• Exodus solo score help

    so I'm working on my 7 relic hardcore solo exodus (Not running EYK, Mortal, Do less daMage) on the garage ancestor, I'm getting the marked alien challenge EVERY time (last 7 games). 1) activate generator closest to ...
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  • I have a new challenge for you pro's...do you accept?

    In POC. What is the lowest bullets fired count you can get while completing a successful escape. I was surprised how much lower and lower it gets every game when I run pistols only and use the magnum.   I think ...
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  • Be Careful with Your Locker Keys!

    I didn't realize this...I used my first lockey key and got a gun I didn't really want to use.  After the First Breeder went down in NightFall and I cleared the 2nd Area I found an Ark Attachment and put it on my ...
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  • Looking for 3 skilled (not cocky) players on XB1 to lobby up with

    I have been struggling so much on Awakening, I am about to throw in the towel.  Doing a 2 relic Solo escape is starting to frustrate the heck out of me. I am sure there are some basic pointers I am missing and an...
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  • I thought I found a tooth limit - I didn't *sadface*

    So for the past 2 or 3 days my teeth have not been increasing, they were stuck on 30,563. It's not that I was LOSING teeth, I simply wasn't getting NAY for anything what so ever for those 2-3 days. I don't know why. ...
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  • Forum-telethon for teeth

    It has come to my attention that while many of us are complaining about having thousands of teeth that cannot be spent, there are still extinction brothers and sisters playing without the bare necessities such as crip...
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  • Soooo Close to a Solo 5 Relic Escape on POC. What should I change in my loadout?

    Here were the relics I ran and my loadout:   Relics:   1. Fragile 2. Smaller Wallet 3. Inflict Less Damage 4. Pistols Only - Magnum .44 5. No Class   Loadout:   1. Incendiary Ammo 2. Body ...
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  • relics in extinction

    hello everyone. what exactly is the point of them? I just prestiged and i dont get it. also what is the best class. ive used all 4 and i cant decide.
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  • Arcing Stun Ammo or CSA?

    I know its only 50 teeth and would help in the mean time, but why not just wait until I get the 500 and endure with the Incendiary or Armor Piercing Ammo for now?
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  • 9 Relic Solo POC...

    I have tried at least 50 games of 9 relic solo/(seems like 100)....I have made it through the final hive 8 times with no downs ( I will now quit as soon as I get a down)...twice with conpletionist....but have yet to e...
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  • Whats your favorite...?

    Whats your favorite class, guns, upgrades, and maps??   I prefer medic most of the time, lmg's i like because of all that ammo, i upgrade my sheilds first, and the my favorite map is point of contact. interested...
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  • In Lobbies/Games, What's the Most Common Question?

    Title says it all to be honest. When your'e in a lobby, what do you get asked the most? Then, when you're in a game, what do you get asked the most?
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  • Need people who Rush.

    People that are good at this game type.   Must be Mater Prestige or I'll delete you straight away.   Don't mind if you don't have season pass or a Mic.   Ages 17+ Only!   Let's Just have fun, &...
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  • map

    whats the extinction map called thats included in the first dlc? thanx
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  • Teeth Count

    It was suggested in the other discussion I made, to see how many teeth everyone has. So lets post your count. Of course I will start, and if you're not sure exactly, just estimate but don't overly estimate.   NO...
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  • I just got my first Solo Escape on MayDay!

    Man this one was tough at first but I didn't give up. I actually got Zero Downs, Completionist and a Platinum Escape.   The key was to hide in the corner by the Turrets, Throw a sticky Flare when he is glowing r...
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  • Escaping (The Run Back) Solo On Awakening is INSANE! I need help!

    So I was able to beat the area with the cortex and you do need to have all 4 yellow or higher for it to make an impact on the progression of this area.  The perch that gives you sight on all 4 terminals was the k...
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  • Need Help on Solo Awakening!!

    I found running Medic and an IMS is a must on this map.  Also when you are controlling the Vanguard make sure you destroy the obelisks that are closest to you first because if you wait to do the closest ones last...
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  • I got my first Solo Escape on NightFall!

    This was NOT an easy task. I had to implement a lot of strategy since I do not have a lot of the upgrades that were released after Exodus. Thanks to some Advice, the IMS on the Drill and always having the 2 middle tra...
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  • Point of Contact Escape Time World Record: Post your Scores here!

    Okay, in order to give the community a CAP score on this map, we need to know the fastest time to escape through legitimate means. This means to those who use the turret glitch, your score will not be applied due to t...
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