• Lots of selfish players lately in public lobbies

    Finding more and more selfish players lately on Extinction in public lobbies. Especially with Master Scavenger. If you have Master Scavenger you do not need 2 ARK's for yourself if other players in the lobby dont even...
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  • Kicked For Inactivity Needs Sorting

    We just had a guy idle at the Medusa. He did not idle throughout the entire match but we started the Medusa, and then he idled (he wasn't being an idiot in the sense he refused to push, he was literally not there play...
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  • Awakening weird stuff last night

    was playing a custom game with one other guy last night and I go to where the second mammoth spawns and nothing. I've had this happen before but this time it spawned in the middle of the third obelisk which added a li...
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  • best class?

    which one do you prefer? also which weapons do u use
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  • PS4 Players....UNITE! Leave gamertag

    Well, slowly but surely I'm seeing people back on the PS4 playing extinction (mostly my friends list, which include many of you here).   I've been playing on PS3, mostly because it's easier to get a game and tha...
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  • Killing Ancestors and Crafting

    I've been starting to mess around with Exodus w/ 8 relics, but ancestors are giving me fits.  What is combo for throwing venom/NX-1 grenades? For instance, is it 2 venom, then 2 NX, then 4 venom?  I put 1 se...
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  • More Score Please

    I wish they would make it easier for me to review my scores after each hive.  I am getting better the more I play, but the 5 or so seconds they leave your score up is just not enough time.  There should be s...
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  • New teeth upgrades

    5 votes
    TThis is much needed bcoz extinction is fun to play and working towards something is always gud or link with exo and let us use the teeth there somehow. Stopped playin this as I'm currently on ps4 on cod aw but if new...
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  • The Same Gun Over and Over

    Some times this can be really really annoying, but other times it can be fine. What I mean exactly is, on different days it seems like you get different types of guns throughout that entire day. I don't mean it in th...
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  • Carry a second weapon or stick to one?

    What are your thoughts and preferences?   Do you allocate points to your handgun so that you can carry a second weapon or keep these points for other upgrades?   I personally feel that there is nothing to ...
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  • Keep earning those Teeth, you're gonna need them!

    We love our community members and wanted to give you all a very special sneak peek at the new Extinction Armory screen with a few new items that will be arriving in the very near future. 1000 teeth, oh my!!  
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  • how many people play...

    ... Extinction on PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360?   I have this game on the 360 with no map packs. Getting the PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow, both hardened edition so it'll come with the map packs. I mainly wanna play ...
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  • Anyone wanna show a noob the ropes?

    I'm new to Extinction after not playing video games the past year. I have all the maps on Xbox One and PS4. I could also get the maps on the 360.
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  • What's with all the team explosives lately?

    Not sure if people are doing it on purpose or not, but I've been seeing A LOT of people using Team Explosives in lobbies. For me it's an instant "no" and I back out (I don't say why I am backing out, purely because it...
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  • Mayday Score ?'s

    Trying to get through Mayday w/ 9 relics...have some scoring questions..mostly in regards to the doors.. 1)  Does it matter when you do the doors?  I always do all lower doors right before last lower hive, ...
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  • Last Attempt. Extinction Team.

    Looking for a team to play with. 18+ of age. MIC. I have all maps except Mayday. I'm ranked under 1000 on all maps and even better on solo. I've got Master Scavenger. I give away ARKS, Flares, & Extended Mags. ...
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  • What Should the Devs Take From Extinction?

    This isn't exactly a "what new things would you like to see in the next Extinction", this discussion is for the following: What do you hope the devs have learned from this (the first Extinction - the first of its ...
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  • For what reasons will you leave a lobby?

    I am wondering if I am being reasonable.  Not that it means much but I am level 31 and have the entire armory purchased.  My downs per game is .38 and I dont have much trouble getting 400 or more kills per g...
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  • You know the game is going to screw you when....

    We must have all had a game at some point where at some point or another you think "this is going too well, something is going to happen". Right?   In the first area of Nightfall today on solo, I found about 7 f...
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  • Grenade Turret..use it sparingly..please

    If you need to carry a team of newbs, by all means feel free to whip out the over-powered GT and blast away.  BUT when you're playing with a team of experienced players, put the f%&^ing GT away.  It's bo...
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