• Join my COD Ghost clan (Xbox 360)

    i just created my clan and im recruiting members. my clan name is Ghost Ripperz and to contact me on xbox 360 my  GT is Starbreaker01. we except anyones KD and were just looking to have fun against other clans i...
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  • (PS3)NrK Clan Recruitment

    Anarchy (NrK) are recruiting new members..Im actually the only one in the clan but Im hoping for people to join and increase the roster as we play. The only requirement is you must have a KD of 1.0 and you can play an...
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  • sLaY clan is now recruiting...     PS4

    sLaY is a quickscope and trickshotting clan. We willl be mainly playing ghost until BO3 comes out. Our youtube channel is Called sLaY Gaming. We will soon be posting illcams and montages once we have enough leaders. S...
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  • PS4 New clan for cod ghosts/ BO3/ AW for basic sniping. RYz3

    To join this clan, you have to be posting on youtube / twitching or other. You can ask to join on my channel www.youtube.com/c/stealthkilz We mostly play ghosts but when cod bo3 comes out that will be our main game. J...
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  • Free Agent looking for a PS4 Clan to play both Ghosts and AW

    Hey all. So I have been actively seeking to join a clan who plays Ghosts and AW for PS4.  I was wondering if anyone else knows of a good place to search for a clan who are both active in Ghosts and AW. I see a lo...
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  • Purge Nation is Recruiting

    Hey guys! Purge Nation is recruiting new members to join it's growing community, We accept players from the ages of 13 and over. If you know someone who would also like to join don't hesitate to let us know. We are f...
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  • XBOX ONE COD GHOSTS/BLACK OPS 3 pitE clan recruiting

    xbox one, Cod Ghosts and Black Ops 3 only, new clan, tdm only, we will work as a team to never lose. Must be at least 13 years old and have a mic. The main meeting times for our clan are Friday and Saturday nights at ...
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  • Looking for a clan

    Im looking for a clan to play on xbox one , i first play cod ghosts on ps3 , got to prestige 8 , then i bought a xbox one and start playing cod ghosts again , i am a good ghosts player , im serious , i have mic , ...
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  • Are there still any active X360 Ghost Clans ?

    I'm on almost every day & been over seas, so I wasn't about to use the app before they shut if down. So if there is anyone that can help, how do I join a clan now ? My GT is DemonJesterz, also I'm not that high of...
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  • Need a clan!!

    I'm looking for a good clan that uses mic and skilled players im rank 47 on prestige 1(almost 2 obviously) with KDR of 7.22
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  • [PS3][AUS/NZ]Alluring Gaming looking for players

    Alluring Gaming [UHOH] is a newly made clan and is looking for players. We understand that everything regarding clans is no longer valid besides inviting people into the clan (eg clan tags and clan xp and any backgrou...
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  • In search of a clan with moderate skills and patience [PS4]

      I'm a very active player and am also looking to become a good MLG player. I'm not asking straight out join my team that I made, because a leader/superior needs to better than my current abilities. That being sa...
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  • do YOU need a CLAN ??!?

    Im currently Recruiting and looking for People to join my Clan For CoD: ghosts on the XBOX ONE.. Are you Tired of Playing with Random People with NO mics? And People who dont Help you Out ?? Thats a Thing of the Past!...
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    Im currently Recruiting and looking for People to join my Clan For CoD: ghosts on the XBOX ONE.. Are you Tired of Playing with Random People with NO mics? And People who dont Help you Out ?? Thats a Thing of the Past!...
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  • i am searching for a clan to join on ps3

    im not very good at ghost yet i only started playing like 2 weeks ago but i am decent with a sub machine gun im interested in joining a clan i dont really know what app to download to use the clan features can someone...
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  • Looking for team / clan [360]

    I play casual, I will play comp tho 10th prestige, level 60 2.298 kd have a mic 15yrs   msg me: Oni Virus   I'm not going to check this again so just message me please, don't add unless I join
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  • Need a clan [Ps4]

    I need a clan!!! Im a pretty good ghosts player. I played on Xbox 360 but I got ps4 and got ghosts. And I'm back. Though I am level 11 no prestige, I'm still pretty good. I need a clan, I a have a mic. I'm also strat...
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  • LaLa Gang Recruiting [PS3] - (Level 13, Platinum Division)

    LaLa Gang is looking to add new members who are active. We are level 13, in the Platinum Division and only 8 members deep. Everyone in the clan is easy going and friendly with both girls and guys (no bullies). If you ...
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  • RECLUTO, Gente para clan recien creado PS3

    Necesito gente que este activa, que juegue bien no tiene que jugar mucho, pero que sepa lo que hace, que hable español o ingles. Enviar solicitud al usuario con mensaje de que se quiere unir al clan, Usuario de ...
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  • Xbox360/One Clan Recruiting

    Our clan (MaskedMc) is currently recruiting casual and competitive gamers.  It's a completely open clan, everyone is welcome regardless of the k/d ratio.  We play all types of game modes and are very active ...
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