Looking for a good group of people to play ghost ps4.  I'm mostly play TD w/ a K/D 1.45. I'm up for whatever. My old clan Is no longer together. I have one prestige left to do. I play pretty regular, just looking...

    18+ ONLY , XBOX ONE GAMERS:::   ARE you tired of Playing Ghosts and NOT having a Team? Are you tired of Having Teammates with NO MIC, and DONT communicate and DONT help YOU?? XGC is the place for YOU!  ...
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  • Any clans?

    Hello cod ghosts clans of the worlds. My name is M-Hamza03 and i am looking for a good active clan that can help me. i am... loyal supporting do not mind any game modes can recruit others very active within 1 ...
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  • Call of Duty Ghost Clan- PS4

    Hello,   I am currently looking for an active clan for COD Ghosts. I'm looking for a clan so I am able to develop and enhance my gameplay. Teamplay helps you hit the enemies harder and more strategically, me...
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