• hi, I bought cod 4 mw cd key

    Hi, I bought cod 4 mw cd key, now how do i reedem game where can i download the game
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  • Making A Advanced Warfare CLAN For Xbox One

        Im making a Clan on Advanced Warfare For xbox One, message me on xbox at Nova Scoppez To Join. Please join if u need a clan! It will be fun and lots of competition, but must between ages 12-16
    GB Scoppez
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  • My XP with Lagbuster

    I Haven't seen anything on this thing constructive all you see in the forum is complaining, so I thought id add a thread about something  that could be beneficial.   I got the lagbuster last night, and hook...
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  • So i get an error occurred while trying to live stream.. HELP PLEASE !!!

    I updated everything I had to.. TV, my Youtube account is enable for live stream, HDMI cable, and my internet upload speed is well over 1.5 mbs.. But it say that error while trying to live stream.. I visited the websi...
  • Looking for a Zombie/Multiplayer Call of duty Clan (Xbox 360)

    hey I'm looking for a zombie/multiplayer clan please reply if you have a zombie/multiplayer clan,   ClanTag: AspectFury , msg me on xbox if you want me to have trials!
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  • Im Starting A Clan Called R7 (Rare 7) plz don't roast

    if you would like to join msg xKnifedd
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  • Elite Player Looking For Elite Klan

    xbox 360 i have a mic and a 2.4 k/d ratio message me.GT BR1KKS
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  • Need a team to join my clan

    II'm looking for players wanting to start in on clan matches if you need a clan then I'm your guy because I need teammembers
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  • Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but couldn't find where to post it.Have started playing this game and want to complete the Campaign to 100% like you can on MW2 and MW3 so was wondering what you have to do to achie...
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  • What has happened to COD?

    I'm a fan of this franchise but multiplayer not so much anymore. Excuse me for being blunt but it's a joke now and has been for some time. Tubers, corner, LMG campers in hardcore playlist and the clan wars. I already...
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  • error

    Playing ghosts yesterday the game froze,stopped the app and went back into the game to play online and it say playstation plus is required,mine is not out till November campaign works but when I try to play online it ...
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  • PS3/COD Ghosts: Looking for a serious clan? Join Now!

    Eight Main requirements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- 1. Must be mature..as in (self control/don't harass...
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  • The App

    Ok, so, i cant get into the app. Is there like a COD app or is it Ghosts, or are the servers down? I did everything correctly, but i keep getting sent in loops. PLEASE HELP!
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  • XB1 ripper not showing up on all gamertags

    Long ago I purchased the Ripper while signed in as my son on our shared Xbox One console.  The Ripper shows up for my son but it does not show up for me; it says I also need to purchase it.  I'm confused bec...
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  • There needs to be a Name and Shame list.

    I have been in 20 games today and 12 of them, someone was throwing infinite Tactical gear out and I'm getting sick of it.  So I think we should all ban together and start a name and shame list, to point out all e...
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  • Ghosts from ps3 to ps4

    I got ghosts for ps4, and I played it on ps3 and purchased the season pass and all of the dlc on ps3. Why can't I just download it again on ps4? I can do it for advanced warfare?
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  • invite me to your clan ps3 name:expertawsome

    invite me  to your clan ps3:expertawsome
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  • COD MW2 remastered

    Firstly, the petition is now over 170,000 signatures, and that's huge! i didn't think the petition would reach half that. A week after the petition something very interesting happened. Mark Rubin left IW, while Todd A...
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  • Please Read - COD4 Remastered

       Hello all, especially leaders of infinity Ward. It is my opinion the quality of the COD games has rapidly decreased after MW3 . With that you lost a copious amount of followers and customers. That is beca...
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  • Cod Classics

    Why haven't COD classic games being released on PS4?   I sort of still play Cod4 / W@W / MW2 / MW3 They're so active on Public.. why haven't the game producers updated it for the Ps4 console ? The only bad thi...
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