• Can't gain clan xp

    Hello   Me and my friend started a clan and after reaching level 3 we noticed it won't lever further. It seems to be stuck on 580 CXP needed. Why? Do I need to use the app to progress or something? I haven't use...
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  • Call of Duty App: Emblem creator

    I find the emblem creator part of the app lacking that personal touch we all had in Black Ops II, don't me wrong I love emblem creator but it just feels silly having to use my mobile phone to create my clan's app. &nb...
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  • Wicked Elite is no longer!

    PwnStarz has started their own clan.   What happened to The Wicked Elite & Applying for the PwnStarz Clan - YouTube     you can apply!
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  • My clan and clan wars FAQ

    I am noticing a lot of questions out there about both clans and clan wars.  First and foremost I am NOT an expert on all of this BUT I have learned quite a bit as to be able to answer some of the questions I see ...
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  • Advanced Warfare Theater mode

    I was really hoping Advanced warfare would have a theater mode whoever is on my side and would also like a theater mode comment "i" below it could be delivered as a huge update or they could make a theater mode DLC...
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  • Platinum Division

    Why is it that it seems like 90% of the clans I've seen are in Platinum division? I don't think I've seen an actual clan that is lower than gold. At least not a clan that actually plays...
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  • Clan Wars on Ghost

    Does anyone know if or when there will be another Clan War for Ghost or will there be no more Ghost Clan Wars?
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  • The [RIDE] Open Tournament 6v6.  Tuesday, Oct 28

    The [RIDE] Open Tournament Open to any XBOX One clans.  A true Clan War to match your clan in a clan vs clan.  Rounds various depending on how many clans compete.  Pub rules. Are you up for the Ride?...
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  • Help I need to remove all of my clan applications

    I have been scrolling through lists of clans on the phone app and I have a aplied for heaps and now it says that I have to many applications how do I remove all of the applications so I can start fresh
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  • FYI they added clans discussion and recruitment in aw forums

    As the title says they have added a clans discussion and recruitment subforum on the AW forums.
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  • Setup/Reserve your clan for AW + New App!

    Mixed Clans Landing Page   Go to the link above and setup your roster for AW. You can change your choice any number of times between now and Oct 23rd.    Also, a new app is confirmed from this site a...
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  • Next Clan Wars

    Hey guys! When will be the next Clan Wars?
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  • Will clan levels reset in Advance Warfare?

    This BS!  We bust our Azz to get red tags before the wars ended only to find out we don't get them till level 26!!!!!!   The wars for Ghost are over, will our clan level continue in advance warfare at l...
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  • Clan Invitations

    Does anyone know how to get rid of these annoying clan invites off my app ? they just stay there and never go away ! Sorry but i dont know how to insert a picture.
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  • Clan Tag Will Turn Red

    Clan Tag on the game will turn red even though it is showing red on the app. We are completely leveled up and it will not go red for the last two months that we should have had red clan tags. What is the resolution to...
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  • Invitacion a division de diamante

    !buenas tardes. mi pregunta es que cuando recibira mi clan la invitacion para la division de diamante ya que ayer concluyo la guerra de clanes de platino y la ganamos. con esa ya tenemos 2 guerras de clanes de platino...
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  • How do I make an official clan on Ghost with the yellow tag?

    I met a group of people who are really cool and we want to start a clan together but I don't know how to make it, how do I make it official to where I can go into the clan gametypes?
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  • no clan exp?

    Hey, Hope somebody can help me. At dakar clan war my clan placed second. (TFoD) Faced of Death. We gained the achievements but no clan exp? Can sonebody help ne out.
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  • Clan win on my calculations but app is saying 2nd place.

    Hi   We are a very active clan we started about 3 months back and work really hard to where we are at today.   In the last clan wars we decimated our competition and won the battle. we qualified for Diamon...
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  • Diamond Division 2nd Place Win, No CP

    Hello All,   Simple question, if you win 2nd or 3rd place with no CP's in diamond division do you qualify for the actual position and rewards?   We dominated platinum but with our first diamond division we...
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