• There needs to be a Name and Shame list.

    I have been in 20 games today and 12 of them, someone was throwing infinite Tactical gear out and I'm getting sick of it.  So I think we should all ban together and start a name and shame list, to point out all e...
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  • Ghosts from ps3 to ps4

    I got ghosts for ps4, and I played it on ps3 and purchased the season pass and all of the dlc on ps3. Why can't I just download it again on ps4? I can do it for advanced warfare?
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  • invite me to your clan ps3 name:expertawsome

    invite me  to your clan ps3:expertawsome
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  • COD MW2 remastered

    Firstly, the petition is now over 170,000 signatures, and that's huge! i didn't think the petition would reach half that. A week after the petition something very interesting happened. Mark Rubin left IW, while Todd A...
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  • Please Read - COD4 Remastered

       Hello all, especially leaders of infinity Ward. It is my opinion the quality of the COD games has rapidly decreased after MW3 . With that you lost a copious amount of followers and customers. That is beca...
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  • Cod Classics

    Why haven't COD classic games being released on PS4?   I sort of still play Cod4 / W@W / MW2 / MW3 They're so active on Public.. why haven't the game producers updated it for the Ps4 console ? The only bad thi...
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  • Ghost app

    Does anyone know what is wrong with the COD: ghost app and why it is not letting anyone get on?
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  • klaanin muodostaminen?!

    miten saan perustettua oman klaanin ja miten se rekisteröidään sekä muodostetaan/ miten pystyn kutsua ystäväni klaaniin?? Terveisin Ensikertalainen
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  • hey are you on Ps3 i Have a clan and I'm the clan leader of PriZma i currently have 15 members in my clan including me. We are a quickscoping clan if you are interested add me on ps3 PriZma_Agony.

    Are you on Ps3 i Have a clan and I'm the clan leader of PriZma i currently have 15 members in my clan including me. We are a quickscoping clan if you are interested add me on ps3 PriZma_Agony.
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  • No reason ban on cod ghosts

    Hi, yesterday after playing a litle cod ghosts , after a couple of game crashes i started the game, joined a deathmach and a lil after playing i got this error saying i was permanently banned. I dont know what happe...
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  • Clan option issue

    The Clan Details and Clan Invite are locked on my Ghosts account, it says there is nothing more to do with this clan. I have it made, my clan is AoHG. I just want to level the clan and it wont level.
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  • Desmon 66

    ciao a tutti mi sapete dire perché il livello del mio clan e' bloccato a  livello 24 e non possiamo più andare avanti per avere la tag rossa io gioco con foste su x box one qualcuno può rispondermi...
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  • I was banned for no reason

    Can anyone help me i was banned for no reason. I was playing half way when my ISP went down. When i got back i see the permanently banned. Is there anyway to connect activision for support. I feel is not fair as i pla...
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  • MW2

    To bring MW2 to next gen
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  • Why won't the iPad app work?:(

    The call of duty ghost app won't work:(
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  • Lokking for a clan

    Hey, im looking for a new clan, because the ones from my other clan is never online, and i'll like to play as a unit!
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  • Respawn delay in Hardcore

    I'm really disappointed that Hardcore Team Deathmatch has returned to making you wait to respawn. I loved Black Ops II where respawning was immediate. I never played hardcore in the other COD games because of the long...
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  • Controller parts

    Is it possible to turn the sticks 180°? Or even replace the battery? I see that the battery does have a plug end wire. I found that out onetime when I fired it at the wall and blew it apart. I put it back together...
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  • No Games Available

    I got PS 4 last week and the Ghosts game. However majority of the time when I try play it says no games available. It works perfect on PS 3 but not Ps4. I have only played about 3 games on the PS4-just cannot seem to ...
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  • Why can't I link my Playstation Network Account in the website?

    For some reason, I can't link my PSN in the Call of Duty website. Every time I try to, the page reloads and doesn't go to the Sony/Playstation website in which I'm supposed to log into. Though, it works for Xbox live ...
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