• Can't Find the Call of Duty App?

    Hello everybody. I have just joined this forum because I am looking for the Call of Duty app in the App Store on my iPhone 5s. I did not find it, and I am asking for help   Thanks for any help you can give me.
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  • Clan Issues and Fixes

    Below is a common list of questions/issues that people are having with Clans for Ghosts and if known the information on how to fix it. I will add more issues/fixes as we find them. Feel free to link people to this thr...
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  • Can't create a clan on cod ghost

    I left my old clan on elite and wanted to start a new one, but on my barracks menu my create clan is locked. Also the clan details still has my old clan that I left I have know idea why it is doing this. Help please??
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  • Call of Duty® Ghosts Clan XP & Rewards FAQ

    Thought this might be helpful to have posted here! I run the Call of Duty® Ghosts Clan [1vs7]™ and I'm keeping a list updated for my clan members so I figured other clan leaders could benefit from it as well...
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  • diamond division clan wars

    How to I add my clan so we can take part in the diamond division clan wars? Also clan xp isn't going up how to solve please. Thanks
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  • Bronze - Platinum Division Clan War Rewards

    Any other clans in the Bronze - Platinum Division who haven't gotten their Clan War Rewards for the Dubai Clan War? Our clan finished in 1st Place Platinum still haven't even gotten so much as the clan war patch. I kn...
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  • Need Removed from Ghosts clan but app doesn't sync with Playstation stats (No Multiplayer data found) HELP!

    I would like to remove myself from a Ghosts clan however when I try to open the Call of Duty AW app, it is not able to sync with my PlayStation account. I do not own AW and cannot find the Ghosts app. Not sure what I ...
  • How to make a clan on ghost.

    I've looked every where trying to make a clan. Can some one please point me in the right direction. Thanks for your help    
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  • COD Nemisis Pack

    Hi I downloaded the Nemesis multiplayer pack and still haven't had the chance to play any of the new maps, any ideas how to get a chance to use them seems a waste of money, as there aren't many people on multiplayer w...
  • How do you change your clan name?

    Hey guys, how do you change your clan name? I can't figure it out. I'm the leader and I started it, but I don't know how to change it. Anyone know?
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  • Changing Clan name?

    If I change the name of my Clan,  will it reset any of the unlocks or win count? For instance,  if I change the clan name, will I lose the body count camo and have to win 4 more wars?  Will my clan rema...
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  • Clan wars?

    I haven't played ghosts in a while due to destiny. and with all of this talk about clan wars and all the cool stuff you can unlock by doing so i thought that i would check it out and participate. But i cannot find the...
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  • Cod Ghost app not working!!

    Hey everyone, I really need he'll I downloaded the app onto my iphone a couple weeks ago and when I open it I log in and am just shown a screen of the square image spinning around and loading , I've never once been ab...
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  • My clan...?

    How can I see my clan members?
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  • qui voudrais me rejoindre comme amis pour faire des partie en ligne à plusieurs ?

    Qui voudrais faire des parties en lignes à plusieurs ?
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  • Diamond to Silver

    My clan was in diamond division at last clan wars but in this clan wars is playing in silver diamond why ? Maybe the system was freezing and now it sent my clan in silver division... please sent my clan {YNMP} in the ...
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  • Clan War was decided in the first six hours...

    My clan is in platinum division with about 20 people. We won the first clan war by a landslide due to lack of participation on the other teams but this clan war we have no chance due to the fact the leading clan swept...
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  • Dlc to buy

    Hey guys anyone knows which dlc is still active in multiplayer? Dont want to buy one and turns to be dead..im on ps3. ty for ur help
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  • Cannot Change Clan Name: Ghosts App

    I am trying to change my clan name but it keeps giving me "invalid name."  I know there is no other clan with the name I am trying and there is nothing derogatory in the name.  I am not going over the number...
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    Only 1 year after anounsment of Ghost and Clans shut down ?!?!?! Clan points don´t count no more!?!? we are 6450 points away from 25 level...We want more points!! We have season passes and we love Ghost ))) give...
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