• What are your stats?

    How many Missions completed, max relics etc. do you have?   Me: Missions Completed: 578 total, 247/PoC, 132/Nightfall, 60/Mayday, 62/Awakening, 77/Exodus Max Relics:8 Revives:3377 Aliens Killed:320828 Teeth...
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  • What's the one thing you can't stand?

    For me, it's when you're searching a box and another player stands right next to you and takes your item. It's even more annoying when max prestige players do this.
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  • What is more satisfying to you?

    Carrying unskilled players to victory while failing most challenges or playing with equally skilled players while getting completionist? I find the former to be more satisfying. What about you guys?
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  • Playing Extinction on MP_Freight

    iHad just finished playing an Awakening match to test out another forum users question about the "Well Rounded" achievement, and the Host (my good friend) was selecting a random map by holding down. After holding the ...
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  • What is up with Ark Attachment??

    I have Master Scavenger, 2 times playing nightfall after searching EVERY box I have not found a single Ark attachment. I have tried just using the Chainsaw to search as well thinking that since there are so few attach...
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  • Has anyone else failed the first POC Challenge 'Only use Melee attacks' and your flaming riot shield gets the kill?

    When farming for teeth, I find the most insane flaws and have the most terrible luck.  Note to self: Self, do not activate your riot shield until AFTER the first hive is completed. Ugh. FML
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  • Teeth System Explained?

    This is how I THINK the teeth system works.  Please correct me if someone knows the true formula:   +2 Relics = 1 tooth (On Escape) Hardcore = 1 tooth (On Escape) 500 Cryptid Kills = 1 tooth Completionis...
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  • What are some funny things you did when this game first came out

    When Extinction first came out, what are some funny/noob things you did.  
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  • Why be an A hole??

    Just for fun I created a secondary account to start over and make the game more challenging. My primary account brian25savannah on Xbox one has every upgrade plus over 3000 teeth with around 700 missions complete. I'm...
  • I thought I found a tooth limit - I didn't *sadface*

    So for the past 2 or 3 days my teeth have not been increasing, they were stuck on 30,563. It's not that I was LOSING teeth, I simply wasn't getting NAY for anything what so ever for those 2-3 days. I don't know why. ...
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  • Nightfall 9 Relics

    So, recently I took the #1 spot on Nightfall regular for the xbox one. I used 9 relics and had no downs and a completionist. I had a 568,983 before going outside, but then I went head to head with the breeder... I had...
    RiLe Sniping
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    August 11th, 2015 Cross Console World Record Scores (mostly Xbox scores at the moment since I don't remember all PlayStation scores, need help with those) NO 10 RELIC SCORES!!!!!   POINT OF CONTACT Solo Regul...
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  • In Lobbies/Games, What's the Most Common Question?

    Title says it all to be honest. When your'e in a lobby, what do you get asked the most? Then, when you're in a game, what do you get asked the most?
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  • Upgrading from 360 to One, what transfers over?

    I finally ordered CoD: Ghosts for the Xbox One. I've got the game completed on my Xbox 360 (91/91 achievements, 10th prestige in MP, 25th prestige in Extinction) and I would like to do the same on the Xbox One. I don'...
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  • Forum-telethon for teeth

    It has come to my attention that while many of us are complaining about having thousands of teeth that cannot be spent, there are still extinction brothers and sisters playing without the bare necessities such as crip...
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  • Question for the pros...

    Here's a random thought I had today that I'll phrase in the form of a question. I am currently saving for DC and I still need the "Well Rounded" achievement for Awakening. Can I get it in two games, or will I still ne...
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  • The Season Pass was free for me! How?

    I've successfully upgraded to the Xbox One version 2 days ago, and I'm totally addicted to Extinction again! This version isn't much different than the Xbox 360 version, but it does play smoother and the graphics are ...
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  • Got my CSA! Grinding 50 Teeth a day!!!

    Yesterday when I was near the finish line, I grinded over 100 teeth!!.  Now I am coming for you spudchucker22 If I continue to play at this pace and throw some 100 teeth per day weekends, I still might beat you t...
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  • Currently being moderated.

    Why all of the sudden are all my post being moderated?  Did I break some rule? Does this happen to everyone?  What gives moderating peoples?
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  • Download content doesn't transfer over anymore?

    I got Ghosts for xbone and everything transferred over from my 360, but no download content transferred. Any suggestion?
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