• Activision...Genesis of A Gateway...Potentially?

    Poppin Smoke!  My name is Mike, and I've been an avid COD player since it's inception.  I was interested in collaborating with a team member of Activision to share a few novel ideas that may (or may not) be ...
  • Trying to play Xbox One DLC content

    Hello,   I am really frustrated at the moment as I have brought the Xbox one version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, I previously had this on the 360 with the season pass and was told it will be transferable. so I brou...
  • Go over from physical game to digital will I still need to buy dlcs?

    Hi folks,   This is about Playstation 4 game.   I was wondering if I'm gonna need to buy all the dlsc as well or only the main game if I wanna go from physical copy to a digital? If not, then my question ...
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  • Why is the Honey badger no longer in Mayday?

    I know this old, but when the extinction map, Mayday, came out, i loved the Honey badger, but then there was an update for the game and the Honey badger was no longer there. Why is not on the map anymore? Did the alie...
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  • sLaY recruiting season has started...

    sLaY is now recruiting. If you wish to join message IVIod3rN_KNiGHT on ps4 for tryout dates and times. We are a new professional clan looking for trickshotters and/or quickscopers. If you cannot do neither of those, d...
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  • comment je fait ?

    comment faire pour que le compte call of ghost soit aussi connecter sur la play des que je vais sur le jeux que je sois direct connecter avec la play svp merci parce que pour creer un clan il faut mon comte call of je...
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  • Call of Duty Ghosts - Devastation DLC

    I purchase Devastation DLC 3 weeks ago I did play 3 times map Ruins and one time map Collision, and that's it!!! YOU CANNOT PLAY ANY MAP FROM DLC DEVASTATION BECAUSE THERE ARE NO GAMES ON A STEAM. I did yous new gun...
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  • bo3

    Have 200 black ops 3 beta codes to give out all you have to do is give "The Real L3gend"on YouTube a subscribe first come first serve not restocking so get there quick! After you subscribe commet on latest post!
  • Hello. What happened?

    HEllo, my gamer tag is sheramy. I just purchased call of duty ghost and for some reason I can't play online. it tells me that I am banned. how can this be possible? I cant contact anyone from activision to figure this...
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  • Thought of something....

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    Tesla Coil Version of a flamethrower? @
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  • People Clipping through Walls

    Hello, am new to the game. Started playing and notice that sometimes when people are killed, their corpses literally go through walls. So, you'll see a foot sticking out though a thing wall. Kind of wondering if it do...
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  • Ghost league games

    I do not play ghost, but i would like to know if there are league games and if there is a problem with last season rank/ stats?
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  • hi, I bought cod 4 mw cd key

    Hi, I bought cod 4 mw cd key, now how do i reedem game where can i download the game
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  • Making A Advanced Warfare CLAN For Xbox One

        Im making a Clan on Advanced Warfare For xbox One, message me on xbox at Nova Scoppez To Join. Please join if u need a clan! It will be fun and lots of competition, but must between ages 12-16
    GB Scoppez
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  • My XP with Lagbuster

    I Haven't seen anything on this thing constructive all you see in the forum is complaining, so I thought id add a thread about something  that could be beneficial.   I got the lagbuster last night, and hook...
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  • So i get an error occurred while trying to live stream.. HELP PLEASE !!!

    I updated everything I had to.. TV, my Youtube account is enable for live stream, HDMI cable, and my internet upload speed is well over 1.5 mbs.. But it say that error while trying to live stream.. I visited the websi...
  • Looking for a Zombie/Multiplayer Call of duty Clan (Xbox 360)

    hey I'm looking for a zombie/multiplayer clan please reply if you have a zombie/multiplayer clan,   ClanTag: AspectFury , msg me on xbox if you want me to have trials!
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  • Im Starting A Clan Called R7 (Rare 7) plz don't roast

    if you would like to join msg xKnifedd
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  • Elite Player Looking For Elite Klan

    xbox 360 i have a mic and a 2.4 k/d ratio message me.GT BR1KKS
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  • Need a team to join my clan

    II'm looking for players wanting to start in on clan matches if you need a clan then I'm your guy because I need teammembers
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