• Ghost app

    Does anyone know what is wrong with the COD: ghost app and why it is not letting anyone get on?
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  • klaanin muodostaminen?!

    miten saan perustettua oman klaanin ja miten se rekisteröidään sekä muodostetaan/ miten pystyn kutsua ystäväni klaaniin?? Terveisin Ensikertalainen
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  • hey are you on Ps3 i Have a clan and I'm the clan leader of PriZma i currently have 15 members in my clan including me. We are a quickscoping clan if you are interested add me on ps3 PriZma_Agony.

    Are you on Ps3 i Have a clan and I'm the clan leader of PriZma i currently have 15 members in my clan including me. We are a quickscoping clan if you are interested add me on ps3 PriZma_Agony.
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  • No reason ban on cod ghosts

    Hi, yesterday after playing a litle cod ghosts , after a couple of game crashes i started the game, joined a deathmach and a lil after playing i got this error saying i was permanently banned. I dont know what happe...
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  • Clan option issue

    The Clan Details and Clan Invite are locked on my Ghosts account, it says there is nothing more to do with this clan. I have it made, my clan is AoHG. I just want to level the clan and it wont level.
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  • Desmon 66

    ciao a tutti mi sapete dire perché il livello del mio clan e' bloccato a  livello 24 e non possiamo più andare avanti per avere la tag rossa io gioco con foste su x box one qualcuno può rispond...
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  • I was banned for no reason

    Can anyone help me i was banned for no reason. I was playing half way when my ISP went down. When i got back i see the permanently banned. Is there anyway to connect activision for support. I feel is not fair as i pla...
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  • MW2

    To bring MW2 to next gen
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  • Why won't the iPad app work?:(

    The call of duty ghost app won't work:(
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  • Lokking for a clan

    Hey, im looking for a new clan, because the ones from my other clan is never online, and i'll like to play as a unit!
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  • Respawn delay in Hardcore

    I'm really disappointed that Hardcore Team Deathmatch has returned to making you wait to respawn. I loved Black Ops II where respawning was immediate. I never played hardcore in the other COD games because of the long...
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  • Controller parts

    Is it possible to turn the sticks 180°? Or even replace the battery? I see that the battery does have a plug end wire. I found that out onetime when I fired it at the wall and blew it apart. I put it back togethe...
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  • No Games Available

    I got PS 4 last week and the Ghosts game. However majority of the time when I try play it says no games available. It works perfect on PS 3 but not Ps4. I have only played about 3 games on the PS4-just cannot seem to ...
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  • Why can't I link my Playstation Network Account in the website?

    For some reason, I can't link my PSN in the Call of Duty website. Every time I try to, the page reloads and doesn't go to the Sony/Playstation website in which I'm supposed to log into. Though, it works for Xbox live ...
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  • Stop the stupid

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    Yeah, so if you dont know the answer to a question being asked than please dont answer it.                 Why cant they make the map selection choosa...
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  • Im having an issue with the effective contraceptive patch on extinction any pointers?

    The first thing I did was play Exodus and completed a generator. The second thing I did was shoot the four eggs starting with Dynasty map. The third thing I did was go back into Exodus and as soon as the game loaded...
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  • gun only killstreak

    Why don't Call of Duty include stats for your gun only killstreak? with advanced warfare if you attempt a DNA bomb and fail you actually don't know how close you were unless you count. and considering its a big part o...
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  • Are you an Awesome player?

    Okay, If you think you'r an Awesome player Add MeshoO-Faltah on PSN platform.. put ur skill to the test. winners will be invited to be Members of VeTo Clan and given Store Funds. the best of the best in the clan will ...
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  • Foro en español?

    Si estas de acuerdo en que es necesario un foro en español hazlo saber.
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  • start up clan, looking for active members

    Hello, I'm chris. I am looking to start a team to compete in clan wars, as well as gamebattles. Requirements: must have a mic, good communication,  and the ability to work as a team. Anyone is welcome to join. Yo...
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