• Hypno-Effect Seeders?

    Mayday: Does anybody know if Seeders can be hypno trapped (or, if in Chaos mode, hypnoknifed)? Can't seem to get a Seeder to step on a trap, and haven't been in Chaos mode for a while.
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  • POC meteor glitch

    On the escape in POC, I knifed the meteor that blocks the way into the first area, and it went into the ground, but the timer was at 2:34. Then about 4 or 5 rhinos spawned. Has this happened to anyone else?
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  • black ops 3 nightmare campaign

    can anyone tell me if black ops 3 nightmare campaign is similar to extinction?   i do like the fact that there are objectives and a mission ending, rather than just endless waves of zombies.  has anyone pla...
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  • Anyone had problems with their mic not working since they got black ops 3?

    no one can hear me speak ever since I got black ops, my mics aren't broken and I've done all the usual stuff to get them to work. Only reason I ask on here is because it doesn't work now on ghosts either and I trust e...
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  • Mayday question...

    While playing Mayday today, we got the "kill 20 cryptids in the circle" on the closest hive to the container in the third area (not the one on top or the one by door into the valve room). We both ran around the map an...
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  • Engineer is the most powerful and best class.

    For anyone who is wondering, engineer is the best class.  It is the most powerful all around.  Ill explain why.  For one, an upgraded engineer gets upgraded explosive damage.  2, an upgraded engine...
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  • Extinction players

    Wasn't quite sure where to post really, but if anyone is still playing extinction mode I've had this on the PS3 and made a switch for the PS4 my psn is Voidkaine.
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  • IMS Flaming Fire Pools and Propane Tanks

    They all said that Flaming pools is worthless. Nobody would ever run it. No perks - only hurting teammates.   Yet when they had their neat little pile of propane tanks all set aside, and a badly tossed semtex g...
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  • The Engineer

    On the final rank for the Engineer Class, does the increased explosive damage affect Explosive Ammo, or just equipment, exploding environmental objects?   Extra explosive ammo damage would be pretty boss.
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  • Am I missing some traps? and some other questions.

    The call of duty wikia for extinction shows 4 kinds of trap, I only know of the electric fences/telephone wires and the flame barrels.   They show a gas trap and death trap, but have no explanations on these....
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  • Question #1

    I've been working on eight relic solo score runs with varying degrees of success. Today, I was nineteen thousand ahead of my best score at the nuke arming. Everything was normal on the run back, so I was pretty stoked...
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    October 10th, 2015 Cross Console World Record Scores NO 10 RELIC SCORES!!!!!   POINT OF CONTACT Solo Regular 1. quick_925 - 765844   9 relics PS4 2. extinction-dude - 760240   9 relics P...
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  • Question #2

    My twelve year old brought home good enough grades to earn her a gold card. She was less than pleased when I told her she had to start over on teeth upgrades, so I told her I would help her get back to where she is on...
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  • Do you consider this forum to be dead?

    There are only about 10 people here that still post comments.
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  • Low score with armor piercing ammo on first door- 8 relic exodus solo

    just got a 23500 on first door on exodus using the ap ammo I found at spawn, did not get touched the whole time and was getting single shot kills with magnum, does anyone know why armor piercing ammo kills your score ...
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  • Do you need the Awakening map to pick up an ark?

    While playing POC with randoms (no mics) I threw ammo and fast hands on top of an ark many times and nobody would pick it up. Maybe they couldn't cause they don't have the map pack?
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  • How do I remove aim assist?

    I feel like I should know this.  I thought that it was in the options menu but I just can't find the option to remove Aim assist.  I'm on PS4 if it makes a difference.   Aim assist is a pain in the waz...
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  • Is Nightfall Too Hard?

    What I have to say to that is that Nightfall is incredibly challenging and difficult. Sure, It's not impossible, but this map is beyond a reasonable difficulty. I found the first extinction map to be just the right di...
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  • Changing Clothes Mid-game???

    Alright, so iHave had an unhealthy amount of free time lately, and have played several Extinction matches.   A while back (several months ago) iNoticed that, when holding an ammo box/armour box, etc, my characte...
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  • Glitched Ancestor health bar

    I was recently doing some hardcore Exodus, trying to get the Always Hard trophy  I killed the last Ancestor, but its health bar was still there. It went to the other side of the Medusa area, and was above a scout...
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