• The Great Gatsby watch online free megavideo in high quality

    watch The Great Gatsby megashare HQ The Great Gatsby watch free online HDQ watch The Great Gatsby online free viooz The Great Gatsby watch online free megashare HQ watch The Great Gatsby 1 channel 720P HD The Gre...
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  • lost clan

    I was in the latest clan war and was capping position and went to check clan and found id been kicked from clan asked leader of clan and he said he knew nothing about it and so I joined another clan was capping and ju...
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  • i know this will be quite useless but i want a response

    Apologies for bad english   my rank & stats recently have been reseted in my accout isaac__55 and I like to know what i need for someone check my issue o what can i do for now because i was in prestigue 7th ...
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  • Looking for members

    I am currently rebuilding my clan, used to be 40 strong than disbanded. Looking for good team players, who are easy to get along with. I dont particularly care about k/d, but do prefer someone who can hold there own. ...
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  • 3 major takeaways of Content Marketing World 2014

    Anyone lucky enough to attend last week’s Content World Marketing 2014 in Cleveland, Oh. was one of 2,600 people from more than 50 countries who were able to brush shoulders with the industry’s leading exp...
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  • bonjour j'ai crée un clan sur ghost (ps3) et je recrute se sera principalement un clan sniper mais toulemonde est le bien venus. ;')

    venez touse
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  • Ark attachment in Exodus?

    After playing hours of Exodus solo, I haven't found the Ark attatchment. i've seen on youtube some guys using it and I'm wondering where it is (if there is). Any help?
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  • THIS is why i want to play with girls?

    THE ONLY REASON WHY I WANT TO PLAY WITH GIRLS IS...........   I get tired of pressing find game and the lobby is ALL GUYS....AND IN MY OPINION, GIRLS R BETTER THAN BOYS AT THIS GAME   Re: I'm tired of playin...
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  • Payback time

    Last night i played exodus with 2 some random 25lv guys who runned slayer ammo, i noticed in beginnng that they dont throw down much ammo and i dropped much cash for them,  then they started to throw ammo and wes...
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  • do maverick weapon work on gold edition only or normal ghosts too ?

    i cant instal downloaded file to game i connected to ps knowledge center and we couldn't fix the problem please can you help me ?
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  • what division?

    Welcome to inland division!
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  • Let's take the fight to them!

    I'm talking about camping. Yes, the self-titled COD "Veterans" that sit in a corner and get a 5.00 K/D. I understand that the maps are massive, and there's flank routes inside flank routes, but for once, I'm pretty ti...
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  • Clan members needed [ps4]

    Need active players to join my new clan if you want its called !KK! or add me a_fuentes114 everyone is accepted
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  • What's the best gun to use on call of duty ghosts?

    Opinions please?
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  • Recent changes to Squads recruit level and "play now" bot difficulty

    Customer Feedback - baloney - who needs it? Customer Care - baloney - who cares?   The changes that you have made over the last couple of months to the skill level of the bots when playing offline using the "pl...
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  • No Aus lobbies anymore or is it just me?

    So after a few months I decided to go and play Ghosts on the XBONE because the BO2 lobbies where horrendous and also the new maps where out. I did a 3gig update and got on and went straight into a TDM lobby it searche...
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  • try to play ghosts in multiplayer, get kicked from Live (xbox 360)

    this has been happening all day. Single player is fine, any other game on multiplayer is fine. Just COD ghosts is kicking me from live. Can't even play after spending all that money.
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  • Extinction XP

    Hey Guys, Yesterday I played "Point of Contract" and after destroying the first hive all 3 players have at about 1000 XP but the fourth player had 20000 XP. Is this possible? Have this ever happened to anyone else? ...
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  • Ghosts' Multiplayer is Great.  But why do people hate it?

    I personally found that Call of Duty: Ghosts had a great multiplayer structure.  It had the following:   Create-a-soldier system that allows me to make each soldier built for a game mode. Squad points allo...
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  • Cod Ghosts Multiplayer Freezing

    So basically I have been playing COD for a couple of years and have never experienced this issue. The game lets me get into Multiplayer and get in a lobby. I am able to talk and hear people, but as soon as the game la...
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