• PS4 Clan (RED TAGS) No K/D requirements

    We are currently looking for new members to join our clan. We currently have 28 members and growing.  We dont have a lot of rules and are here to just have fun.  When it comes to clan wars we are pretty comp...
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    18+ ONLY , XBOX ONE GAMERS:::   ARE you tired of Playing Ghosts and NOT having a Team? Are you tired of Having Teammates with NO MIC, and DONT communicate and DONT help YOU?? XGC is the place for YOU!  ...
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  • Looking for a Clan (PS4)

    I am looking for an active clan on PS4. If you want me to be in your clan then please message me on PSN. PSN Name: Vraj462   My KD is not that high but I am working my way on improving it. I used to have a 0.34 ...
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    It will be a new ps3 ghost clan.   AGE LIMIT: 13-35  (may accept younger kids if mature)   We will vote on names out of 5. Name            ...
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  • Fairy Tail Guild is recruiting!!!!!

    skills are all that matters
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  • Axis Gaming Now Recruiting!!

    Clan Name: Axis Gaming Clan Nickname: Axis Clan Tag: AXIS Clan Website: axisgaming.co Clan Level: 12 Division: Gold     Requirements: 1.0+ K/D 15+ years old Play on PS4 Be active Must have a mic...
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  • i need a clan

    Any clan can i join? Add me psn: zhengyiant Give me a messagr and let me know
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  • Looking for PS4 clan...

    Hey everyone.  Our gaming community at Pacific Gaming is looking to pick up a PS4 team for AW.  We currently have 20+ PS4 members that play Destiny but none are switching over to AW at launch.  So we ar...
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  • Join my New Clan

    I have just decided to make a new clan for Call Of Duty Ghosts on Xbox 360 only. So far i only have one person and i would like to get some more. If interested let me know by messaging my gamertag at xrag3r7. I hope t...
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    LOOKING FOR MEMBERS FOR PSN CLAN CRITERIA:\ I don't care about K/D. I kinda noob as well so i don't care. W/L Ratio don't care as well CLAN Name:TRASHSMASHERZ PSN Name:wwefavgame32 ...
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  • Xbox 360/one Clan Recruiting Age 15+

    Rise To Honor (R2H) is recruiting Snipers, Trickshotters, Competitive, Graphic/Web designers, and Editors! We are a Multi Cod Team (Cod 4-AW) We will have a xbox one team. But no one has ghosts on xbox one in my clan ...
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    THE CLAN NAME IS Kobe's K1NG    REQUIRED K/D IS 1.0 + (UNLESS YOU HAVE VALID REASON FOR IT BEING BELOW) MY PSN IS KingKobe099 to be recruited add me or message me. There is  no required age, I ...
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  • [PS3][US]E2Tc Clan Recruitment

    I am currently the only player, as the clan fell apart after the leader was inactive. After everyone left, he gave me the clan. The clan's name is Evil 2 The Core. Requirements:   K/D Ratio of at least 0.800 Mi...
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  • [Xbox 360]Advanced Warfare clan, need members:)

    Looking for members for my new clan in advanced warfare.Playing on xbox 360,active.Anyone interested in joining can search for my clan on the app:EXOMANS or can msg me on xbox live   GT:UpscaleBobcat08   N...
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  • Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

    First off, yes I am a female & I am also gay in case there are any problems with that. Even though I'd hope not smh! Lol   I recently just stepped down fron owning my own clan, no one was active at all &...
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  • Clan Recruiting PS3: Unseen KniferZ

    Hey guys, this clan is just a new clan which is usually active, but the key to join is, MUST KNIFE ONLY. No guns!     Facts That You'd Probably Want To Know About Us And The Clan! We're fun and brai...
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  • new clan xb360 only

    xbox360 clan recruiting new members GT: lilbeasty400 looking for good players to join most be active
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  • new clan started

    Looking for members to start a clan. Ps4 ghosts. You can respond here or search the clan on ps. Colonel Kurtz is the name. Looking for older players at least 18 or above. Unless youre mature enough and mommy doesnt co...
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    WE NOT JUST LOOKING FOR GOOD CLAN MEMBERS WE WANT THE BEST! OUR NEW WEBSITE: http://overexposedgamer.weebly.com/about.html OUR WEBSITE https://sites.google.com/site/overexposedgameroexg/ WE ARE ON PS3, PS4, ...
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  • Clan Recruitment!

         I am a 22 year old married man, and have been playing call of duty since it first came out when most of you were still in diapers lol. I am A LOT of free time since I don't work. I participate...
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