• looking for clan on xbox360

    (lvl 25)  add    - :  BezDreSs    :-
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  • Homicidal Gaming recruiting for Xbox 1 AW/BO3!

    Hey everyone, we are a top 5 diamond division leaderboard clan for heavyweight division. We take clan wars very seriously. Also we are an adult based clan.. We ask for you to be 17 years of age, have a mic, and be act...
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  • Do YOU need a XBOX one Clan?

    Im currently Recruiting and looking for People to join my Clan For CoD: ghosts on the XBOX ONE.. Are you Tired of Playing with Random People with NO mics? And People who dont Help you Out ?? Thats a Thing of the Past!...
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  • Need a Clan?  (PS3)

    You still looking for clan but can't find one to join or no one will let you Well you can join mine I have 90+ members so far and we are level 21 (Gold) we are named....   THEWALKINGDEADZ       &nb...
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  • looking for ps3 clan

    Active player here just getting back into the cod world after a long break was formely part of the war clan from mw3 and black ops 2. Very active and love to have fun. Gamer tag is killervyn
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  • PS3 Social eXemption Clan RECRUITING.

    Members: 56 Level: 15 Clan KD: 1.35   Looking for active,dedicated,fun and competitive players to join my clan. Players who like to have a laugh during games whether that is Public, LeaguePlay or GB's Players ...
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  • United Players League is recruiting 14+ mature

    United Players League is a new community that has had a multi console launch [PC, XB1, X360 (PS3/4 soon)] on current and next gen console's. My friend (Krynosius) and I started up UPL after leaving a few other communi...
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  • Recruiting in our clan!

    I recently ma de a clan called The Immortal 6 on Xbox if anybody is interested un joining please put your gamertag as well as tout prefered class. If you want to communicate with me to talk further on here is my emai...
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    we need more members for our clan we are lv 6, are name is purified poptarts. we need active members! good player! kd don't matter, so if your up to join add x999_WHITEPEOPLE and he will get to you as soon as possible...
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  • looking to join a clan

    Good at sniping. I play a lot of hardcore domination or hardcore team death match. I mostly play at night cuz i work during the day. PS4 console. Gamer tag is Kawininja250 or Biscuit250r
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  • Looking to join

    On xbox360 cod GHOST ..gamer tag is KINGTUT704   Very active looking to Join clan
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  • New clan all levels welcome

    REDDEADBOYZ new clan, all levels welcome also looking for someone to help manage as im new to this cheers, also tips would be great
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  • ViTaL Sniping Clan Recruitment!!

    ViTaL is a brand new sniping clan. We have no members as of right now. We are looking for dedicated snipers that will do anything for the clan. If you would like to join send me a message on psn to ViTaL_TopDawg. If ...
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    I've been starting up a new clan called "Xhrone". A lot of people wonder "***** is that"? About 10 years ago I  decided to get a new website and domain name. But I had no idea what it should been called... So I n...
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  • Xbox only clan recruiting Feeders, Trickshotters, and Editors!

    Rise To Honor (R2H) is recruiting Snipers/Feeders, Trickshotters, Graphic/Web designers, and Editors! We are a Multi Cod Team (Cod 4-AW) We will have a xbox one team. But no one has ghosts on xbox one in my clan but s...
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  • LaLa Gang Recruiting [PS3] - (Level 13, Platinum Division)

    LaLa Gang is looking to add new members who are active. We are level 13, in the Platinum Division and only 8 members deep. Everyone in the clan is easy going and friendly with both girls and guys (no bullies). If you ...
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    I would like to recruit members to my brand new clan. The name is Ghost_warriors_7. Please be loyal and active. lets try to be the best we can be. I would live lv 20 or more but any level is fine. I will try to get th...
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    Reckless Gaming is a fast growing, and highly experienced gaming clan for mainly the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. We also recruit for Next Generation Consoles and PC too. (So you can have any console to join ...
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  • Looking to join clan

    Im looking for a clan to play with. I play mostly everyday with headset and mic. K/D is 1.4 right now. Gamer tag is FAST3R_N_HELL if you are interested message me. Thank You
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  • Girl looking for good ps4 clan!

    im looking for a ps4 clan a good one!   l have a positive kd&wl   just made a new account max prestiege on my old one with a 1.6 kd and 1.6 wl     preferably a clan that does clan v clan g...
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