• What's your "main" map to play lately?

    Just curious what people prefer to play as of late. For me, my preference changes often lol. I can happily and easily grind 20 or 30 escapes on one map, but then I'm just "oh gawd, I need a different map. I need a ch...
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  • The 3 Ancestor Challenges

    I've always been curious as to which of the 3 challenges you can hit the button when you get, and fail/complete. So I tried it today.   The Medusa is ready for everyone to go hold X at. If you get: Deal X Amoun...
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  • Let the Engineer Do His/Her Job!

    I know all of you are so excited - roblair has another rant!   One of my biggest pet peeves is when I run engineer and some one else starts the generator/plants the drill and/or sets the traps. This will make m...
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  • Killed ancestor before 20,000 damage on 20,000 damage challenge

    Anyone else done this?  Towards the end on Exodus where you get the do 20,000 damage to an ancestor before it enters or whatever the challenge is exactly, it died at around 16,000 damage.  What's up with tha...
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  • Leper and accuracy challenges

    Improvements still need to be made to the "find and kill the Leper in 30 seconds" challenge.   One time he spawned outside of the map boundary, didn't even bother coming onto the map, I shot him and he simply ra...
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  • Heard a new way to earn a tooth on Extinction today!

    Got into a lobby with some randoms who were talking so I figure hey why not?  Get into the game and as usual one bossy kid barks out dont search unless you have master scav.  Ok... next thing he says is "im ...
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  • Exodus "glitched out" last night

    Fired up all 6 generators and ran to the spawn area expecting to be able to fire up the Cortex and there was nothing.  Double checked everything... all good.  My first indication something was wrong was when...
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  • Join in progress not allowed!

    so me and 2 buddies are attempting another score run on exodus today. I am the host in a custom lobby and have the join in progress not allowed. after the first door Coronelhawk joins our game we have no idea who he i...
  • Stuck in the snow..NF

    Tried 2 game on NF last night with a friend...2 player.  I have been trying 9 relic runs with PT so for practice we were trying PT only game.  We did do the pistol challenge, but besides that it was PT only....
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  • 65,345 Relics

    found myself in a lobby with a max-prestige kid that, according to stats, had >11,000 escapes AND Max Relics: 65,345!!!!!!  When I looked on his LB ranking, he wasnt even higher than top 20,000...with only run...
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  • Mayday Solo

    So, looks like there are still a few people on here, although seems to be pretty sparse now.  Anyway, I've grown bored with Horizons 2, Took Sunset Overdrive to task, beat it, a bit bored with that also (although...
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  • LMAO

    Stumbled across these....a little repetitive...but they're short and still funny as sh#t ♪ NIGHTFALL THE MUSICAL - Katy Perry Dark Horse Parody of Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction - YouTube ♪ MAYDAY THE MUSICAL - Call...
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  • Turn off Armory upgrades, right now!!!

    Well, except for DC. Another thread got me thinking about how OP DC is with no relics in normal games. i.e. not farming, taking noobs through, etc...   Map: Any (although I think PoC would be a great start. lo...
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  • Exo Zombies

    So... i saw the trailer for Exo Zombies today, and it got me really excited.    I am hoping that the developers learned from the success(?) of Extinction and incorporated into this new game mode in COD Adv...
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  • Thinking about buying the cheapest 360, have a few questions first.

    had a 360 until august of last year, had season pass and everything like that. Gave it to one of my friends kids around Christmas because I hadn't played it in months since I bought the one. I've heard there are still...
  • broken teeth

    i used to be able to get about 20 teeth per game and now im only getting 15 max (note: perfection = platinum + no downs + all challenges completed) i did 7 relics and got perfection and only 15 teeth i did 6 relics...
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  • CSA or double class?

    i have 497 teeth and ive been trying to save up for double class but i also want csa but i always run smaller wallet and if i get csa that means 1 less relic which means 1 less tooth each game (16/17 every plat escape...
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  • Last Stand on Extinction Solo

    Hello,   i recently played PoC solo with one relic active just to realize that the Last Stand seems to be gone. But im pretty sure i had the maximum amount of Last Stands (3) when i had to escape after the nuke ...
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  • Extinction- Point of Contact Blue Electric Weapon!?!?!?!?

    Hello. I played some Extinction last night, and i played like... with High players, they got that Cryptid Slayer or something like that Ammo pack (you can buy it with teeth) like all ammo things mixed idk, but then SO...
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  • Best way to spend 200 teeth?

    I have 200 teeth to spend and already have most of the cheap upgrades (10 teeth or less). I'm thinking of getting master scavenger or saving up for CS ammo or double class. For those of you that already bought those u...
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