• bit quiet in here now

    seems this forum is becoming like a ghost town...
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    October 10th, 2015 Cross Console World Record Scores NO 10 RELIC SCORES!!!!!   POINT OF CONTACT Solo Regular 1. quick_925 - 765844   9 relics PS4 2. extinction-dude - 760240   9 relics P...
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  • Two Hunters on Drill?

    I was just playing a game, running a fun panzer+kastet game with 2 newbie randoms (there was a four member, but he left.) We were almost through when the rhino appeared. I had just finished repairing the drill when I ...
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  • Teeth System Superstitions

    The most annoying comments and demands i hear from other players including very experienced players who are high ranked (which makes it difficult to NOT think little of them) is to "Not repair the drill" and dont go d...
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  • Looking for players on Xbox One.

    I couldn't really find a thread for this anywhere so forgive me!!   After recently upgrading to next gen(from ps3)I bought ghosts again because I missed playing and got bored of multiplayer fairly quickly. I the...
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  • Worst Extinction team you have had?

    Ok, so after playing a terrible game on Point of Contact on Ghosts: Extinction in a random lobby, it has me wondering, what is the worst team you have been with? Did you make it all the way?   So I didn't even...
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  • How is the kraken score calculated? Is it speed or does personal skill play a factor too?

    How is the kraken score calculated? Is it speed or does personal skill play a factor too?
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  • Changing Clothes Mid-game???

    Alright, so iHave had an unhealthy amount of free time lately, and have played several Extinction matches.   A while back (several months ago) iNoticed that, when holding an ammo box/armour box, etc, my characte...
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  • Search pile preferences?

    So, you've just spawned in. You're playing by yourself, your teammates are lagging, whatever the situation. You have two search piles in the starting area. What is your preferred combo that make the rest of the game f...
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  • It just hit me...eight games & 12 beers into the night

    I'm not sure I'm allowed to ask this, but why exactly are we destroying these hives? It's one of the first things my CO tells me every time I get off the chopper, something like "take this drill, destroy any hives alo...
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  • can't access game ?

    Hi anyone having issues with the new update for BO3 I have done the update multiple times, have deleted game from my console and downloaded it again it automatically prompts update required but still gives me the same...
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  • So this is what I really hate...

    I played with a couple of beefed up guys a few nights ago. We played well as a team...up until the end. When during the escape, one guy did not get into the extraction circle and just keep on wanting to kill aliens. &...
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  • Engineer is the most powerful and best class.

    For anyone who is wondering, engineer is the best class.  It is the most powerful all around.  Ill explain why.  For one, an upgraded engineer gets upgraded explosive damage.  2, an upgraded engine...
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  • Hypno-Effect Seeders?

    Mayday: Does anybody know if Seeders can be hypno trapped (or, if in Chaos mode, hypnoknifed)? Can't seem to get a Seeder to step on a trap, and haven't been in Chaos mode for a while.
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  • POC meteor glitch

    On the escape in POC, I knifed the meteor that blocks the way into the first area, and it went into the ground, but the timer was at 2:34. Then about 4 or 5 rhinos spawned. Has this happened to anyone else?
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  • black ops 3 nightmare campaign

    can anyone tell me if black ops 3 nightmare campaign is similar to extinction?   i do like the fact that there are objectives and a mission ending, rather than just endless waves of zombies.  has anyone pla...
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  • Anyone had problems with their mic not working since they got black ops 3?

    no one can hear me speak ever since I got black ops, my mics aren't broken and I've done all the usual stuff to get them to work. Only reason I ask on here is because it doesn't work now on ghosts either and I trust e...
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  • Mayday question...

    While playing Mayday today, we got the "kill 20 cryptids in the circle" on the closest hive to the container in the third area (not the one on top or the one by door into the valve room). We both ran around the map an...
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  • Extinction players

    Wasn't quite sure where to post really, but if anyone is still playing extinction mode I've had this on the PS3 and made a switch for the PS4 my psn is Voidkaine.
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  • IMS Flaming Fire Pools and Propane Tanks

    They all said that Flaming pools is worthless. Nobody would ever run it. No perks - only hurting teammates.   Yet when they had their neat little pile of propane tanks all set aside, and a badly tossed semtex g...
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