• Lokking for a clan

    Hey, im looking for a new clan, because the ones from my other clan is never online, and i'll like to play as a unit!
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  • Respawn delay in Hardcore

    I'm really disappointed that Hardcore Team Deathmatch has returned to making you wait to respawn. I loved Black Ops II where respawning was immediate. I never played hardcore in the other COD games because of the long...
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  • Controller parts

    Is it possible to turn the sticks 180°? Or even replace the battery? I see that the battery does have a plug end wire. I found that out onetime when I fired it at the wall and blew it apart. I put it back togethe...
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  • No Games Available

    I got PS 4 last week and the Ghosts game. However majority of the time when I try play it says no games available. It works perfect on PS 3 but not Ps4. I have only played about 3 games on the PS4-just cannot seem to ...
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  • Why can't I link my Playstation Network Account in the website?

    For some reason, I can't link my PSN in the Call of Duty website. Every time I try to, the page reloads and doesn't go to the Sony/Playstation website in which I'm supposed to log into. Though, it works for Xbox live ...
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  • Im having an issue with the effective contraceptive patch on extinction any pointers?

    The first thing I did was play Exodus and completed a generator. The second thing I did was shoot the four eggs starting with Dynasty map. The third thing I did was go back into Exodus and as soon as the game loaded...
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  • gun only killstreak

    Why don't Call of Duty include stats for your gun only killstreak? with advanced warfare if you attempt a DNA bomb and fail you actually don't know how close you were unless you count. and considering its a big part o...
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  • Are you an Awesome player?

    Okay, If you think you'r an Awesome player Add MeshoO-Faltah on PSN platform.. put ur skill to the test. winners will be invited to be Members of VeTo Clan and given Store Funds. the best of the best in the clan will ...
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  • Foro en español?

    Si estas de acuerdo en que es necesario un foro en español hazlo saber.
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  • start up clan, looking for active members

    Hello, I'm chris. I am looking to start a team to compete in clan wars, as well as gamebattles. Requirements: must have a mic, good communication,  and the ability to work as a team. Anyone is welcome to join. Yo...
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  • vi piace mio padre ? se si iscrivetevi ahahah

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  • i need help erroe: online server is not avilavble on pc

    i cant play please help me
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  • pour les fan de zombie

    voila le nouvelle opus de cyborg zombies sur advenced warfare sa sera com en extinction sa durera environ 35 min par partie et on gagne des point de competence [Découverte] Call of duty Cyborg Zombies avec Kens...
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  • CoD Ghost tournament help

    Im playing in a Call of Duty Ghosts tournament this weekend at my local game store & the grand prize is CoDAW. I usually play every year & place 2nd, 1st one time. But last year i went away for basic training ...
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  • I've been permanently banned,but why?

    I always tried to be a good gamer,always reported the cheaters and such,always wanted the game to be fair because that's better and more entertaining this way.Now,i've been permenantly banned,and i don't REALLY know w...
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  • Hello Every one DGps is looking to grow on ps3 and the new cod

    hello every one DGps is looking to grow we are looking for all gamers and all skill  k/d don't matter mic is a + but don't have to have one we are at lev 20 our clan k/d is 0.672 and our clan win % is 38 and we h...
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  • Your opinion about "GHOSTS" and stuff...

    Hi everyone,   The release date of the new Call of Duty is getting closer and closer. After almost a year of the release of "Ghosts", there are those who loved it and those who don't. Personally, I spent man...
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  • call of duty

    How many people buy a call of duty game and buy the season pass (camos not included) and then some people buy the camos and any other stuff the game developers can put into the game.
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  • More than 2 sentries per person

    Hi everyone,   Yesterday I played Extinction Exodus (on PS4). I played split-screen Private Match with a friend anf we find out that I could deploy 2+1 sentry guns. I have fully upgraded them so I could deploy 2...
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  • Can I get a reasonable answer??????????

    I can not for the life of me win a head to head gun battle.  Not because my reaction time is slow but for some other unknown reason.  I am constantly shooting guys first all the time,  I can 3,4,5, some...
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